Riding Smoothly: UTV Maintenance Tips for DIY Enthusiasts

The only way to truly enjoy driving your ATV/UTV is by keeping the vehicle in the best possible condition. It means that proper maintenance is simply a must if you want to avoid dealing with any possible problem. Now, there are certain things that you are well aware of and check regularly, but many people forget to check some things, even though they are also of vast importance for both their safety and the condition and performance of the vehicle. So, hopefully, this list will be of much help with this issue.

Always pick the right parts

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The quality of the parts can also have a tremendous effect on the vehicle’s performance, which means that when you need to change some parts, you should think twice about whether to go with just any part from just any manufacturer or to go with the original part. Yes, buying original parts can cost a bit more, but in the long run, doing so is a much better solution and more effective. It’s because the original part will last for much longer. Now, people often have trouble finding a reliable place to buy quality parts, but with a bit of research, you can easily find a renowned manufacturer and every possible part you might need. Another thing worth highlighting is the warranty, as many renowned sites give a warranty for the Can-am UTV parts they sell, which can be a great thing as a warranty means safety, and you can find on this site more info on that, along with a variety of parts you might need.

Check the differential fluid

One of the things most people overlook is checking and changing the differential fluid. Namely, checking the oil is something most people are aware of the importance of it and do it regularly, but with ATVs, it’s also important to check the differential fluid. That added weight and stress of front and rear gear differentials is something one should definitely check often, as this fluid is used as a lubricant so that everything will run smoothly. If one forgets to check and add or change this fluid, it can lead to metal-to-metal traction, which can have devastating effects on your vehicle.

That traction will damage integral parts of the ATV/UTV as the heat coming from that traction can lead to other potential problems. Of course, we all want our ATV to be in perfect condition, so to avoid any problems, make sure not to forget to check the differential fluid. As for how to do so and which type to pick, make sure to consult the experts or check directly with the manufacturer, as they will give you the best insight into which brand and type of differential fluid to buy and use.

Use gasoline smartly

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Many people prefer to ride with a full tank, which is understandable because they don’t want to end up without gas in the middle of nowhere. That is why those who prefer off-road driving are the ones who usually do so, but there is a catch even here. Namely, even though riding with a full tank is good for thinking ahead if you don’t plan to ride for longer periods, it’s best not to do so.

The reason is pretty simple – gasoline can decompose after a certain period (approximately 30 days), meaning that those tiny particles will then end up inside the carburetor. It’s needless to say how much damage this can cause, as these particles can obstruct small gas passages. That can lead to many different problems with the vehicle combustion system. One of the things that often happen is having trouble starting the ATV, which is the first sign that there is a problem with the carburetor.

So, to avoid such problems, make sure not to add that much gasoline if you don’t plan to ride your ATV that much. Another thing one can do is add a gasoline stabilizer whose primary purpose is to keep gasoline in the best possible condition, avoiding these potential problems.

Check the Air Filter

Yet another thing that most people neglect or don’t think of as much relevant is checking and cleaning the air filter. Namely, this filter plays a huge role in the performance of every vehicle, as it keeps circulation at the optimum level. This means that, in case there is a problem with the air filter, you will have trouble starting the vehicle, and even if you manage to do so, its performance will be much worse. Mainly, three integral components make the vehicle run at the best possible level, gasoline, oil, and air. If there is a problem with even one of these components, the vehicle, or ATV in this case, will not perform at its best.

The air filter is there to provide enough oxygen so that engine can work properly, and if we look at the engine as the lungs of every vehicle, the air is something it cannot work. So, since a clogged air filter can cause much damage to the vehicle, it’s best to clean it regularly, which is something that you can do even at your home, so there are no extra expenses.

Check the breaks

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It’s good to drive the vehicle as fast as possible, but just as much as one needs throttle to work flawlessly, it’s also of vast importance that the brakes are in the best possible condition. All of this gets even more important for ATVs, as people usually prefer riding them off-road, meaning that they use breaks more often. Pushing the vehicle to its limits is only possible if every single component is in the best condition, and since breaks are of vast importance, checking them at least once a month is more than preferable. Of course, that’s for those who drive their ATVs regularly, but even if one doesn’t drive them that often, it’s always best to check the breaks before they embark on their next journey. Safety always comes first, and there is no more important part of the vehicle for that than breaks.