What is The Difference Between Squash and Racquetball?

What Is The Difference Between Squash And Racquetball?

Squash and racquetball are two different sports. However, they might strike you like the same sport if you are not careful. But they have a few aspects that separate and set them apart. We are going to dive into all the aspects that make them different from each other. 

Are you ready to take the plunge? Let’s go! But wait a moment. Before taking the plunge, let’s spare a minute or two to learn about squash and racquetball. 

What Are Racquetball And Squash?

In a simpler term, racquetball is a racquet sport played on either an indoor or outdoor court that’s enclosed with transparent glass. Players will use a racquet to hit a hollow rubber made ball. All the court’s walls and ceiling are considered legal playing surfaces in this sport, and there’s no tin to hit the ball over though there are designated hinders that are out-of-bound.

On the other hand, squash is a racket sport that’s played by two or four people in an indoor or outdoor court that’s also enclosed by a transparent glass. Players use their rackets to strike the small, hollow rubber-made ball so it hits any playable surface in such a way that the opponent cannot make a successful return. And that’s how they score.

What Aspects Set Them Apart?

Now you know what the two sports are like. It’s time for the plunge. Without wasting much time, let’s jump. Under this subtopic, we’re going to look at three aspects or features that set the two sports apart. They include the following:

Racquetball Court vs Squash Court

You will find some differences between the two sports if you look at their court’s measurements. Racquetball’s court measures 40×20 feet with a wall height of 20 feet. On the other hand, squash ball court measures 32×21 feet with varying wall heights. 

Squash and Racquetball

The courts have yet another difference in terms of their marking. For squash court, you will find boundary lines marked on the back and front walls. And on the sidewalls, you will find diagonal boundary lines. There is also a 19-inch high tin strip area in a squash court that is considered out-of-bound.

You can hit the ceiling in racquetball since it’s part of the playable surface but you can’t do the same in squash sport. 

Squash Ball vs Racquetball’s Ball

At first glance, you might think the balls of racquetball and squash are similar. The first similarity that you may observe is their hollowness and material of use in their manufacture. They are both made of rubber. But they’re different in other aspects.

Difference Between Squash and Racquetball

Size is one of the major differences between the two balls. Racquetball’s ball is larger because of its increased diameter. It’s larger than squash ball by 42%. When squash ball has a 4 cm diameter, racquetball’s ball has a diameter of 5.7 cm.

Even though squash ball is made of rubber, the rubber material in the ball isn’t very elastic. The result is a less bouncy ball. That means racquetball’s ball is bouncier than a squash ball. Also, racquetball’s ball is fast-paced compared to squash ball.

Racquetball Racquet vs Squash Racket

You will also find two differences in the racquet (or racket) of the two sports. First, the racquetball’s racquet is only 22 inches long while squash’s racket is 27 inches long. The area of their stringed surfaces is also different.

Difference Between Squash and Racquetball

The racquet (used by racquetball players) has a stringed surface that adopts the tear-drop shape and is larger than that of the squash’s racket. This is to say the stringed surface of the racket is narrower. Those are the two major differences between the racquet and racket. 


Squash and racquetball are two confusing sports to the untrained eye. But now we’ve settled that confusion and you can tell the difference. You can also notice how different players from each sport serve. 

For squash, a serving player has to stand in one of the marked boxes and hit the ball so it bounces off the front wall and sends to the opposite serving box for it to be a qualified serve. But for racquetball, the serving player stands anywhere in the serving box and strikes the ball so it bounces back past the serving box but without hitting the back wall. 

It’s really easy to differentiate between the two sports. Those are a few ways to tell the difference between racquetball and squash. 

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