From TikTok to OnlyFans: How These Creators Are Diversifying Their Content

Social media trends change daily. What was once a hit on Facebook today is unimaginable for the newer generation of users – from endless conversations on the timeline (which was called a wall) to interactive games. Then, Instagram was a hit because of the brand-new concept of content creation.

As time went by, new social platforms appeared, including Snapchat, Vine, Twitter (or now simply X), and in recent years it is definitely TikTok and OnlyFans. Video creators prefer TikTok, but some have used the popularity to attract an audience to their OnlyFans profiles. As seen on, the popular TikTokers create premium content for their subscribers today.

For those who don’t know, OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where creators charge a certain amount so that the audience can access their content. It is often associated with adult content, as users make money from various fetishes or hidden desires of the audience. Interesting, isn’t it? Therefore, it is not surprising that some TikTokers have transferred their popularity to a network where they could actually earn a solid amount of money.

TikTokers Who Are Active OnlyFans Users


Let’s be honest – TikTok is often messy, but it often bans inappropriate content since users of every age can create a profile and consume the content. That’s why some of the users with many followers decided to move to OnlyFans and share their provocative and borderline controversial content for money.

For example, Paige Bauer, who was popular on TikTok because of her tattoos, decided to create X-rated content on OnlyFans. Like many other celebrities, the popular star Mia Khalifa also has an OF account and shares exclusive content because, as she said, it makes her feel good. The British creator Lauren Elizabeth also has both TikTok and OnlyFans profiles but uses them for different purposes.

But what makes these creators join various platforms and create content for different audiences? The answer is simple – they want to diversify their online presence and, of course, earn money from more than one online source. And we know many people are willing to pay for premium X-rated content, so they are using the momentum and giving that audience whatever they want.

The fight for online visibility is a real thing among the creators because they not only earn from the platforms directly but also collaborate with various brands for paid partnerships or promotional videos.

And it seems creators like Jena Wolfy, Lyla Skye, Selena Stone, Katy Dalia, Miley Mayes, and many others realized that and hurried to earn their money on OF, too. Surely, many of them are already doing great, meeting their ultimate goals to earn enough money from their online presence.

What’s the Purpose of Diversifying Online Content on Various Platforms?


We strongly believe that talented content creators should be seen and present on as many platforms as they think they can handle. For example, someone who creates videos for TikTok can easily use the same concept for Instagram and Facebook Reels and even share them on X/Twitter and Pinterest. Additionally, if they want to spice things up, they have platforms like OnlyFans to reach out to that audience, too.

So, here are some specific benefits of being present on more than one social platform and creating different types of content:

Reaching a Wider Audience

Different platforms have different audiences, so by diversifying the content, creators make sure they reach out to more than one target group. For example, if they stick to TikTok exclusively, the audience from Facebook and Instagram will miss their videos. On the other hand, they can’t answer to the audience who requires X-rated content through the standard social networks, so OnlyFans is the current most popular answer to their needs.

Building a Strong Online Presence

Being active on multiple platforms means the creators can attract a wider audience, as well as new customers, clients, and/or partners. As a result, these people can stay relevant even if one of the platforms shuts down overnight.

Increased Engagement and Reach

Engagement and Reach are well-known social media metrics. By interacting with the audience on more than one platform, the creators increase their chances of being seen by more and more people – and surely, they earn from that activity.

Reducing the Risks

Online platforms often change their algorithms, and sometimes the reach decreases. But the best thing is not all platforms are doing that at the same time. So, surely TikTok users sleep well at night knowing that their OnlyFans profile earns money at that time. It’s the same about every other mentioned online service these creators are present on.

Tips for Diversifying the Online Content


Different platforms target different audience groups. So, sometimes, the same video won’t work on all of them, which means the creators will have to create different content for every platform or repurpose it to match the audience’s requirements.

The best thing is these people are pretty creative, and they only need a few more minutes of work to share different content. If you want to conquer the online market, you’ll have to:

  • Create different types of content for each platform you’re targeting
  • Repurpose the existing content to match the audience’s requirements
  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the different platform concepts
  • Collaborate with the people who know how to do these things better than you


Based on this article, we can conclude that online creators know their job well. They recognize the potential of any online platform, whether TikTok, OnlyFans or any service that offers a presence in front of a larger audience.

Some platforms provide a strong online presence, while others can be a source of income for a good and comfortable life. Of course, if you plan to swim in these waters, be ready to invest a large part of your time, effort, and money to get an initial boost and find an audience that will adore your content.

After that, follow the tips from this article and believe in yourself and your creativity. Only in this way will you be able to achieve the desired success.