The Perfect Pair Of Shoes Kenny G Style – Summer, Work, School & Fashion

If you are looking to find the perfect pair of shoes for summer, work, school, or fashion, you’ve come to the right place. First we will fill you in on the background of the meaning of the perfect pair in this aspect.

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It is not meant as the perfect pair of shoes to buy or pick from and this is not meant to be a tutorial on how to pick them. The perfect pair is an Instagram account and a showcase of Kenny G’s $700,000.00 sneaker collection. If you do not have an Instagram account, is it not hard to make one, whether it’s personal or not?

Because Kenny G’s Instagram account is public and not private, you can access it from the internet and look through his pictures without having an account. Just look it up in your search engine or click on the link below to access Kenny G’s wonderful sneaker and shoe collection.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes Kenny G Style

This may inspire you to go out and buy all the perfect shoes, but they may be a little pricey. Obviously, Kenny G has a ton of money and a ton to spend on shoes, and although $700,000.00 is a bit drastic to spend on shoes instead of something useful, it is his life and he spends his money as he wishes. His shoe collection has become famous and people are interested in his passion, so let it be!

There are videos on youtube of sneak peeks of his shoe room. The video could go on for hours because of how many shoes he has! They are all unique and super expensive. By now, he must have spent about a million dollars and growing on his shoe collection. As of 2016, he has been collecting sneakers for 25 years.

In this video “Sneak Peak 1″, Kenny G gives the world a little tour of his shoe collection (only certain parts). There is no way that you can go through his entire collection in one shot because it is so large. He has every make and every shoe ever made, even the ones that no one knows about that are specially made for certain people or superstars.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes Kenny G Style

As you see in the image above, Kenny is a very wealthy man who loves sports and his shoes. He has a huge house and amazing goals for his collection. Kenny Gonzales is more than just a rich guy with sneakers though.

He is much more than being portrayed as air jordans or kobes. People always have something negative to say about him , even very powerful people who are paid to be nice. You can never please everyone, and many many people are overly jealous.

He cannot be characterized by sneakers and it is not fair to him that so many people look down upon his passion. People say all the time to do what makes you happy and do whatever it is that you can in order to keep yourself up and happy yet judge the things that truly set fire in some people’s hearts.

The world is so judgmental. If only they took a step back and stopped being so hypocritical, then maybe the sourness would fade away every once in a while.

He was not always rich. He was lucky to get a pair of Nikes for Christmas from his mother growing up. He got one pair of Air Jordan and from then on he loved sneakers. His love for sneakers did not start when he was rich and had a ton of money.

It started at home when he was growing up without money. His mother only made about $11,000 a year and did not have a lot of money to spare of give her kid to be spending on anything but food and clothing.

His brother, who was 18 years old, began to get money for being a native american. Kenny then says that he used a lot of that money for shoes, which there is nothing wrong with. He received those Jordan’s around the age of 15 when his love began.

People often think that his life revolves around the perfect pair and collecting a new pair everyday but that is wrong. He was indeed living his life as well the next few years . He was doing things like raising a family and building relationships.

His Instagram was not made initially to be about the perfect pair of shoes. Sadly enough it started out by showing pictures of him and his wife being happily in love and ascended into the shoe Instagram and eventually became very famous.

He has 5 children, he does not raise his shoes. He may love his shoes more than anyone loves any other thing, but people deny the fact that he does have a happy family and is a good guy in the meantime.

He has a lot of haters, and a lot of people who are so jealous that all they do is talk smack on his existence. There is a talk show that he will not go on because of something they had said about him, but he is confident and he knows that he is doing what he loves. He is confident enough to acknowledge the smack talk and say “If I’m in their mouth, I’m obviously winning”..

Many people accuse him of fraud and having special connections where he doesn’t have to pay for his shoes but he assures everyone that he does not have any connections and that he pays for every shoe, whether it be $4000 or $300. He is willing to spend almost everything to get that new and beautiful shoe.

His perfect pair collection does have it’s downfalls as does anything. They sometimes can be the fake versions on the secondary market, which is extremely dangerous and in Kenny Gonzales case, a bad move to pull. Kenny is one of the most intelligent people when it comes to shoes, and pulling that move is like giving a rich person the Walmart brand shoes and telling them they’re nikes.

In the video above, you will see the second part to Kenny G’s sneak peak in his shoe house/shoe room. The perfect pair will show you around his collection and show off some of his favorite shoes.

The Perfect Pair of Shoes Kenny G Style

As a screenshot taken from the video, you can see that he spends quality time showing his shoes to his fans and makes sure he doesn’t leave out any details. He even knows the correct way to make a shoe and can tell if its made to perfection or not. The most knowledgeable shoe guide offers his advice and his shoe collection to the world on youtube!