Why is Rose Toy going Viral on TikTok?

The renowned rose sex toy has quickly earned nicknames like the “soul snatcher” and the “orgasm stealer.” With countless product and social media reviews backing its prowess in delivering pleasure, we sought the opinion of industry experts to determine if the toy truly lives up to its reputation.

What is the rose toy?

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The rose sex toy, a sensation on TikTok in 2021, has gained fame for its ability to deliver rapid and intense pleasure, leading to ecstatic reviews from vulva owners. However, it’s essential to explore what this buzz is all about, and our experts have the answers.

This unique toy is designed for clitoral stimulation and operates using air pulse and pressure technology, creating a gentle suction effect on the clitoris’s glans head. It seamlessly combines both suction and vibration functions, resulting in a one-of-a-kind stimulation experience that often leads to multiple orgasms.

It’s important to note that the rose toy isn’t a single product offered by a specific brand. Several companies produce variations of this viral rose toy, which are then available under different brand names on platforms like Amazon or Shopify, typically through a process called dropshipping.

This mushrooming popularity has prompted some well-known sex toy companies to introduce similar rose-shaped sex toys. Examples include Lovehoney’s Rose Toy Clitoral Attraction Stimulator and Inyarose’s Rose Sex Toy.

Jessica Cline, a board-certified sexologist, admires rose sex toys for those who prefer non-metallic and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Most sellers of viral rose toy models emphasize the use of body-safe, odorless medical silicone material in their construction. This clit-sucking vibrator has continued to receive positive reviews since it was first introduced, and newer versions of the Rose Toy offer even more settings and upgrades for users to explore.

How does Rose Toys work?

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Available through Amazon or other sex toy specialty sites, this viral rose toy comes with an array of tantalizing features. This rechargeable clitoris-sucking vibrator boasts three intensity levels and seven suction modes designed to replicate the sensations of cunnilingus. With a simple button press, the toy’s internal vibrations generate a swirling airflow that sensually teases and sucks on your clitoris, promising an experience some describe as beyond imagination.

To make the most of this vibrator, start by applying a small amount of lubricant to your clitoris. Instead of placing the rose toy directly on it, begin from the side and gently move the toy around until you discover the most pleasurable spot. Depending on your sensitivity and desires, you can adjust the suction intensity, selecting from various speed settings or alternating between them for a diverse experience.

The rose toy’s versatility is a standout feature. Many people immediately focus on clitoral stimulation but may overlook the various ways pleasure can be explored. For instance, these clit-sucking toys can also serve as nipple-sucking toys. Beyond that, you can explore other erogenous zones, including your or your partner’s navel, thighs, anus, ears, and more.

The rose toy’s waterproof design allows for usage in the bathtub, shower, or even the pool. Besides enhancing solo play, this toy can also elevate partnered sex, whether incorporated into doggy-style positions or used on your partner’s body during intimate moments.

As the popularity of the rose sex toy continues to soar, the product line has expanded. Depending on the manufacturer, newer rose toys may feature additional elements like a paired dildo, remote control, vibrating egg, or a flapping vibrator, offering a broader range of experiences to explore.

Attention to risks and other issues

While the rose toy has garnered the affection of many people, it’s crucial to exercise caution when choosing where to purchase this popular item. The surge in popularity of sex toys often leads to a proliferation of these products available across the internet, with many sellers adopting dropshipping models. In these cases, the product, typically manufactured in China, is shipped directly to the buyer, often without the seller ever inspecting the item.

Dropshipping involves a seller acquiring inventory from a third party, such as a wholesaler or manufacturer, to fulfill customer orders. Quality and the materials used in the toy’s construction are significant concerns associated with dropshipping business models. This is especially crucial for the rose sex toy, which, as Cline notes, has additional crevices that could potentially harbor bacteria. To ensure the safety and integrity of the product, it’s imperative that the toy is constructed from nonporous silicone.

Unfortunately, buyers cannot guarantee these aspects when purchasing from unknown or unverified suppliers. When shopping for the rose toy, it’s strongly recommended to thoroughly read product descriptions and examine both seller and product reviews. Doing so will help ensure you acquire the precise product you desire from a reputable source.


When using sex toys, individuals with vulvas should consider several important factors:

Use Lubricant

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Lubrication is essential. It reduces friction and ensures a smooth experience during play. Additionally, the air pressure technology in the toy can sometimes lead to the drying out of natural lubrication, so having backup lubricant is a wise idea. It’s important to choose the right type of lube for your toy. Since the rose toy is typically made of silicone, water- or oil-based lubes are suitable due to their compatibility with the material. Water-based lubes are not as long-lasting as oil-based ones, but they are more pH-balanced. Be cautious with oil-based lubes, as they can weaken latex condoms, leading to tears or breakage, and may also stain your sheets. If you and your partner aren’t fluid-bonded, consider alternatives.

Proper Cleaning

Maintaining hygiene is crucial. Regularly clean your sex toys, including the rose toy, after each use. Pay attention to cleaning the crevices. Silicone toys can be cleaned with a mild soap, while jelly sex toys require a bicarbonate cleaner because they are porous. Proper cleaning helps prevent infections and maintains the longevity of your toys.

Separate Toys for Anal Play

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Do not use the same sex toy for both anal and vaginal play. Once a toy is used for anal play, it should only be used for that purpose. Silicone toys, including the rose toy, cannot be completely sanitized, so keeping toys separate for different uses is vital. Note that glass and metal sex toys are exceptions and can be fully sanitized.

Exercise Caution with Intensity

Some clit-stimulation or -sucking toys have been known to cause minor bleeding. While the exact mechanism isn’t clear, extended use at higher intensity settings might be a factor. To ensure a safe experience, starting with lower-intensity levels and taking breaks if achieving orgasm becomes challenging.

These tips will help ensure a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience when using sex toys like the rose toy.

In summary

The rose vibrator, like any sex toy, has its pros and cons. As our experts have emphasized, the hype around it is well-founded, and it can indeed provide a pleasurable experience. However, it’s crucial to maintain cleanliness, hygiene, and safety while using it. Ensuring precautions are taken to minimize risks can enhance the fulfillment of your sexual and self-pleasure experiences.