Waist Training and Weight Loss: Separating Fact from Fiction

We all want to look like the best version of ourselves, and in order to get to that ideal look, we exercise, eat healthily, and use various gear. All of that leads us to today’s main topic, separating fact from fiction regarding waist training and weight loss.


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Waist training can be of much help, and the great thing is that one can easily find the type that suits them the most, like at squeezmeskinny.com. Now, even though there are plenty of waist training benefits, we simply need to separate facts from fiction, and these benefits are legit.

Better posture

Our posture is everything, and even though no one wants to have a bad figure and posture, it mostly happens due to our life habits. Namely, spending hours sitting at a desk can cause bad posture, which can reflect negatively on how we walk, our arm movement, and even our spine. All of this can lead to neck and back pain, but luckily waist trainers can be of much help here. It will help you straighten up and have a much better and natural motion in everyday activities, but you should look at them as a temporary hack, and it’s not recommended to use them constantly, as doing so can actually weaken the core muscles. So use them, but also make sure to exercise and strengthen those core muscles, and you will do wonders for your posture and overall looks.

Instant results

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There is a huge difference between losing weight and having the best possible figure right away, and while for the first one, you need to spend some time at the gym, for the second one, you just need the right gear. Yes, some might consider waist training as a fraud, as it might lead to false impressions, but far from it that the goal is to deceive anyone. It’s all about how we feel and how we want to look, and when there is something that can help us with that, there isn’t a real reason why we wouldn’t use it.

Of course, in order to actually have such a figure all the time, you will need to put in extra effort and actually deal with that stubborn belly fat, but in essence, this is a great way to boost your posture, enhance your looks and get an hourglass figure fast. Overall, the studies have also shown that even though some might think waist trainers may give a false impression, these garments actually don’t have such a big role in a person’s body shape. Yes, it can be a great and instant solution, but once again, if someone wants to increase fat loss, they need to consider other things like a better diet and spending some time at the gym as well.

Help after giving a birth

Much of women’s body figure changes during pregnancy and childbirth, and most of them get the “baby blues” afterward. This is where waist trainers can help a lot, as using them can provide support to abdominal muscles, the area that’s most affected during pregnancy. Besides that, they can also be a great solution for pain and discomfort, and this claim is supported by experts in this field. Namely, as many studies have shown, women who wore this garment experienced much less pain and bleeding after childbirth.


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We can all agree that there are just way too many false news, guides, and even step-by-step weight loss directions online, and some of those so-called tricks and hacks are simply funny. Of course, once you get familiar with all that it takes to really lose some weight, it will get much easier to separate the real info from which you can benefit from the myths and tales. The same is with waist trainers, which is why we will now focus on what most people think is true, but it actually isn’t.

It’s all you need

As already mentioned, waist trainers can be of much help, but no one should expect any big results weight loss-wise if they focus just on that. Being on a diet, having the right workout plan, and being patient and eager to work on your body figure is a must, as it is the only way to really experience some big changes. Nothing happens overnight, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start creating a plan right away.

The smaller it is, the better the results

This might sound logical for someone unfamiliar with how things work, but once we scratch under the surface and check the facts, the truth is that the size doesn’t matter. Namely, the first thing to realize with weight loss is that miracles don’t happen, and there is no diet that will do wonders in just a week, an exercise that will make our abs pop out in just a few days, or a piece of equipment and losing weight gear that will magically make us lose a few pounds overnight.

Buying a smaller waist trainer to lose weight will not efficiently help you drop a few pounds in the longer run. Now, since dealing with that stubborn belly fat is the goal and something we want to deal with forever, if you think that going with a smaller-size of waist trainer will do so, you are wrong. Yes, there is a ton of information you can find online that claims otherwise, but there isn’t any study that supports these claims, and everything this could do for you is an instant result, meaning that your figure will look much better wearing a smaller size waist trainer, and nothing else.

It’s just for women

Even though we live in a world where diversity and being and acting how you feel shouldn’t be an issue, there are still some false beliefs regarding certain garments, this one included. Many think that waist trainers are reserved just for women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, as men can also enjoy in benefits of wearing them. The only difference is regarding the style, design, and how they are made, as waist trainers for men are made a bit differently, but regarding their use and how efficient they are, it’s the same for both genders.