Top 10 Hairstyles for Men – The Best Men’s Haircut Styles of 2022

Looking sharp is important and part of that means having an up-to-date, stylish and fitting haircut style. The team at Dudepins – The Manliest Site Ever – has come together to sort through the top 10 best ,manliest, and stylish, hairstyles for Men of 2022. We looked long and hard and believe these to be some solid options for Dudes looking to get a haircut and keep up with the style Jones’.. Keep in mind, these are arranged in no particular order, they are all unique and all suitable to a different face structure, style, preference, etc. So, use these hair style cuts as examples, play around with different options and see what makes you both feel and look, your absolutely best. Cheers, Gents.

10. The Slick Comb Over (Conservative) Haircut –

Pete Campbell and Don Draper, from the hit show Mad Men is a perfect example of the slick combover hair style. It’s a mixture of professional luxury that will make any chap an instant Gentleman. This look is classic and timeless suitable for any occasion, workplace, etc. Although it may be true that this style does not suit everyone, it can be worked and manipulated slightly to accomodate a wide array of face shapes and sizes. To pull this look off you need some length to your hair, enough to slick it over from top to side, as well as some great hair product to keep the hair both shiny and in place. Here is a wide selection of applicable product.

9. The Side Crop with a Peak Hairstyle –

The Side Crop has made quite the come back in 2012, as you’ve likely noticed walking around town. This haircut is achieved by cutting the sides extremely short and keeping the top longer and styled up and sideways, as the name and photo imply. That said, keep in mind that this haircut is not for everyone, if you have a receding hairline you may want to opt for something else, as this will be extra revealing. This hairstyle is also a little more daring and ‘extreme’ so make sure you’re sensible of what your workplace is accommodating of. If you like it and you want it, here’s what you need to ask for – Bring this photo in with you! You’ll find more photos on Dudepins.

8. The Bed Head –

Who knew that getting out of bed and keeping your hair looking just as it did could actually me stylish… well, it’s a certainty in 2012 and 2013. This look suits almost and type of face but does require longer hair to gel down and around. To achieve this hairstyle, simply apply a gel, or paste, that dissolves well in water and mix it around your hair. Once your hair is in a favourable position, simply leave and you’re ready to rock and roll with your bed time hair style look. This look is certainly one of the best hairstyles for men.

7. Bringing back the Retro Look –

Men's hairstyle - retro

The Retro look is making a seriously strong come back in 2013 and will likely be a hot look for Men in 2022 as well. This look works great for Dudes looking to bring back the retro, rock n’ roll era with some serious attitude heavy and stylish looking hair. This haircut is achieving by stacking the top portion of the hair and slicking everything back, as opposed to the side like with the look above. If you’re feeling extra brave, you can add some thick sideburns to this look to really help distinguish yourself from the crowd.

6. The Short & Spikey Mohawk –

Although some would suggest that the spikey mohawk look frist made popular by David Beckham is now an old trend, we would argue the opposite. This look, as popular as it may be, has made a serious come back in 2012, likely because it’s just a good all around look that suits most men. This style can be made to look edgy when required but also tamed and professional for specific circumstances and occasions. It’s optional whether you choose to highlight top portions of the hair, as seen above, or whether you keep the hair a solid color, this depends on your personal preference and on setting, age, etc.

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5. The Buzz Cut

Always a classic, the buzz cut is a great all around look for Men. The Buzz style is clean, professional and can easily be paired with a wide arrangement of style options. This cut tends to be a popular feature in the summer months but is seen year round. Getting this look is pretty simple, it’s really just a short cut all around with, ideally, short side burns to suit the overall look better. We tend to like this look because after all, what’s easier than getting out of bed and looking fantastic without doing anything to your hair?

4. Chin Length and Layered –

Made popular by stars such as David Spade and Ashton Kutcher, the chin length layered hair cut style is a great look for Men with some length to their hair. The versatility of this hairstyle allows you to either wear it casually just hanging around, or slick it back, or down, for more dressy and formal occasion. Although not for everyone, this look is a great option for Dudes looking to bring in some flair and attitude to their hair do. It’s important you remember to avoid straggling hairs with this cut as they will just curl up and look odd.

3. Short and Simple –

There’s nothing wrong with being simple, especially if you can pull it off. This classic cuts looks just as it sounds, ‘short and simple’, but is just as timeless and classic as any of the others above. This cut has made a come back in 2012 and i likely to be one the most popular cuts for men in 2013 also. Another bonus of this style is it’s ease of use..i.e. minimal morning readiness required; always a bonus.

2. Short waves & curls –

This hairstyle has become increasingly popular in the last year and will likely stick around for some time. Not only is it natural, easy and relaxed, but it carriers a certain attitude with it that speaks volumes. Although nice, this cut is usually for those who naturally have curly hair, we wouldn’t suggest trying to force curls, it doesn’t usually work out well.

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