Where the red desert meets the blue ocean. Shark Bay, Western Australia.
Byron Bay at dusk 3552x1998 OC
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Women are difficult Unknown Hinson 1848x2573
My Uncles Williams FW08C 4732x3170
Coeur d'Alene Floating Golf Course
A drive through highlands of Scotland 1920 1080 OC
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Base of Mt Cook New Zealand 4128 x 2322 OC
Sneak Peak New Koenigsegg Regera 640x640 Shmee150
Ferrari Enzo 949x695
28 famous people when they were young.
lovely af Bright red Camaro ZL1 1280 x 850
We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end Oswald Spengler 1000x590
Fresh snow on the Flatirons Instant Film 1367 x 1094 OC
The Beautiful Cascade Mountains in Washington OC 4020x1626 now in color
Remote beach outside of San Jos del Cabo Mexico 3264x2448 OC
Sandstone towers in the Ennedi desert of Chad Africa 1600 x 1063 josephescu
Mineral deposits in Pamukkale Turkey 1600x900 OC
A wood-fired hot tub that is also a boat.. freaking amazing!
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2015 Z06 Z07 Little Cold 2879x1919
The Herald of Tryfan Snowdonia Wales OC 3129x4748
Secret room behind moving kitchen nook
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Lake Baikal Siberia The worlds oldest and deepest freshwater lake Photo by Elefterios Papadakis 1766x1650
Concept electric racing car Citron Survolt 2244x1496
Pic of an R35 Gtr I took on Rodeo Drive 3110x2073
Thunderstorm hailburst over the Feather River Canyon Northern California 1920x1080
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What you get by achieving your goals Henry David Thoreau 900x600
Security is mostly a superstition It does not exist in nature nor do the children of men as a whole experience it Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure Life is either a daring adventure or nothing Helen Keller 826x333
My trip to the top of Mont Blanc4160x2340 OC
The Wolf in Sheeps Clothing The 4Door Porsche The W124 Mercedes 500 E Handbuilt by Porsche and it was the fastest Midsize Sedan of the early 90s 2048x1536
The Upper Peninsula of Michigan from outer space 2786x1567 xpost from rpics
If I had to live my life again Id Tallulah Bankhead 1183x789 OC
A photo of our study trip last year Eidinburgh Scotland 3264x2448 OC
Sure Bush amp Cheney tortured people Chris Rock 670x350
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Sun going down at Radium Hot Springs BC 4751 x 2653 OC
The meaning of life is just to be alive Alan Watts 736x493
Enchantment Lakes Washington State 4096 1473 OC
Ferrari 599 GTB HYKERS OC 1920x1275
Chalk cliffs of Rgen by Sascha Kilmer 1280x800 xpost rGermanyPics
He who has a why to live Friedrich Nietzsche 460x695 OC
Azure blue Mclaren P1 cars and coffee Raleigh NC 5912x2988
Gun cabinet behind secret panel in office/library