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Wicked Camera
Photographing Surfers Underwater by Sarah Lee
Great view
Amazing Landscape
Epic mountains. I think in British Columbia
Mount Roraima forms the border of 3 countries in South America It has 1300 ft sheer cliffs on all sides and has many unique species living on the plateau By Gunther Wegner 1000x500
A gathering snow storm in Sneffels Range Colorado 700x467 by Scott Fricke
Rainy Lake in the Cascades The water was the clearest Ive ever seen 960 x 720
Butterbridge in Scotland looking towards Ben Ime 2448 1836
My favorite shot from Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona 4256 x 2832 OC
Took this panorama of a rainbow at Niagara Falls with my cell phone 4305 x 1846OC
Uluru at sunrise Kata Tjuta in background NT Australia 3264x1624 OC
Rainbow Waterfall Snoqualmie Falls WA 3847x2329 OC
Reichenburg Switzerland last weekend 1600x900OC
Clouds path is warped by the peak of Tristan da Cuhna 1449x960 by Expedition 34 of the ISS
Sedona Arizona Bell Rock 2340 x 2340 OC
Lost Sunset Over Oregons Mount Hood 1000x666OC
Manning Provincial Park British Columbia Canada OC3008x2000
Went to Seattle in hopes to find a cool new spot to photograph found this one 4272x2848OC
Get away