Happy Birthday Meme Man

Happy Birthday Meme Man

As you probably know already, posting to your close friend’s and family’s Facebook walls is almost as important as attending the family Christmas dinner or attending your cousin’s wedding.

However, you cannot just slap down a “Happy Birthday, George! Love you! xoxo” because that makes you look like you don’t actually care, and you really don’t have it in you to write a long, heartfelt letter to them because…that is just weird to do on Facebook unless you’re a 13-year-old girl trying to impress her crush.

There are one universal language that even the most inexperienced internet surfers are proficient in: memes. That’s right, from Doge to Caveman Spongebob to soulful Meryl Streep, we all can get a good giggle out of those bold-faced beauties.

Here are 18 killer memes that will make you seem like you actually care about Aunt Helen’s 64th birthday, or that will make up for the fact that you totally forgot they existed until you got the notification that their birthday was today.

The birthday meme for the friend who holds on to a joke for way too long.


The birthday meme from the not-so-closet alcoholic.


Binge watch Parks and Recreation, or just trying to find the perfect birthday meme for a Ron Swanson in your life?


Are you the Facebook friend that doesn’t appear unless circumstances are in order? This birthday meme is all you.


Maybe not the best birthday meme to post to a mutual friend of your mother, but hilarious none the less.



The birthday meme for that aunt you know is lying every year…



The birthday meme for that special someone in your life who was hit with aging like a thrown brick…



The second best birthday gift besides a birthday meme: genuine affection.


The birthday meme for your friend with a dark sense of humor.


The birthday meme for the friend who is a little too into vodka.


When you’ve spent an hour trying to find a good birthday meme because you know…


The perfect birthday meme for your older sibling.


A birthday meme wishing your favorite MJ fan a long and normal life. 


The best way to spread birthday cheer is through dog-themed birthday memes.


The essential birthday meme for the baby lover in your life.


Have a Conservative in your life that has a good sense of humor? This birthday meme is perfect!


For the man in your life who can’t get over Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen…



For the Olympiad fan who doesn’t want to face the truth about how they’ll never make it on Team USA…



For that person who loves a classic meme…


For the long distance friend who could use a mega laugh on their birthday…


For the lazy, cheap student in all of us to gift to our mothers…


The best innocent recommendation for your mother’s Facebook birthday wall wishes…


 For the Seinfeld-lover who wishes they were still in 1995 so they wouldn’t be so old this year…


Another grumpy face, Ron Swanson’s birthday meme for the Grumpy Cat in all of us…


The “I need an innocent meme for my 14-year-old cousin’s birthday to make me seem like the cool older cousin” birthday meme…


When the horrible memories of the playground chants roll into your birthday mindset…


And lastly, quite possibly the sad reality we hope to never face…

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