6 Best Comfortable Belts For Fat Guys

We wear belts mainly for two purposes. One is as a fashion accessory and the other one is its functionality. You can change your whole style with just a belt. You can wear it to compliment your suit or for holding up your pants. If your waist is too small, it will help you hold it up. But if you have a big fatty belly, the pants won’t be able to withstand that. So you will need a belt again.

But which one to choose? We have the answer to your question.

1. The Bootlegger leather belt

Leather looks amazing on bigger guys. And this is a full-grain leather patina. So apart from the looks, it is also quite durable. Aging will only enhance its look and you will get more character with time. So, on one hand, you will have better looks and on the other hand, durability. You can enjoy wearing it for a long time. The lifetime warranty would surely make you interested in it.

This belt is designed for everyday use. Therefore, the leather is comfortable and adjusts to the body. It is not too stiff like regular belts. So if you are tired of that crisp and hard touch, you will love this one. And if you are worried that it might not have enough strength, you are long. Being comfortable and soft does not make it less durable. It is natural leather and therefore, it offers amazing strength too.

Last but not the least, the width of the belt. It is just the normal size for bigger guys. It is neither too narrow nor too broad. In addition to this, the buckle size is also simpler and appropriate for everyday use. You can wear it with jeans or even with formal pants. There are two color options and a wide length to choose from. Thus, you will get your perfect size.

2. No buckle stretch belt for men

This is one of the coolest designs that we get in belts. It does not have a buckle. So if you want to wear it with your jeans, you will love its performance. It has a no-buckle design. So there won’t be anything at the front. So how will you wear it then? Though there is no buckle, there is a snap design. Just button it up along the straps of your pants and you are good to go. The best thing is that you will have a range of colors to choose from.

The material is super stretchy which makes it soft and comfortable to wear. The stretchable design makes it best for bigger guys. You can adjust the size with the help of a thick metal bar. This is provided to adjust the length according to your waist. Furthermore, the elastic strap will adjust to the waist perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. And the elastic also offers great persistence.

So if you are worried about the durability of the belt, it is quite good. Despite being an elastic strap, it has good quality that ensures durability and long-time use. In addition to this, the front has solid leather snaps. They won’t easily wear off and more importantly, will make them comfortable for you to wear. Besides, there is a metallic pin to fix them and they won’t easily rust or fall off. So you can rest assured of the quality.

3. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for men

The next belt on our list is this formal and decent belt. It provides you the option to get your exact fit. If you are finding it troubling to get a belt online, you can go with this one. It has a removable buckle that offers the option to customize. So if the length is too long for you, you can just extend the belt buckle and cut the extra part. Therefore, if you do not want to take the risk of getting a smaller size, this one would be your go-to choice.

In addition to this, finding your perfect hole won’t be a problem anymore. This belt offers a long strap with 0.25” distance and 32 ratchet notches. So, not too far and not too tight. You will get your perfect pinpoint. Furthermore, you will have a 100 percent guarantee that allows you to replace the belt or get a refund. So you can do it anytime during the guarantee period.

Besides, if you want to get a patterned design in the buckle or something else, you have a range of options to choose from. They vary from belt color to buckle color and design. Thus, you are getting a complete range of belts that you can get. Furthermore, it has genuine leather built that makes it flexible and durable. Moreover, it also offers scratch resistance.

4. Loopbelt no-scratch we belt

This is the ultimate adjustable belt that you can get. What makes it suitable for fat guys is its perfect fitting. It offers a Velcro design. So there is no actual right or wrong fit. You can just wear it and attach the ends as they seem fit. And if Velcro seems like something light, it actually is not. These fasteners are long and therefore, they won’t just come out with a little belly.

This belt is designed especially for people who have sensitive skin. Sometimes metallic pieces do not suit certain people. So this belt will work for all of those who are suffering from such problems. Furthermore, other belts often result in rashes and sore areas. But because of the material of this belt, it won’t be a problem anymore. There is no buckle, metal, or any hard plastic, it won’t be a problem anymore.

It has a plain, simple and somewhat cool design. It works well with jeans and regular cotton pants. You can wear it daily without any problem. If you feel discomfort because of the tight-fitting of regular belts, you will love this. It puts you at ease because of its comfortable material.

5. Betta 1.5 inch wide belt for men

Betta offers a cam-style buckle that lets you adjust the length of the belt. So if you are losing weight and you fear that the belt won’t be of any use in the future, that won’t be the case with this one. Firstly, you can get a longer belt that fits you. And in case it needs some adjustments, you will be able to do so.

The cam-style buckle also does not need any holes. So it will work both ways, you can reduce the length from the buckle part or you can fit it from the other end. Ultimately, you will have your perfect fitting.

Apart from this, the material is not leather. So if you have any allergies and you cannot wear leather belts, this will suffice. It does not contain any leather or even other animal products. Furthermore, there are no metallic parts. The buckle is made from thermoplastic material. Therefore, if you are hypo-allergic or you have metal allergies, this would be a safe choice for you.

6. Tactical operator, military-style belt

Heavy builds and big bodies require something durable and tough. Something that has the strength to hold their bodies. And this is the military-style belt that you will get. This is a 5.11 brand that is purpose-driven and provides tough gear for those who demand more. The buckle of this belt has a tensile strength of up to 5100 lbs. So even if you are fatty or a big buddy, this belt can surely handle you.

Furthermore, it offers a multi-functional design. So you can even use it as a carry strap or for harness purposes during emergencies. This is why it has the name military belt. You can use it for multiple purposes. But even if you are not into these things and living a normal life, you can reuse them after you are done using them as a belt.

In addition to this, you will get a complete size chart that will help you out with the selection of the right size. You can get the right size. But if the belt is a bit longer, you will have the velcro at the end. This will help you to secure the extra loop of the belt. So overall, the belt and the buckle both are quite durable and will last for a longer time.

Buyer’s guide

1. Durability

The best things are those that are durable. Whatever you are buying, if the product is durable, you will have one more reason to buy it. Similarly, while buying belts, you should also look at this factor. If the belt is too fragile, it won’t be good enough for fat guys. You might question the availability of such belts. They are used mainly for fashion and therefore, if you are buying them for a purpose, you should avoid them.

If you have a fatty belly, getting a sensitive and fragile belt would be the wrong choice. They might work for some time but would be a waste in the longer run.

2. Length

Source: peachybelts.co.uk

The length of the belts is important as it defines their functionality. If the belt is too small, it won’t fit you. Similarly, longer belts would only be a hassle to handle. Firstly, it will seem inappropriate and it will also get in the way. When choosing belts for men, choosing a specific length would be a problem.

Therefore, the best thing to do here is to try it on before buying it. If your belly is too big, you would need a longer belt so that it can come around your waist. You won’t have any idea of the right size if you are buying it for the first time. Therefore, it is better to go to the store and try on the longer belts. In this way, you will be able to get the right length.

3. Buckle type and size

Although it might seem not an important part for some, it is. The buckle clearly defines your aim of wearing the belt. For example, if you are wearing it to a formal gathering, the buckle style will be different.

The different buckle options that you will find in the market include; grip or military buckle, roller buckle, pin buckle, double pin buckle, and autograph buckle.

All these options define your fashion sense and your style. Therefore, choose the right style according to the event you are going to.

Similarly, the size of the buckle should be suitable for formal events. For example, if you are attending a business meeting, the buckle should be simpler, decent and of medium size. However, if you are a biker and going for a gathering with your friends, you can wear a bigger and cooler style.

4. Width of the belt

Source: huffpost.com

Another important thing that you should look for is the width. Although formal suits go well with thin belts but not in the case of fatties. You need something thicker otherwise, the belt might not even work. Because of your fat, a normal narrow belt would seem too thin. Therefore, you should go with a thicker one. It will suit you best and will look appropriate.

5. Material

You will get a range of material choices. Although there is no set rule for fat guys about the material they should choose, there are plenty of options. For example, there are faux leather materials and authentic leather. Likewise, you will see fabric materials.

So if your skin is extra sensitive and you cannot just wear anything, you can choose the materials that suit your skin. Likewise, if you do not want to get rashes and sores from buckles, you can go with fabric materials.