What Landlords Need to Know About PAT Testing: Tips for Hassle-Free Compliance

When you’re a tenant you think that the landlord has it easy. That all responsibility lies in your lap. But, is that not the case? it is not. Yes, you’ll have many responsibilities, but most of them will remain in the hands of a landlord. One of the biggest ones is called the PAT test. We are talking about Portable Appliance Testing. This process is equally vital for both the tenant and the landlord. What’s even more important is that it matters to the government too. You need to comply with it.

There exist many things a landlord needs to know about this testing. Not complying with it can lead to various legal issues. We shouldn’t even mention the safety and security of both your tenants and the property you’re leasing. What are the matters that every landlord needs to know about Government PAT testing and how to comply can be seen if you visit this site, and of course, if you read the rest of our article. First of all, we will try to cover the essence of this testing.

What is PAT Testing?

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As we already said the testing in question covers portable appliances. It is a simple term, but a detailed control of all electrical appliances and equipment that are part of a rented property. The goal of it is to make sure that all of it is safe to use in an environment of work and occupancy. In many cases, the problems with any piece of electrical equipment can be seen on simple eye inspection, but many appliances must be tested before it’s determined that they’re safe for usage. This is where PAT testing comes into play. In most cases if you desire to make sure that everything is in order you should hire a team of professionals to conduct the tests. As we said, there are a few vital things to know about this testing, so let’s talk a little about them too.

What Landlords Need to Know About PAT Testing

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There are many things that a landlord should know about PAT testing. In this piece of text, we will try to cover only the essential things. So, let’s start with the most important one, and see how law and legislation are tied to Portable Appliance testing.

  • There are no specific laws tied to PAT testing. You are not legally required to conduct it. But, in case something goes wrong you wish that you had done it. We highly recommend it. It is not your duty, and you’re not tied to do it by law, but it is your moral responsibility to have everything in order and to have this test testify for you.
  • You can conduct this testing without formal training. But, as usual, we suggest that you hire professionals to do it. You can hire a simple electrician, or you hire a company that excels in this field. The bottom line is, that when you want to have your electric equipment tested you should have professionals do it.
  • There is no set timeline on how frequently you should conduct these tests. In most cases, it is better to be safe than sorry. It all comes down to the period of renting. You do not want to usurp your tenants too often. To ensure everyone is safe and satisfied you should have it done at least every two years. This goes for every piece of electric equipment you have on the spot.
  • Considering that you only need this test now and then you should know that the price shouldn’t be an issue. Depending on the amount of equipment you need to check the price varies. The more appliances the more the cost. Also, if you hire professionals, it will certainly cost more. But, as we already stated, you want to be safe, and that feeling of relaxation of knowing that everything is fine has no price tag.

Tips for Hassle-Free Compliance

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Portable Appliance Testing needs to be taken seriously. It is the only way to make sure that everything is in order when it comes to electric appliances and equipment on your property. But, that does not mean that you cannot handle the process without too much hassle. Below you’ll find a few tips on how to handle business with ease, and have everything in order without too much hassle.

  • The best place to start would be hiring professional help. There are companies certified to conduct this test.  To ensure everything is in order and that all equipment is up and working you need to have professionals on the spot.
  • Don’t save money on the process. This goes hand in hand with the post above. If you have a large property with plenty of equipment and appliances you need to hire a large team to conduct PAT testing. Don’t save on the process. It is one of the ways to save long term, by having your appliances up to date and running and have them fixed before a massive malfunction.
  • Invest time in the process. As we already said, your equipment should be checked at least every two years. If you have a smaller property and less equipment you can do this more often. It is in everyone’s best interest that everything is in order. This can be done by doing check-ups frequently and by tying all of these dots together.
  • Another easy way to have the PAT test a piece of cake is by having quality products on your property. It all starts there. You will make sure that this test is a formality if you take good care of your electric appliances. Many landlords fail to do this and neglect equipment when renting. But, you need to have this in mind even when your property lies empty. By having everything up to date you don’t only ensure the safety of both your property and the tenants in place but also save yourself time and money when it comes to PAT testing. Start from the bottom up and you won’t make a mistake. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.