Men’s Belt Guide

19 Best Belts For Men – Men’s Belt Guide

Buying the best belts for men might not seem exciting as getting a new jacket, a fall suit, or even a pair of sunglasses with aggressive tinting. Since those other items have an emphasis on the main character and the belt is almost always supporting the outfit, the belt is almost always supporting.

This is why, even though it seems tedious, we would urge you to put considerable effort, consideration and financial resources into your belt collection. Any creative masterpiece is incomplete without both supporting belts and supporting actors.

If you’ve ever accidentally ruined an outfit with the wrong belt or seen the movie Moonlight, you understand how essential both are. Check out these tips for making belt shopping more fun. You don’t have to buy belts in only black or brown.

Consider textures, colors, and animal prints. As you consider your belt collection, remember not only the dress codes you want to cover, but also the styles you want to include, such as Western, preppy, and moondog.

In the end, make sure you learn how to properly use a belt to not only keep your pants on, but also to transform the look of your outfit. You can observe the change in energy in the room by wearing three belts with one white shirt and jeans.

You won’t be bored acquiring a new belt once you realize what a style secret sauce the humble men’s belt is. Here are 16 of the best belts for men on the market, to help you on your quest for belt enlightenment.

Whether you wear shorts, jeans or dress pants, you should always be armed with a trusty Men’s belt. it’s simply essential. Finding the right Men’s belt can sometimes prove a challenging task, what color, what to match with, what style, etc. We took some time out of our day to put together a quick list of 20 belts for Men you should consider adding to your wardrobe.

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Top 19 Best Belts For Men

1. Classic Men’s Carhartt Anvil Belt

Carhartt Casual Rugged Belts for Men, Available in Multiple Styles, Colors & Sizes, Burnished Leather (Black), 40

Where does all the fun seem to go to the black belts? As hard-working as they come, and as stylish, the *Carhartt Men’s Anvil Leather Work Belt also kicks some major booty.

With a classic brown bridle leather belt, you can keep your britches warm north of the equator. With a gunmetal finish, the buckle can hold hundreds of knots. You don’t have to worry about your kid snatching it for his skinny jeans because it’s 1.5-inches wide.

It isn’t your granddad’s double-wide, but it isn’t your mom’s either. It’s just what the doctor ordered, this Carhartt belt.

Quality is a hallmark of Carhartt. Wear this belt with your favorite jeans. It lives up to the Carhartt Anvil Leather Men’s Belt’s good name. We will send you a jingle as soon as we receive it. The following sizes are manufactured: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46

Simple, elegant and timeless, this Carhartt 2203-20 Brown Leather Anvil Logo Belt works just as hard, and kicks some major booty, too. Keep your britches north of the equator with full-grain bridle leather in classic brown.

The buckle has a gun metal finish and holds up to hundreds of hitches. It’s a comfortable 1.5-inches wide, so your kid won’t steal it for his skinny jeans. But it ain’t yer grandpa’s double-wide, either. Just right to keep things on the up-and-up.


  • Leather made from real hides
  • Metal buckle with gunmetal finish
  • On the leather tip and on the leather keeper is the Carhartt logo heat stamped
  • Dimensions: 1.5 inches
  • Accessed from abroad

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2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Reversible Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Reversible Belt, Brown/Black Casual, 36

It is going to be the next item in this collection of Tommy Hilfiger men’s reversible belts. Based on its wide array of styles, as well as the soft and comfortable material, I think the price is justified.

These belts are crafted with a material made up of 40% leather, 40% polyethylene and 20% polyurethane, so they are not airtight and stifling at all. In fact, they are actually cool to wear and comfortable.

It is as durable and resilient as a genuine one whose structure is solid and dense, regardless of the matte finish and strange material! The waistband still doesn’t leave scars and hardens like a genuine one.

A reversible belt that comes in 16 colors, including the dark ones, is a great item that will help you save a lot of money by allowing you to change your style each day. A navy belt on Monday and a white belt on Tuesday, for instance.

Buckles are also swivelled for easy switching between sides. The strap can be rotated outside and put back into the buckle at the hinge to change to a different size and color. Simple, right?

Several stitching lines are sewed meticulously into the strap to connect the two layers together. Whether you are working, playing, traveling, hiking, or traveling while playing, this belt will still be able to hold your pants, shorts, jeans, etc.

As for the buckle, it is crafted of high-quality nickel, which gives you a sense of its strength and solidity. With a width of 1 14″ wide, this belt looks simple, stylish, and elegant, so it can be worn for formal occasions.

Additionally, there is a variety of sizes to choose from on the size chart. Furthermore, rather than just one prong, the end of this device has up to six holes for putting the prong through, so in case you pick up the wrong size, you can still feel confident about it. The belt can be fixed by a sailor, of course.

Reversible belt by Tommy Hilfiger. This durable and versatile belt is made of 100% genuine leather and measures 1 1/4″ wide. A smooth leather belt in a cut edge design reverses black to brown. Hilfiger’s name engraved buckle finishes off the design.


  • Accessories by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Specifically for men
  • Leather look belt with reversible style
  • Tan/black color
  • Leather made of polyurethane
  • The buckle is made of metal with an antique brass frame.
  • The belt is held in place by only one metal keeper
  • On the frame, there is a signature Tommy Hilfiger logo
  • Details of the flag’s signature ribbon
  • There are five belt loops
  • Approximately 3cm in width

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3. Dockers Men’s Bridle Belt

Dockers Men's Essential Casual Leather Belt

Although they don’t match with every type of pants, braided belts look great with khakis, casual pants, a shirt with an open collar, and a sports coat. Dockers provides an attractive belt that has both notches and a traditional buckle (depending on the color of the strap).

Despite its 112-inch width, this 115% bonded leather, 20% polyester, and 5% genuine leather belt is not made from top-quality materials. It’s a blend of 75% bonded leather, 20% polyester, and 5% “real” leather. It will only be worn a few times a year so it will hold up in a season or two – and look sharp with the right outfit.

You shouldn’t wear braided belts every day. Dockers belts are the perfect choice for making a fashion statement at occasions when you want to wear them.

Real genuine leather belt. Not a stitched together belt, but 100% all leather. My last one lasted over 7 years. I should post a pic, you would laugh. The color is exactly as depicted in the picture. The color should lighten with age, but now it looks exactly like the image. Zoom in for a better glimpse.


  • Casual style
  • Made of 85% bonded leather, 20% polyester, 5% “real” leather
  • 15 inches in length, 30 inches in width, 58 inches in height
  • There are four colors in this jacket: black, brown, tan, and navy
  • It has integrated notches and is braided

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4. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ribbon Inlay Belt - Ribbon Fabric Design with Single Prong Buckle, Navy, 32

Tommy Hilfiger presents this stunning and fantastic men’s belt in many different colors. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most recognizable fashion brands all over the world, and I bet many of you know something about it.

The majority of items in this brand, especially belts, are much more affordable than those from other high-end brands such as Gucci, Versace, etc. Tommy’s belts are definitely qualified, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t flawless.

Genuine leather and cotton combine to make this belt. As you can see, there is a piece of leather which is about 2″ under and the cotton layer is attached around it carefully.

This belt design is available in six options, such as black/navy, white/navy, navy with red, and so on, emphasizing its outstanding design that will define and highlight your style.And if you want, I prefer black Tommy belts because they look modern to me.eClick here to see other belts with different colors.

The brand name is embroidered in the center of layers of leather and cotton. In addition, the anchor and flag that symbolize the brand are also visible. We provide high-quality products, so you can be assured that every item you buy has a high performance level.

We offer a wide size chart, so you can select your most comfortable and convenient belt size based on the chart. The waist measurement should be accurate though, and you should add 2″ to get the right size.

You’ll find that the strap is not overly thick and easy to breathe. It is made of a high quality material that has been carefully stitched with reflective deep stitching lines. The ribbon inlay belt makes it stand out as a bit of a departure from the old notions concerning belts and casual occasions.

Added a touch of sophistication to the strap is the silver shiny hardware buckle with square shape. A stitch line attaches the buckle to the strap tightly. It is considered to be a good gift for yourself and is one of a kind.

Perfect for boat shorts or yacht slacks, this classic leather Tommy Hilfiger belt shows off the Tommy brand around your waist. The leather belt is made with a leather belt design with the Tommy Hilfiger brand on a khaki inlay ribbon. This leather belt is finished with a brass belt buckle.


  • Accessories by Tommy Hilfiger
  • Ribbon belt with inlaid ribbon
  • Khaki color
  • Cowhide leather, buffalo split and cotton make up 40% of the material
  • The belt is inlaid with a ribbon with branding running along it
  • Buckle made of aged brass
  • Stitch detail on leather edges
  • Pin: Buckle
  • Five belt holes

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5. Nike Golf Men’s Tech Essential Belt

Nike Men's Tech Essential Web Belt, Black, One Size

One of Nike’s most popular belts for golf and casual wear is the Tech Essential Web Belt, which has been around for a while. With its reversible design, the belt is made of soft, yet durable 100 percent webbed cotton. You can cut it to the desired size if you wish.

Fits a waist size up to 42 inches and measures 2 inches wide. A bottle opener on the back of the belt is attached to the belt’s adjustable military-style buckle. It comes in handy during those hot days on the course.

There are five colors available for this belt – Black, College Navy, Light Charcoal, Tan, and White – both fabric and buckle have the Nike “Swoosh” logo. A machine washable belt is also included with the Tech Essential Web Belt.

Available in a wide range of colors, this Nike reversible Men’s cotton web belt. Adjustable sizing. One size fits most up to size 42. Rubber-coated military buckle with bottle opener.


  • With scissors you can cut the belt to fit your waist size and the belt is made from ultra-durable webbed cotton.
  • A built-in bottle opener is built into the belt buckle in military style
  • A Nike “Swoosh” logo appears on the belt as well as the buckle. There are five colors available.


  • The belt only fits up to a 42 inch waist
  • The belt frayed over time, according to some users
  • The paint on the buckle of the belt wore off quick, according to some users

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6. Luxury Black Braided Elastic Men’s Belt

Eurosport Black Braided Elastic Stretch Belt Size Large

Introducing the convenient pack of everyone’s favorite belt. With braided elastic that conforms to your waist comfortably, this belt is the height of effortless style. The braided body allows you to easily tighten it. 1 1/4 inch wide belt.

End to end, the Small is 41 inches in length, while the Medium is 44 inches. I have a large, an X-Large, and a XX-Large that measure 46, 49, and 52.75 inches, respectively. There is a 54.75-inch difference between XXX-Large and XXXX-Large. We do not provide exact measurements.

Take your classic belt, give it a fashionable weaved texture, mix in a bit of elastic for comfort, and you have one fabulous belt. Small measures approximately 37.5 inches long, end to end. Medium 40 inches long, end to end. Large 42 inches long, end to end. X-Large 44 inches long, end to end.


  • Braided belts and belt buckles are suitable for both men and women because of their style and design.
  • The belts are fully adjustable and made of elastic for maximum comfort and stretch.
  • Wear with jeans, shorts, or casual pants.
  • Materials Manufactured
  • Foreign-made

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7. Levi’s Men’s 40mm Reversible Belt with Gunmetal Buckle

Levi's Men's Reversible Casual Jeans Belt, Brown/Black, 36 (Waist 34)

The blue jean was invented more than 140 years ago, and one thing is clear: Levi’s clothing is loved by everyone who wears it, from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to everyday people.

Levi’s clothes are not just for anyone. ‘Live in Levis’ asserts with confidence and pride. Get two belts for the price of one! With Levi’s Verstaile Belt you can choose between two different styles in one belt! Wear it with your favorite jeans or khakis to create a relaxed and casual look

SIZES & COLORS: Regular & Big & Tall sizes available. The style you choose fits men’s sizes 30″ to 54″. If your waist size is 34″, order a belt size 36. Order a belt size 38 for a belt size 36. A leather-like material is used for this product. Each hole is 1 inch apart to guarantee a better fit. A belt strap that is 1 1/4 inches wide is also available.

Constructed with a rotary buckle that allows you to switch from one side to the other with ease. You can then use your belt in whichever way you like by separating the buckle at the hinge and rotating it around.

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8. Carhartt Men’s Journeyman Belt

Carhartt Regular Casual Rugged Belts for Men, Available in Multiple Styles, Colors & Sizes, Bridle Leather Classic Buckle (Black), 44

Although it may not be the most suitable for karate, this black belt will be a surefire hit for all your work-related needs. In your pants you keep a lot of important things, so you’ll need this Carhartt leather Journeyman belt to make sure they stay where you want them to.

Carhartt’s full grain waxed bridle black leather is stronger and longer lasting than a bag of nails, while others are more likely to rip or tear. As you know, Journeyman belts look fantastic with all of your favorite pairs of Carhartt Jeans, because the 1 1/2″ width of these belts fits easily into the loops without any tugging and cursing. 

Carhartt’s Journeyman Leather Belt 2201 BLK is designed with a dull nickel buckle and heat stamped logo. The best fit can be obtained by ordering one size larger than your waist size. Adding the belt to your cart is all you need to do to secure it.

Sizes available: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54

This rugged Carhartt Men’s Journeymen Leather Belt can withstand anything you throw at it, whether you’re waist-deep in a river or drenched in sweat. A top-grain cowhide leather construction means it can withstand all weather conditions.

Switch out your favorite buckle by unsnapping the fasteners. Big and tall sizes are available. Full-grain, waxed bridle leather, Snap fasteners facilitate buckle changes, Features brass finish buckle, Carhartt logo heat-stamped on the leather keeper.

Carhartt Journeyman Belt, BIG BUCKS OFF! Keep your trousers just right with this Journeyman Belt! Rich Italian leather with metal buckle. 1 1/2″ wide. State Color and Waist Size. Grab it now! Carhartt Journeyman Belt.


  • Leather made from real hides
  • Edges that are molded
  • Loop from Carhartt with heat-stamped logo
  • Nickel finish buckle on black belt
  • An antique brass buckle adorns this brown belt
  • Buckle changes are easier with snap fasteners
  • Approximately 1.5 inches wide
  • Foreign-made

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9. Kenneth Cole Men’s REACTION Leather Belt

Kenneth Cole mens Perfect Fit Adjustable Click Belt, Black Matte, X-Large 42-44 US

This belt is engineered for comfort! It adjusts every 1/4-inch for a total custom fit. Get only the best with this track-lock system and cut-to-fit strap at your preferred size. Kenneth Cole compression belt is an ideal match for any look. It has a simple design, a snug fit, and no holes for a super sleek style. Elevate your favorite pair of jeans with this 1.4″ wide belt

Kenneth Cole is famous for its high quality and city-focused style. Dress for business, casual or day-wear with this versatile Kenneth Cole belt. It reverses from black to brown with brush-off bridle leather. It is easy to reverse the necklace with the swivel nickel channel buckle.

It’s made from leather, and it’s sleek. Easily enhance the look of casual clothing with this reversible belt. Reversing the belt from black to brown and back again is easy thanks to the plaque buckle with Kenneth Cole Reaction etched at the bottom.


  • Pelle leather
  • Leather Bridle
  • Black and brown reversible
  • Chrome channel buckle with Satin nickel finish
  • Is 35 mm
  • Foreign-made

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10. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Braided Belt

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Braided Belt,Tan, 34

An embossed brand logo on the front gives the luxurious Tommy Hilfiger braided belt a distinctive appearance, while the hand-laced leather and single-prong buckle give it a smooth and sophisticated finish.

Your style will be elevated with this piece. With this braided brown belt, you can add luxury to your accessory collection. The belt has a comfortable fit with an adjustable buckle. Metal-toned gold-toned buckle made of high-quality material.

Thick leather braid is hand laced in a whip lace pattern. Fully adjustable, the holes run along the length of the belt. The tap is solid leather and features a small Tommy flag plaque. The satin finish buckle is in the classic harness shape. Measures 1.25 inches wide and 35mm thick.


  • The leather content is 90% and the leather content is 10%.
  • Originally imported.
  • Closure by belt.
  • Handwashing.
  • With a single-prong buckle and enameled logo, this hand-laced leather belt features a single-prong buckle.
  • If you normally wear a size 14 belt, order a size 2 full sizes larger.

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11. Docker’s Men’s 30mm Glazed-Top Braided Belt

Dockers Men's Braided Belt, tan Glazed, 36

With more than 30 years of experience in khaki pants, Dockers is the authority. This American classic dates back to 1986, and it was at the heart of the casual movement, which provided men with clothing that was smarter, more comfortable, and more versatile for every circumstance.

Dockers remains America’s favorite khaki, offering a variety of clothing and accessories that incorporate thoughtful innovations into every aspect. Men’s Braided 100% Leather Belt has the following features:

The Dockers braided belt is the best choice for a man with a desire for comfort without compromising style. A 100% leather belt with an unlimited hole strap allows you to adjust the fit without limits. All regular size belts are offered. Ideally, shop 2″ bigger than the size of your pants. A 32″ waist belt should be worn with a 34″ pant.

This braided belt is designed with a timeless and classic silhouette that will go with almost any outfit. Simple braiding in a solid color strap gives it that key piece in your wardrobe you’ve been looking for. A leather belt that you can rely on is something we take great care of at Dockers.

Our braided belt is made from high-quality leather for this reason. Designed and made with care, this belt will last longer. Wipe with a damp cloth or spot clean. If needed, order a size 2″ larger than your pant size. 

This genuine leather belt with a double v-weave pattern is a great addition to your collection. It features an old English brass finish, single keeper, and 30mm width.


  • The belt you need is 34″ if your waist size is 32″.
  • Seventy-five percent Bonded Leather, twenty percent Polyester, five percent Leather
  • Closed with a screw
  • Machine Wash
  • An integrated notch and a brass finish are included on this lace-braided belt
  • 30 mm wide

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12. Docker’s Men’s Feather Edge Belt

Dockers Men's 1 3/8 in. Feather-Edge Belt ,Brown,36

A belt made of rich, soft leather is very comfortable to wear. Sharp edges create an elegant and sophisticated appearance. A Dockers logo is embossed under the keeper of the buckle. It is polished gunmetal finished.

This is a 32mm wide buckle measuring 1.25 inches long. It is not possible to purchase Levis and Dockers for resale abroad. You should size up one size if you are choosing a pair of pants. You can buy a belt that is 6 inches larger than your pants size, for instance, if you wear a size 34 in pants.


  • Made from leather
  • Dress Belt with Feather Edge
  • A gunmetal-finish buckle polished to a high shine
  • Widens to 1.25 or 32mm
  • Leather with a soft touch

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13. Alexander Julian Leather Men’s Belt

Alexander Julian Men's Leather Inlay Buckle And Loop Belt,Black,38

This belt is made in the USA from brown leather and is designed by Alexander Julian. A leather belt by Alexander Julian in size 32. The belt has a total length of 38 inches with the buckle included. The belt measures approximately 1.25″ wide. The buckle is brass ( and is not removable). We do not smoke in the house.

1 1/4″ wide smooth leather with a slightly glazed finish. Leather inlay on silver finished buckle and loop. Padded center and finely stitched edges. Traditional classic look with a touch fashion.


  • Leather is 100%
  • Imported
  • Closure with hook and eye
  • Only dry clean
  • The sixes are available in sizes 36 to 54 in 32mm wide
  • Leather with an aniline finish and stitched edges
  • Center bar buckle in satin silver finish
  • Reverses from black to brown
  • Leather that is genuine

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14. Tactical Operator Belt

5.11 Tactical Operator 1 3/4' Belt, Military Style, Heavy-Duty Nylon Mesh 5100lb Tensile Strength, Stainless Steel Buckle, Fade & Rip Resistant, style 59405

The 5.11 Tactical belt, style 59405, is one of the most simple products in the company’s line. Black matte finish is applied to the stainless steel buckle and nylon mesh on the operator belt.

This buckle should be able to support more than 5,100 pounds. My pistol and accessories fit snugly in the buckle. These features are effective at allowing the belt to be adjusted and kept in place with Velcro.

On the nylon mesh, the reinforced heavy stitching looks neat and adds durability to the belt. As if two belts had been stitched together, this 5.11 Tactical belt feels like a dual layer belt. I specifically designed this belt to be stiff, so it can be used for concealed carry.

Despite the belt’s flexibility, it remains comfortable enough. My pants did not go down during the day and the attached gear did not sag at all. All of the black matte finishing with the belt held up well.

 There is a small problem with this belt. It is a little wider than most. There is a slight difference in width between it and my dress pants, so it did not fit perfectly.

The operator belt has a solid stainless steel, low profile buckle that has a 6000lb rating. With a quick click of a carabineer, the operator belt can be used for support in extreme emergency climbing situations (only to be used in emergencies, the operator belt is not designed as a climbing harness).

The durable nylon webbing locks securely in the belt buckle and is additionally locked with a Velcro® locking system.


  • In addition to the reinforced stitches, the nylon mesh looks incredibly durable
  • There is no rebuckles with a capacity of 5,100 lb are robust enough to hold heavy loads for long periods of time
  • This belt is secured with Velcro and adjustable with a metal buckle
  • Strong enough for concealment
  • You can wear it all day long without feeling uncomfortable
  • The matte black finish, as well as the materials, hold up very well

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15. Columbia Men’s 32mm Oil Tan Guatemalan Belt

Columbia Men's 32mm Oil Tan Guatemalan Belt,Brown,36

100% leather makes up this belt. This belt also features a gold buckle and inlay with colorful fabric. You can choose between sizes 32 to 46. It is extremely unique and unique in design which first catches my attention when I see this belt.

In addition to the middle of the belt, there is a hint of Aztec pattern along the keeper. In my opinion, this belt is bold and eye-catching. The construction of the belt also grabs my attention. I could see it lasting for a very long time.

Also, the materials used for this belt are of high quality, adding to its durability. In terms of colors, the belt is vibrant and colorful. Additionally, it has the ability to retain its color for quite some time. Finally, there are just the right number of holes in the buckle, so you will have no problem securing the belt by pushing the latch through these holes.

There have been many complaints by customers about this belt running a little smaller than similar belts on the market. The belt should be ordered two sizes larger than your usual size to ensure a proper fit.

This brown leather belt provides a unique and fashionable design, which makes it a great option for people who are seeking an elegant belt. Whether you’re wearing shorts or jeans, this belt is going to look great. It will make an excellent statement at holiday parties, parties, and other activities.

Columbia Sportswear Company leather belt features rounded, stitched edges with a colorful fabric insert. Also has a rounded, goldtone, single spring buckle, as well as matching fabric at the loop. international shipping is Prohibited. 32mm wide. Leather.


  • Leather is 100%.
  • Closure by belt.
  • Gold-tone buckle and woven fabric inlay on a black leather belt.
  • If you normally wear a size 14 belt, order a size 2 full sizes larger.
  • Originally from the United States.

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16. Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Men’s Belt

Salvatore Ferragamo Reversible Mens Leather Belt

A fashion-forward and comfortable belt from Ferragamo. Each strap and buckle come in either black-gold or white-silver color combinations, and the whole thing is covered in dotted patterns.

Put on the belt, and you’re guaranteed to look a lot more manly, which is sure to boost your confidence, regardless of whether you’re at the office, down the street, or at a party. It is made from high-quality leather, so as long as it is taken care of, it is going to last you for years.

This one’s dimensions make it ideal for women who have waists ranging from 26-42 inches. It also comes in a smaller size if you prefer. Remove the buckle, measure your waist, cut the belt to the right size, and then reattach the leather to the buckle. You can now adjust your own belt, so no more returning loose belts.

Various occasions require men to wear a belt. Belts are a good accessory for a wide range of outfits. You may also gift it to your friends/relatives if it is not something you really need.Beautiful Nappa Leather mens belt from Salvatore Ferragamo. Features a matte finish and Silver metallic buckle with the Ferragamo name embossed.

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17. Mont Blanc Men’s Belt

With this Montblanc leather belt, you can choose to wear either the brown or black color when you wear it. This leather has been chrome tanned and has a saffiano print. Made in Italy, this belt is made of calfskin.

Changing the strap length is easy with the buckle’s easy-opening mechanism and palladium-plated pin buckle. There is a Montblanc star on the buckle that represents the snowy peak of Mont Blanc mountain in the center of the buckle. Montblanc, Made in Italy is printed on the back of the leather belt.

Also, the buckle is adorned by the Montblanc logo. Polished palladium-palted rectangular 3 Rings. Cut-out box buckle with a curved top. Engraved Montblanc brand name. 3 x 120 cm strap.


  • This classic 35 mm belt is part of the Montblanc Classic Line.
  • Made of solid brass, this rectangle pin buckle is shaped like a rectangle.
  • Paleddium-coated.
  • Montblanc emblem engraved on case.
  • Adjustable strap length with an easy-to-open mechanism.
  • The wristband is reversible and features a brown/black saffiano print on chrome-tanned leather.

18. Hugo Boss Leather Men’s Handmade Belt

HUGO BOSS Leather Belt Mens Handmade in Italy (36, Black)

Do you want a belt that can be worn with both formal and casual looks? Therefore, Hugo Boss Garney Leather Belt is a reliable choice in that case. Its black and brown variants satisfy the needs of purchasers because those who prefer to wear informal clothes don’t pay attention to color but those who prefer formal clothing cannot wear anything other than these colors.

Dress pants and jeans are both compatible with a leather belt. Because the belt is offered in different sizes, wearers do not have to puncture any extra holes. This belt was made of cow leather offering supreme quality that makes others envious.

Because of the gunmetal hardware present in this full-grain leather belt, it has acquired the taste of ruggedness. A belt worn with formal clothing adds to its beauty. The belt comes from a reputable manufacturer, Hugo Boss AG, which is one of the biggest clothing companies in Germany.


  • The leather is cowhide.
  • Gunmetal hardware is available today.
  • The product comes in two colors, black and brown.
  • This dress is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions.
  • Designed in a modern style.

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19. Dolce and Gabbana Men’s Belt in Black Leather

Dolce & Gabbana men’s belt in black leather with gold logo buckle, stay classy with this wardrobe addition.

When is the time now, according to the calendar? In this black leather belt from Dolce & Gabbana, the DG logo buckle belt pretty much says the same thing. This belt can be adjusted according to your needs. Silver-tone hardware, an adjustable fit, and a signature logo buckle complete the look.


  • Snap button closure on a plate buckle
  • Single loop belt stopper
  • One inch – 25 mm – wide is the belt strap
  • Hardware and buckles that are nickel-free
  • Italian-made
  • Calfskin leather, 100%

20. Pioneer Belt by Red Wing Heritage

Red Wing Heritage Unisex-Adult Leather Belt-U

Red Wing Heritage Company is all about doing one thing really well. The Pioneer Belt incorporates the same craftsmanship that makes their flagship boots last a lifetime. It looks boring at first glance; it’s just an unadorned leather belt with a plain brass buckle.

You can only fully appreciate the craftsmanship behind the scenes when you dive into the details. This leather was tanned in a way that not only delivers incredible strength, but also just gets better over time. This is a full-grain leather, sourced from SB Foot Tannery.

Because the belt is 1.5′′ wide and its edges are hand-burnished, you will never feel uncomfortable while wearing it; on the contrary, you will feel more confident. This belt will continue to darken and improve as it ages, much like a pair of red wings.


  • Full-grain leather in 100% premium quality 
  • Buckles With Single Prongs
  • Three color variations are available
  • Five sizes are available
  • Designed and manufactured in the United States

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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Belt

When shopping for a belt, bear these factors in mind:

1. Dimensions

You shouldn’t find a belt that exactly fits your waist size when buying one. You should increase your pants size by about one to two inches instead. That way, the extra fabric will be accounted for and you’ll have a perfect fit.

2. Buckle

Buckles come in a variety of types in the world of belts. These types are some of the most popular ones:

  • Pin buckle
  • Double pin buckle
  • Military/grip buckle
  • Roller buckle
  • Autogrip buckle

You should opt for a sleek, simple buckle such as an autogrip or a single pin buckle for formal wear. The buckle types mentioned above are suitable for casual wear as well. You will only need to match them with the appropriate clothing.

3. Width

It is typically more formal to wear a thin or narrow belt, while a beefier or wider belt would be more appropriate for casual wear. 

As a general rule, you should wear a belt that is about 1.25′′ to 1.5′′ wide for formal occasions.  Any belt longer than 1.5 inches is suitable for casual wear. Some manufacturers may provide tips on how to pair it with other items.

4. Material

Various materials are used to make belts. Let’s look at them in more detail:

In terms of belts for formal or casual purposes, leather is always a safe bet. However, you should make sure you know the types of leather available. Leather made from genuine hides will last for only a year or two at best.

It is recommended that you buy top-grain or full-grain leather. This type of leather will last for several years. The better quality leather develops a nice patina with continued use, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Fibers made from natural materials are more affordable and casual while still being cruelty-free.  It is particularly resistant to wear and tear than cotton, in particular.  

A synthetic fiber like nylon or polyester is virtually unbreakable since it is made from ballistic nylon or polyester. These types of fibers are, however, extremely casual. Lastly, the price will depend on how the fiber is crafted.

5. Washability

There are many belts that are easy to clean, regardless of work conditions or the desire to keep your wardrobe looking great. These suggestions will assist you:

There are companies, such as Leather Honey, that make cleaners designed specifically to remove dirt and grime from leather surfaces. A belt that looks worn-out can also be polished so it looks like new by the cleaners. 

Natural fibers: You can wash and hang dry many natural fibers. If care instructions are not provided, check with the company.

Fabrics made of man-made fibers: In the majority of cases, nylon belts can be washed in the washer. You should let the clothes air dry rather than using a hot dryer in order to prevent permanent warping.

6. Color

If you only need one belt to fit most of your wardrobe, opt for a neutral color belt such as brown or black. Reversible belts are also useful because they can be reversed. Choose a belt color that matches the color of your shoes if you are still in doubt.

Storage And Care Of Leather Belts

The fact that you can maintain leather doesn’t mean it’s a fragile material. It takes very little effort to maintain it and it doesn’t require anything when you first buy it. A cotton rag applied with leather conditioner can be used if the leather is dry. If anything remains after 5 to 10 minutes, wipe it off.

A little bit of warm water and a soft rag can be used to clean dirt from leather. It can also be cleaned with a leather cleaner if it needs additional cleaning. You need to follow with a conditioner, even though these cleaners will take away some of the natural oils. A cracked leather will be obvious if you do not follow these instructions.

Finally, any scruffs on a belt can be removed with a little friction; however, this is more of a problem for dress belts, as casual belts have a little more character. If you want to store your belt, a belt hanger is your best option. You will avoid unnecessary strain on your belt by using a belt hanger.

You can find several options on Amazon, but you can also bend an old wire hanger into an S shape if you don’t want to invest in a new hanger. Alternatively, you can roll up your belts and store them in a shoe box, but they might wear out faster.

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