Scott Shannon
"I'm a composer, musician, music producer, artist, writer, and owner of six rescued dogs."
Let me help you get tickets for just about any event. Plus, if the game you want to see is out of town, I can put together a flight/hotel/nightlife package for you and a few friends. Let's talk!
Gorgeous fish! Good art. I'd put it on my wall. Would you?
This is a great watercolor. I'm not sure I'd hang it in my bedroom, though. Would you?
This is a symphony I wrote and recorded. It was inspired by my practice of Wicca. You can preview the album if you click on the image.
This is a ballet I wrote and recorded about the Pharaoh Tutankhamen and his evil mother.
This is "need to know" stuff, dudes!
This infographic shows how 10 companies control a huge part of what you buy in a supermarket.
Words of wisdom from Dale Carnagie.
Life is short and unpredictable, don’t waste another minute on the people, places, and things that don’t make you happy. -Robert Tew
That's me. A creative adult who survived a wretched childhood. How was your childhood?
Cruising is the most romantic way to travel. And there's always a bedroom nearby, dude. Just one thing: Don't fall overboard. They probably won't notice.
Montreal Metro Map to stick on your hand.
Learn how to tie a bow tie - great brief how to.
Believe it. Live it. Don't let a bully get away with it unchallenged. - Rule #7 of "The Dude's Handbook".