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We all know that is gleaming with Manliness and incredibly awesome, useful and engaging manly content. Our members are awesome and truly do take the lead on curating what you see on That said, we are also well aware of other incredibly handy ‘manly’ websites out there who are doing things, well, quite alright.

We wanted to write this blog and give you, our community members, a bit of insight on what we have declared, the Top 10 ‘Manly’ Men’s websites for Guys on the interest that are doing it right. So, what are the best men’s sites for Men today?

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10. The Bachelor Guy

Although not every man is a bachelor, and that’s fine, every man needs to read up on their bachelor skills, trust us, your significant other will appreciate it, always. is a website that functions just like it sounds, i.e. a site dedicated to food, drink, style, and ‘tips’ related to all manly and bachelor type things.

Want to know if that shelf is too high or if jeans match that shirt, it’s here. Although the website isn’t ‘huge’ by any means, it doesn’t really need to be, the level of awesome content makes up for that

9. Modern Male Lifestyle

Need dating tips? is definitely a spot you should check out. Dedicated to dating tips, advice and video walk-throughs, this website will surely up your skills in the dating department.

Don’t need dating tips you say, well perhaps you should get in touch with these folks and write a guest post… or just keep yourself busy with the nine other websites listed here.

8. Brotips

Brotips are like memes, but much more manly, funny, relevant and less annoying. If you haven’t been to yet, you should definitely get on over and waste some time reading through, what seems to be endless, brotips.

From things such as, “someone else’s joke is usually funnier when they tell it”, to, “the only dude you should be trying to be better than is the dude you were yesterday”, these dudes definitely manned up and are putting together some great work.

7. Grooming Lounge

So you’re a Gentleman living the Gentleman’s life are you.. well, you should add to your gentleman like manliness by checking out the great stuff these dudes are putting together. The Grooming Lounge is a great spot where boys and men can find some really interesting articles, facts, pictures, products, etc all to do with being a Gentleman.

It seems like a pretty great fit; read about manly gentleman things, find manly products and then Pin them up for all the Men at Dudepins to read. Remember, sharing is caring, get started at

6. Urbandaddy

Urbandaddy is an exclusive website designed to keep its manly members up to date on all things manly. Or as they put it, “is a lifestyle media company, focused on the intersection between hyper-relevant content and digital innovation,” Sound complex, we thought so too.

Don’t fret, the number of incredible things you are going to find on this website will make up for its complex ‘about’ statement. has a plethora of articles covering topics such as nightlife, food, leisure, gear and many others. I recently read an article on the frozen article, great stuff and definitely worth some further investigation.


Guy Manningham is a Conservative-Libertarian lifestyle magazine for men, dubbed “Word’s Manliest Website” with articles on manly gadgets, guns, tools, DIY projects, product reviews, recipes, and women. Hey they were even kind enough to show Dudepins some love – Check it out here.

5. Mademan

Whether you are looking to read about style and health, or sports and music, the folks over at made man are doing things darn well. The website is always up to date with the hottest stories, tips and tricks that are always sure to catch your interest.

One of the standout features of the website is its ‘chickipedia’, a list that is constantly updated and sure to keep you happy-eyed. Simply put, is a great online destination that should be on every man’s map.

4. GQ

GQ is not a foreign name to the male world by any means. It’s simple, smart, current and definitely popular. features the latest in fashion trends, health tips/advice, technology bits written in the most manly way possible, new/politics and of course loads of other valuable information….(women).

3. Askmen

Askmen is on this list because this list would not be manly without it. The site features all the latest tips on being a man, living like a man and answering most questions that men have regarding everything, and we mean everything. Askmen has been around for quite some time and they have consistently been manly and awesome. If you haven’t yet, check them out today.

2. Artofmanliness

These guys nailed it, being manly is an art and they are setting out to help refine. Art of manliness is a website loaded with great ‘manly’ articles ranging from money and career advice, to a great section on manly skills, tutorials and all around good information.

If you’re looking for a place to learn how to be more manly, should definitely be on your reading list… A recent favorite, “Leadership Lessons from Dwight D. Eisenhower, on how to make an important decision”.

1. Men’s Health

Being a healthy man is important, we know it, you know it and is there to help you stay on top of it. Fitness, weight loss, nutrition and of course, women’s, men’s health definitely manned up and is producing some incredibly useful content.

In essence, Menshealth is designed to provide their readers, including men, with that “them be healthier, smarter, fashionable, more confident at work and more successful in their relationships and family life”, we tend to like the sound of that.

0. Dudepins

Dudepins is a site for men to discover, share and buy everything that’s manly. It’s the community for the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Guys. We at dudepins don’t discriminate between dudes, sirs, dukes, bros gentlemen, men and other men of honor. Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits and scotches that are older than dirt. Man up.