The Best Crossword Puzzle Books to buy in 2021

Crossword puzzles are perfect for brain development. They are a perfect way to spend time indoors. The importance of these puzzles has led to the publishing of books to help the enthusiasts enjoy their thing. So which are the best crossword puzzle books?

Well, what seems perfect for you might be the worst for another person. However, some of the factors to consider during your selection are difficulty levels, number of puzzles, your experience and font sizes among others. That being said, below is a review of some of the top crossword puzzle books for adults in 2021.

History of Crosswords

Crossword puzzles can be dated back to the 1700’s. The puzzles were being run across news outlets as it is till now. Eugene T. Maleska was the first to create a crossword phrase in 1862 in the New York Times.

The first crossword to appear in an Italian newspaper was back then in 1890 and it had been created by Giuseppe Airoldi. In 1913, Arthur Wynne, an English journalist published a crossword puzzle that resembles what you’ll currently come across in various media platforms. Since then, creativity has led to the emergence of lots of crossword puzzles.

Reviews of the top crossword puzzle books in 2021

Here top The Best Crossword Puzzle Books to buy on the martket today

1. Funster Crossword Puzzle Book for Adults

Authored by Charles Timmerman and published by Funster in 2018, this crossword puzzle book is specifically meant for adults. Published in English with a total page size of 225 pages, this book is a collection of several gentle brain teasers that you’ll definitely love.

This book contains 101 puzzles that will provide you with lots of entertainment for a considerable amount of time. The puzzles are just mid-level challenges that you’ll enjoy without any kind of frustration. These very puzzles are largely printed and that makes them easy to read and understand. The book isn’t big with its dimensions being 8.5 by 0.5 by 11 inches. It weighs just 1.3 pounds.


  • No eyestrains due to the large prints
  • Quite easy to solve
  • Clues provided
  • Inexpensive
  • Entertaining


  • Difficult for the elderly

2. USA TODAY Crossword Puzzle Book

This one was first published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in 2007 in English and has a total of 448 pages. These puzzles have been published in the USA TODAY which is without doubt the leading newspaper in the States and is under Gannet Co., Inc.

The 200 puzzles in this newspaper are quite challenging and worth spending time solving from whichever place you find yourself at. The collection of puzzles has dimensions of 5 by 1.3 by 8 inches and weighs just 12 ounces. It isn’t a bulky collection and can, therefore, be solved even in trains or vehicles with lots of ease.

These puzzles aren’t too difficult to solve but quite challenging which is great for problem-solving skills.


  • Very entertaining
  • Lightweight
  • High quality paper
  • Straightforward definitions
  • Inexpensive


  • Small format
  • Doesn’t lay flat (you have to lay your hands on the page you’re working on)

3. Brain Games Crossword Puzzles

This is another puzzles book from the popular series of Brain Games. The book has over 80 crossword puzzles which have been printed in large formats for easy reading, understanding and subsequently solving. The grids and clues in this book are moderately enlarged for proper writing.

The puzzle sets are written in a manner that they are on the facing pages. These puzzles are easy to solve from the first pages but are more challenging in the subsequent pages. In case you find yourself stumped, be sure to check on the provided solutions at the book’s final section.

The spiral-bound crossword puzzle book has 192 pages and was published by Publications International Ltd. in 2009. The 14.4-ounce puzzles book measures 7.8 by 0.7 by 9.1 inches and is written in English language.


  • Folds itself nicely due to the spirals
  • Printed on nice and thick quality paper
  • Easy to read and write
  • Solutions are included
  • Durable spirals


  • The book has to be fully open to access the clues and crosswords

4. The New York Times Crossword Ultimate Omnibus Puzzles

The New York Times provides you with another set of puzzles that can help you a great deal when it comes to both entertainment and problem-solving skills. This collection contains more than 1000 puzzles of different difficulty levels. These are more than enough for any crossword fanatic.

Having 560 pages, this book is an ultimate choice for any serious puzzler. The book has dimensions of 8.5 by 1.6 by 10.9 inches and weighs about 2.2 pounds. It is an English publication done by St. Martin’s Griffin in 2003.

Crosswords have passed through Will Shortz, who has been editing crossword puzzles for the New York Times since the year 1993.  This is definitely the best New York Times crossword puzzle book.


  • Fairly priced
  • More than enough crossword puzzles
  • Challenging and well-thought puzzles
  • Easy to read


  • Puzzles not differentiated based on levels of difficulties
  • Very big and bulky

5. The New York Times Supersized Crosswords

Here is another collection of puzzles from The New York Times. It is actually a collection of about 500 Sunday crossword puzzles. This is in fact the Times’ most read segment as the crosswords are well-structured for different levels of puzzlers.

Assuming that you averagely spend an hour solving one puzzle and that you can spend approximately 8 hours in a day entertaining yourself with puzzles, then you need more than 2 months to solve everything in this book. The book is a 592 paged stuff that was first published by St. Martin’s Griffin in 2006.

Will Shortz, who is an experienced crossword puzzles editor at The New York Times, takes credit for these brain teasers. This English-based book has dimensions of 8.5 by 1.6 by 10.9 inches.


  • Inexpensive
  • Great for experts
  • Too many for unending fun
  • Well-researched


  • Too difficult for ordinary puzzlers
  • Thick and can’t be laid flat

6. Simon & Schuster Mega Crossword Puzzle Book #15

This is another collection of 300 puzzles that have never been seen anywhere before. The first crossword published by Simon & Schuster was in 1924; a clear indication that they’ve been in the market long enough to know customer needs.

These current collections have been done by John M. Samson, an expert in puzzle construction. The unique feature of this book is that the pages are perforated so that you can individually tear and solve them out even on the move. They are Thursday-to-Sunday-sized puzzles that are meant to keep you engaged and challenged at the same time.

This series was published by Gallery Books in 2015. The book has 336 pages as well as dimensions of 8.5 by 0.8 by 11 inches. Additionally, the book weighs 1.8 pounds.


  • Great for intermediate crossword puzzlers
  • Perforated pages for easy solving
  • Enjoyable puzzles
  • Cheap
  • Large prints for easy read


  • Multiple word clues

7. The New York Times Favorite Sunday Crossword Puzzle

This is a 64-page crossword puzzle from one of the States’ best newspapers, The New York Times. Published under close supervision of Will Shortz, the Sunday crosswords are loved by so many Americans. These puzzles are well-constructed, come with clever clues as well as fresh vocabulary.

Actually, this book is a collection of Will’s 50 best Sunday puzzles drawn from the Times’ pages. This collection isn’t very big has it has dimensions of 9 by 0.2 by 11.1 inches plus a weight of just 6.4 ounces. The puzzles are all written in English and published by St. Martin’s Griffin in 2004.

These puzzles are 40% larger in sizes compared to the weekday sizes to make them easy to read, understand and solve even by the elderly. It is a great one as well.


  • Spiral-bound which makes it sit flat
  • Challenging but fun
  • Well-priced
  • Quite a large number of puzzles


  • Low-quality paper used

8. USA TODAY Jumbo Puzzle Book 2 (Volume 11)

USA TODAY, one of the world’s leading newspapers, has come up with another collection of 400 crossword puzzles. The puzzles are not only amusing but also entertaining. It does cost slightly more than most of the other collections but it is worth the price.

The book is 480 pages and measures 7 by 1.1 by 9 inches and weighs 1.1 pounds. The publishing was done in 2009 by Andrews McMeel Publishing. Be ready to spend most of your time solving these enjoyable brain teasers.


  • Different difficulty levels
  • Logical but challenging
  • Diverse puzzles
  • Printed on high-quality papers


  • A little pricey


Crossword puzzles are meant to bring enjoyment, pass time as well as jog the mind. Have you been looking for the best crossword puzzle books but to no avail? Well, this review has got you covered as these are some of the best books you can currently come across in the market; both online and offline markets.

Now it is time for you to puzzle. Just choose any of these that you feel lives up to your expectations and share your experience with me.

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