Hawaii’s Tourism Industry: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experiences

Hawaii is a paradise on Earth. The picturesque archipelago is becoming a dream holiday for many tourists. But what if you don’t have the opportunity to travel? And how do you know what Hawaii has to offer for your taste?

With all the horror of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, one can trace the popularization of the tourism business after the decline. Business owners have not sat idly by in self-isolation, mourning fading companies. On the contrary, they have found a way to appreciate the area remotely by introducing virtual reality technology into tourism!

Virtual travel is unlikely to make you healthier, but it definitely will not make your mind bored and bogged down in a routine. Now you can travel around Hawaii sitting at your home monitor and get a new experience for free or cheap.

As far as the Hawaiian Islands are concerned, virtual reality innovations here are rising. It is necessary to surprise the numerous tourists who have escaped from pandemic confinement! Now guests can see key historical moments with their own eyes and get an expanded range of experiences through virtual and augmented reality. This article is about ideas revolutionizing the Hawaii tourism industry. Read on for an exciting experience!

From the comfort of your home: Hawai’i VR

Hawai'i VR
Source: foodandwine.com

An innovative “Hawai’i VR” project was presented at the Hawai’i Tourism Conference in Honolulu. The creators are Framestore Pictures and VR Studio. The development company went to great lengths to shoot in changeable weather to display every detail.

Now, putting on VR glasses and picking up Vive controllers, you can find yourself on a paraglider, gliding in the air over the islands. Besides to great graphics of a giant area, you can enjoy the benefits of a vacation in Hawaii virtually, including:

  • admiring the Hula dance (Hawaii),
  • waterfall trip (Maui),
  • breathtaking surfing (Oahu),
  • sailboat journey (Kauai).

A slightly simplified version of Hawai’i VR is available for smartphones and is considered one of the best mobile apps for tourists.

On a real trip: Chambers Escape Games quest room

Virtual reality travling
Source: pixabay.com

This establishment is considered the number one quest room in Hawaii, thanks to the interest and dedication of the developers, as well as innovative technologies. Chambers Escape Games is famous not only for a wide range of entertainment for all ages but also for the involvement of VR in quests.

The rave reviews, high ratings on travel sites, and popularity speak for themselves! During a quest, you can escape from a medieval tower and a space station or find an ancient temple underwater before the oxygen runs out! Atypical experiences of Honolulu will give you vivid emotions and adrenaline in just a couple of gaming hours.

To visit more and diversify your holiday, use car rentals Hawaii. When traveling with a family or a company, profitable to rent a roomy car. Search for the best van rentals in Hawaii and book in advance at the lowest prices. Passenger van rental services will allow you to:

  • transport equipment for active sports,
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  • not worry about the amount of luggage.

An active volcano in VR without spending and risks

Source: unsplash.com

The Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park is now available as a virtual tour. With a 360-degree panorama view, you can regard the mysterious Nahuku Lava Tube and fly over the active volcano. In addition to visual content, an audio accompaniment is available with interesting facts and a fascinating story of the 1959 eruption.

Honolulu’s Iolani Palace: Enjoy culture without barriers

Source: pixabay.com

The Royal Castle, where the last monarchs of the Hawaiian kingdom lived, was built at the end of the 19th century. After the reconstruction, visitors can enjoy the unique architectural style – American Florentine.

Iolani Palace is worthy of your attention to feel the local culture and stop perceiving Hawaii solely as a resort. Today, you can enjoy the only royal castle in the United States in virtual reality. In addition, you can take measurements of interior items to understand the scale.

Pearl Harbor Attack: augmented reality

Source: avgeekery.com

Near the airport of Honolulu, there is a place where a turning point in history took place. A few minutes on December 7, 1941, turned the entry of the United States into the Second World War. That has awakened a tremendous destructive force in different parts of the planet. Ready to see it for yourself for less than $10? Augmented reality will give you the opportunity to:

  • to be an eyewitness to the Japanese aircraft attack,
  • take a walk on the decks of the USS Arizona shortly before the accident,
  • get to know the virtual sailor from the fateful crew,
  • take a closer look at Battleship Row,
  • to see historical events from different angles.

Online booking platforms and VR

Any traveler is familiar with the situation when the description and photos of hotel rooms do not correspond to reality. No one wants to spend money on disappointment and ruin their vacation. Now the problem is solved thanks to virtual reality!

More and more representatives of the hotel business and landlords offer a preview of housing on the website or in a mobile application. Hilton Waikiki Beach Hotel was one of the first innovators to introduce this technology in Hawaii. The institution has released a separate application for preview. The application provides a virtual tour of the apartment with a 360-degree view. Here you can also:

  • learn about the history of the legendary hotel,
  • see how the interior decor will look at an event (wedding, holiday),
  • evaluate the view from the window.

Prospects and challenges of VR and AR in Hawaii

Virtual reality has taken root in Hawaii’s tourism business and continues to grow. It is eloquently by the start of a new VRARA branch in Honolulu this year and the growing market for virtual reality rentals. The spread of the ecotourism concept and the availability of many natural gems open for transformation into VR provides huge prospects for development.

However, virtual tourism can’t provide the experiences available of genuine travel. Although augmented reality, on the contrary, allows you to increase the range of emotions and impressions. The best option would be to balance realistic and virtual excursions to avoid deceiving your perception of the environment for a long time.

Now, when planning a trip to Hawaii, you can easily make a VR preview of areas, attractions, and accommodations so that the experience meets expectations. Make your trip unforgettable and move comfortably by choosing the best vehicle for hire with the help of the Rental24h app.