Best Leather Holster Makers

Best Leather Holster Makers for 2022

Investing in high-quality leather holsters is therefore advisable if you plan on carrying a firearm with you at all times. Holsters serve many purposes, from ensuring that your gun is securely fastened to you to ensuring that you can fire it easily at a moment’s notice, and ultimately making you look like a serious shooter.

In addition to being expensive, good holsters can take up a lot of space. A holster that failed at the worst possible time is the last thing anyone wants for their new firearm to finish up on the floor.

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Top 25 Best Leather Holster Makers

1. BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster for Glock 19/23/32/36 Black Matte Finish Right Hand


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Blackhawk is hands-down one of the most recognized and respected brands in the shooting industry; they offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality products. We offer many different styles and products, including ankle holsters, tactical leg rigs for large frame guns, and ankle holsters for small frame guns.

In addition to Blackhawk’s solid boot line, there’s nothing better than having your gun attached to a boot with super durability and excellent traction while wearing it outside your pants.

A sleek, easy-to-reholster concealment holster that features SERPA’s patented Auto-Lock system, this sleek package ensures smooth draw, quick reholstering, and unparalleled gun security.

Key Features:

  • Technology for auto-locking SERPA
  • Release of the SERPA Autolock
  • Adjustment screw for passive detent retention
  • Rapid target acquisition, rapid draw and reholstering with speed-cut design
  • Platform with Belt Loops and Paddles
  • Platforms: Shoulder, S.T.R.I.K.E., Quick Disconnect, and Tactical Holster
  • Our L-shaped button is distinctive and unique

2. MASC Premium Leather Paddle OWB Revolver Holster

Premium Leather Paddle OWB Revolver Holster with Retention Strap Fits Ruger Single Six Series 22 LR / 22 WMR 4.6', R/H Draw, Brown Color #1450#


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Handmade leather holsters have been made by Masc since the late 1980s. Security personnel prefers Masc products due to their practical design and safety features. This is due to the 4,0-4,5 mm diameter.

Leather holsters are known for their wall-thickness that preserves their strength and durability for years. Masc Holster’s products are excellently crafted from the finest quality natural leather and are processed with chemicals that are certifiably non-carcinogenic.

Moreover, plastic and stainless steel metal accessories used in combination with the holster are also chosen carefully so as not to harm the holster, cloth textiles, and human skin.

Key Features:

  • Leather TUGCE is made from premium materials.
  • The perfect fit is guaranteed with hand-made molding. Fast drawing is ensured with an open top.
  • Exceptional concealment. Leather and muzzle sight protected by sight rails.
  • The carrying angle can be adjusted by moving a polymer paddle.
  • A holster can easily be switched between vertical and horizontal stances by using two screws in the paddle. 
  • You can easily put it on and take it off with the paddle design. Belt is not necessary. 
  • Fits belts between 4.5 and 5 cm in width.

3. Realeather Crafts Wild West Holster Kit

Realeather Crafts Wild West Holster Kit


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With this wild west holster kit, you can become a cowboy. 9x12x2 dimensions. Includes precut and pre-punched leather parts, rivets, latigo lace, needles, instructions and patterns. In addition to the rivet setter #8100, you will need crafting knives, leather dyes, leather finish, and stamping tools. A holster will be produced. It is imported.

Key Features:

  • This wild west holster kit will make you feel like a cowboy
  • 9x12x2 is this. Pre-cut, pre-punched leather parts, rivets, latigo lace and needle, instructions, and patterns are included in the 5-inch package
  • The following tools will be needed: rivet setter #8100, craft knife, stamping tools (optional), leather dyes (optional), and leather finish
  • One holster can be made
  • It is imported.

4. DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster

DESANTIS The Nemesis Pocket Holster Ambidextrous Black J-Frm/LCR/SP101 Nylon

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Leather holsters by this brand are known for being of very high quality and reasonably priced. Different types of holsters are available, ranging from simple belt slides to complex pouches that can hold weapons up to seven inches long.

Furthermore, the company manufactures concealment bags and holster-hiding clothing that can be used for your commute or other occasions where guns or holsters are prohibited. Pocket holsters will be revolutionized by the Nemesis.

This material has never been seen before. The holster in your front pocket will not move at all. Its interior is lined with a slick packcloth for a low friction draw, while the outside is filled with just the right amount of foam to break up the gun’s outline. Black or brown.

Lastly, the company offers excellent customer service if you have any issues with your gun holster, they are more than willing to assist you.

Key Features:

  • This product fits the following firearms: COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL 2″, RUGER LCR 1 7/8″, COBRA 2″, RUGER LCRX 1 7/8″, SP101 2″.
  • In the front pocket of your pants, the pocket holster definitely won’t move
  • There is a slick packing cloth on the inside for low friction drawstring
  • With enough foam in the core, the gun’s outline is broken up nicely.
  • Black color available

5. Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster

Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster | Made in USA | Fits Glock 17 19 19X 22 26 43 43X 45 | Taurus GC3 | S&W M&P Shield | Canik TP9 Elite | Plus All Similar Sized Handguns | Black RH

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In addition to leather holsters, Relentless Tactical also offers belt slot holsters. The Defender and The Ultimate Suede Leather Holster are their most popular IWB holsters. Designed to fit a specific handgun, the Defender holster is a smooth bull hide leather holster.

A reinforced top keeps the shape of The Defender when the pistol is drawn, facilitating reholstering. You can’t slow down your draw by using retention features like a strap. To secure a firearm, the waistband needs to apply pressure.

Over 80 different semi-automatic handgun models can be fitted with the Defender. This soft leather IWB holster fits both semi-auto and revolver guns. When ordering, make sure you specify the type of handgun you own. Soft leather and a strong metal clip make this holster comfortable to wear. Relentless Tactical’s leather goods are guaranteed for life.


  • A maximum level of security is provided by the anti-theft locking system
  • This bag is made of high-quality leather that will last for a long time
  • Fits most urns with an adjustable precision dial


  • Fits a Glock 23, but not a 23

6. Galco Speed Master 2.0 Paddle Belt Leather Holster

Galco Speed Master 2.0 Paddle Belt Leather Holster, Amt Hardballer, Colt 5in 1911, para SM2-212


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This highly versatile paddle holster adds convenient on/off capability to the equation when set up as a speed holster with a top that opens for speed, a trigger that is covered for safety, and tension screws that can be adjusted for added security.

By adding the belt slot attachment, you can also transform the Speed Master 2.0 into a solid, stable belt holster. A dual attachment method is included in the Speed Master 2.0, namely an adjustable belt slot and a paddle that can be quickly and easily interchanged by the end user.

The paddle attachment can be swapped for the belt slot attachment with a flat-headed screwdriver, giving the gun carrier a choice of two carry methods: the convenient paddle design or the stable and traditional belt slot design.

Speed Master 2.0 belts are made of premium steerhide and fit belts up to 1 3/4″. It is available in tan or black finishes for semiauto pistols and DA revolvers.

Key Features:

  • Construction of steerhide of the highest quality
  • Tension unit that can be adjusted
  • Cant-forward with a slight butt (large autos)
  • Compact autos and revolvers with a neutral cant
  • Paddle attachments and belt slots are interchangeable
  • Belt width and ride height can be adjusted in the belt slot
  • For excellent retention, use detailed hand molding
  • A belt as large as 1 3/4″ can be worn with this buckle

7. 1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER 1911 Holster, Right Hand OWB Leather Gun Holster for Belts fits All 1911 Models with 4' and 5' Barrels (Shiny Black)


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All 3 and 5 inches 1911 models are compatible with our leather 1911 holster, including Sig Sauer, Colt, Kimber, Ruger, Browning, Taurus, and Remington.

The 1791 BH1 belt holster is the best 1911 belt holster available today and is ideal for concealed carry. All American native steerhide leather protects both your body and firearm while providing maximum comfort.

A CCW gun holster of this quality won’t be found for this price anywhere else. Veterans, active service members, law enforcement officers, sportsmen and gun enthusiasts all appreciate the convenience and comfort of our leather gun holsters. Our holsters are made to last for generations as we instill quality and craftsmanship into every one of them.

Product Highlights

  • Designed to be concealable and convenient, 1791’s 1911 holster is built to last.
  • The 1911 leather pistol holster is tailored to fit your gun exactly.
  • This bag is made from 100% steerhide leather from the United States.
  • A 1911 belt holster handcrafted by 1791 gunleather protects you and your firearm at all times.

8. Galco Gunleather KT248B King Tuck IWB Holster Black

Galco Gunleather KT248B King Tuck IWB Holster Black, Right-Hand


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Gallagher International was established in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois, as a small family business by Richard N. Gallagher. The Gallagher leather company was then known as the jackass leather company specializing in horsehide holsters.

Galco International was formed in 1983 when the business was relocated from Chicago to Phoenix, Arizona. The company name was changed from Galco International to Galco in 1980. As well as being known for its high quality and innovative designs, Galco gained international recognition when its jackass shoulder system was featured on Miami Vice in the 1980s.

With more appearances in films and TV shows than any other holster manufacturer in the new century, Galco remains one of Hollywood’s favorite choices. Galco remains one of the most prominent names in real-world firearms usage.

Galco products are issued to law enforcement officers around the world – from local departments to the largest federal agencies. The National Tactical Officer’s Association approves Galco’s rifle slings and concealment holsters for law enforcement.

Key Features:

  • Leather is 100%
  • Imported
  • Materials of the highest quality
  • Citizens, Law Enforcement, and the Military use it
  • Tested for quality and durability

9. Galco Miami Classic Holster

Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster System Tan Compatible with 3'-5' 1911

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If you have the means, we suggest picking up the Galco Miami Classic shoulder holster. By wrapping each arm tightly, a traditional harness eliminates the need for belt loops. Therefore, the muzzle is pointed backward with the holster placed high under the arm.

Holsters are open-ended so that barrels of different lengths can be accommodated. There are also two snap-closure magazine pouches on the opposite side for easy access. Sliding connections on the four-point harness allow natural, unrestricted movement, which contributes greatly to comfort.

It fits 1911s, and there are versions for other popular models as well. There is no doubt that this is the most expensive choice, but the noticeable improvement in build quality makes it worthwhile.

Key Features:

  • The leather is 100% genuine.
  • Imported.
  • Materials of the highest quality.
  • Citizens and Law Enforcement alike use this device.
  • This product has been tested for durability and quality.
  • Springfield, Kimber, 5-inch Colt, 1911.

10. UTG universal Shoulder Holster

UTG LE Grade Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster, Black


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UTG offers affordable underarm carry with this shoulder holster. This product uses polyester and plastic buckles instead of leather and metal hardware. Despite the lack of visual panache, the design is functional and leaves you with plenty of money to spend on time in the field to improve your shooting.

Buckles allow the holster and double-magazine pouch to be detached and switched places. Adjustable straps combined with shoulder panels provide a more comfortable fit. Having belt loops that drop-down keeps everything in place while on the go.

Most handguns are compatible with this holster due to its universal fitment. As fans of affordable gear, we want to be able to buy it without feeling obligated.

Key Features:

  • Pistols of most sizes can be fitted with the universal fit
  • Fits most body types thanks to its fully adjustable design
  • Comfortable shoulder harness with padding
  • Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Holster for Different Pistol Slide Lengths
  • With hook-and-loop closures, this dual magazine pouch allows quick reloads
  • Stitches and seams reinforced to prevent wear and tear

11. Aikate Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

Shoulder Holster (45', Right)


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On our list, this is the most discreet deep concealment holster. The low-profile and flexible harness makes it useful for concealing a handgun while exercising. One single strap, adjustable over the shoulder on the holster side, secures the large, elastic band around the ribcage.

Left- and right-handed configurations are available in three sizes. Despite its universality, it is recommended to carry a pistol that is compact or subcompact to keep the holster’s weight low. Holsters do not come with magazines.

Running and other outdoor activities might not be the easiest to carry with this, but it’s easy to hide and comfortable to use. One of the perks of owning a gun is collecting holsters, and this one is definitely worth the money.

Key Features:

  • A U.S. patent has been issued.
  • Carry your weapon either on your waist or under your arm.
  • It is possible to draw from either side of the holster.
  • Fits a wide variety of firearms.
  • The low-profile, no-print design makes it easy to conceal.
  • Neoprene of the highest quality.

12. Aker 101 Shoulder Holster

Aker Leather 101 Comfort-Flex Shoulder Holster, Black, Glock 17/19

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Price and features are well balanced in the Aker 101 shoulder holster. In exchange for the money you’ll save, you can buy several boxes of ammunition and still have a spider harness without belt loops equipped with platform-specific leather. Beretta, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Springfield all manufacture holsters for a variety of guns.

Holster compatibility is not affected by barrel length since the holster is open-ended. You can secure magazines of different sizes in two pouches with snaps. 62-inch chests can be comfortably accommodated with adjustable shoulder straps. The bag is available in tan or black leather. It is a great option if you want the feel of high-end furniture without the price tag.

Key Features:

  • The finest vegetable-tanned cowhide and raw materials are used to produce this product.
  • Police departments and federal agencies throughout the world use it.
  • The harness is specially contoured for a comfortable fit.
  • Chest sizes up to 62″ can be adjusted by tension screws on the shoulder straps.
  • It is compatible with Glock models 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27.

13. Alien Gear ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

Alien Gear holsters ShapeShift Shoulder Holster (Black Leather) 1911-5 Inch (Left Handed)(.45 ACP/10mm Single Stack)


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Among the most comfortable shoulder holsters available, the Alien Gear ShapeShift is incredibly versatile. The Aker 101 also comes in black or brown, and it has two magazines on the opposite side just like the Aker so you have plenty of extra ammo if you need it. 

If you’re concerned about comfort, this is an excellent option since it is extremely adjustable, as you might expect from a brand called “ShapeShift.”. With two adjustable straps, you can fit the holster to your body perfectly, and you can also adjust the retention and cant.

The harness straps are padded with neoprene to help keep them comfortable and breathable. Neoprene is especially useful if you live in a warm climate because leather can sometimes cause sweating or chafing. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who lives in a more Southern climate or maybe spends a lot of time outside. 

The thin straps also contribute to the comfort and concealability of the watch. It’s comfortable enough to wear under a light overshirt, so you can live out your Magnum PI/Miami Vice fantasies by wearing something light, like a Hawaiian shirt over your shoulder instead of a jacket or coat.

Also, you can adjust the retention of the magazine pouches based on your preference or duty requirements. The thumb release can also be used or removed. Depending on your needs, Alien Gear offers ShapeShift expansion packs as well, which allow you to wear the ShapeShift inside the waistband, outside the waistband, or as an ankle holster.

I would recommend this holster to anyone looking for a holster system instead of just a one-off holster. When you have to carry in a shoulder rig on occasion and in a concealed IWB or ankle holster on other occasions, this is definitely the way to go. The draw is more consistent, you need fewer holsters, and you save money.

In addition, the holster is made in the United States from mostly American-sourced materials, including leather.

14. DeSantis Slim-Tuk Holster

DeSantis Slim-Tuk Holster, Black, FITS: Glock 17, 17 GEN 5, 22, 31, 47

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There are several popular firearms available for the Slim-Tuk by DeSantis. It is an affordable, small holster. Kydex, a material with a fairly thin texture, is highly resistant to bending over time, unlike leather or nylon. As a result, the trigger is protected from exposure to outside influences due to the design.

Its main flaw is that it only has one clip instead of two, so it can rotate on your belt more easily. Reholstering, however, is a problem. I found it difficult to reposition my weapon since it was flush with my pants. As a basic holster, it does a great job even though it won’t fit firearms with weapon-mounted lights.


  • It is extremely affordable.
  • Slim, makes minimal changes to the waistline.
  • It can be worn behind the hip or as an appendix.
  • Supported several types of firearms.


  • Construction material made of very thin Kydex.
  • The weapon can be rotated forward or backward when worn on a single belt clip.
  • Lacks a sweat guard, so it’s hard to reholster quickly.

15. Black Arch Protos Holster – M

Black Arch Protos-M Breathable Hybrid Holster

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The Back Arch Protos-M is the first hybrid IWB holster I’ve seen with good trigger protection. The trigger guard is surrounded by a Kydex shell, but the holster also uses leather for the backing. You can also adjust the cant and ride height along with changing the backer material. It is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for comfort, the Protos-M is worth it.


  • It is well protected by a Kydex shell.
  • Unlike Kydex or plastic, this backing is flexible, providing exceptional comfort.
  • The carry position can be changed by changing the backer.
  • Multiple firearms are compatible with this accessory.


  • The price is high.
  • Reholstering may become difficult over time as the backer bends.
  • It is not possible to mount a light on a weapon.

16. IWB Leather Holster for Inside Waistband Fits

IWB Leather Holster for Inside Waistband Concealed Carry Fits:S&W M&P Shield-Glock19 26 29 30 32 43-Beretta Px4-RUGER EC9s-SIG-HK-Taurus-XDS or Similar Sized Handguns

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Inside the waistband leather holsters for pistols for concealed carry. The IWB Holsters are made from high-quality leather, made by hand, and are solid, beautiful, and very comfortable. An ideal belt width should be 1.8 inches or less.

Holster clip width: 2.0 inches. Designed: Quick Response Pistol Tactical Bag, Concealed Carry with Clip, Available for: Glock 17, 19, 21, 23, 26, S&W M&P, S&W Shield and Almost All Similar Guns (Except for Man-Made Damage). Lifetime Warranty and 120 day trial period: From receiving the IWB Holster, you will receive Warranty Service (Except for Man-Made Damage).

Key Features:

  • Keep your pistol concealed inside your waistband.
  • High-quality cowhide is used for the IWB leather case.
  • Belts of less than 1.8 inches are suitable.
  • Guaranteed to satisfy with 100% Customer Satisfaction, free returns, and lifetime warranty.

17. 1791 GUNLEATHER 4 Way Thumb Break Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER Glock Holster - OWB & IWB Right Handed Leather Gun Holster - Fits Glock 17, 19, Ruger SR9, SR22, Sig P225, Springfield XDS, S&W Shield, MP9, MP40, Walther CCP, P22, Taurus G2 - Brown

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Using four different ways to carry on your belt (OWB: vertical, horizontal, cross-drawn, IWB: Concealed Carry clip), the Belt Holster Thumb Break (BHT4) is designed to accommodate several firearms.

Due to the handcrafted quality, the BHT is composed of two pieces and is contoured to fit your pistol while remaining comfortable against your body. An interior hand-finish protects your pistol’s blueing, and the holster comes equipped with a beveled clip that can be used to clip inside your waistband for comfortable concealment.

Key Features:

  • Holsters made by hand.
  • The company is comprised of four generations of professional leather artisans.
  • Heavy Native American Steerhide Holsters made from 100% American Steerhide.
  • Stitching reinforced with steel.
  • Clips made of strong steel.
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • Designs that fit multiple body types.

18. 1791 GUNLEATHER Ultra Custom Leather Holster

1791 GUNLEATHER Ultra Custom Leather Holster for Glock 43 and Sig P365 - IWB CCW Holster - Memory Lock Right Handed Leather Gun Holster. Fits G43, G42, Ruger LC9, SR22 & 1911 3'


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1791 Ultra Custom Holsters feature Memory-Lock technology to provide tailored fit and retention similar to Kydex while maintaining the comfort of leather. We have patented a three step process that allows you to customize your holster multiple times, to fit your firearm.

A layer of protection between you and the firearm is provided by the Ultra Custom, made of ultra-soft cowhide and designed with a high sweat guard. The IWB holster features a reinforced synthetic clip that can be tucked away, providing superior concealment due to its slim profile.

A range of revolvers up to full-frame firearms can be accommodated by the Ultra Custom Holster, which is available in six sizes. Once you have received the Memory-Lok Leather, follow the instructions to shape it to a full custom fit. There is no other option!

Key Features:

  • Kydex retention and leather comfort.
  • IWB holsters using the patented memory lock system 1791 are extremely rare.
  • Designed for retention, concealment, and convenience, 1791’s Ultra Custom leather gun holsters are made of leather with a custom fit.
  • The leather is reinforced and double stitched and is 100% American steerhide.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all 1791 products.

19. Galco Parabellum Hybrid Holster

Galco Parabellum Shoulder Holster System Right Hand 17, 19, 22, 23, 26. PB224B

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I’ll be honest here, I personally like this one the most. As the name suggests, the hybrid harness uses leather and Kydex for a modern fit and retention system, while still retaining the classic look of a leather harness. 

It’s a truly modern take on the classic shoulder holster, combining the benefits of both materials. Both the left and right-hand Parabellum are available with two mag pouches on the opposite side. Holsters and magazine pouches are both horizontal. 

It’s the pistol with the red dot that’s the real bonus here, though. Increasingly, carry guns with micro red dots are available, and the Parbellum is a great option for securing a red-dot-topped pistol to your waistband.

Despite their durability (more so than many factory iron sights), and a battery life measured in the tens of thousands of hours, these red dots do add some bulk to the gun. While most people don’t mind a little extra height at the rear of the slide, somebody types may find it annoying, either by printing or poking. Holsters eliminate all those problems.

This gives you an easier and faster way to use your sight, and it’s just as concealable as your factory sight. Can you imagine anything better?

Key Features:

  • Steerhide of the highest quality.
  • A product of the United States.
  • Premium Steerhide/Hybrid Kydex/Top Grain Leather.
  • Carries spare magazines and pistol horizontally.
  • The trigger guard has a passive retention device.
  • Rubberized retention ramps are used on open-front magazine carriers.
  • Wearer comfort is maximized with a wide comfort harness.

20. Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

Bianchi, X15 Plain Tan Shoulder Holster, Plain Tan, Right Hand, Size 04


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Finally, we have another option for vertical carry, this time in a relatively economical package. An old-school revolver accessory designed especially for large-frame revolvers, it is well suited for traditional handguns. If you want something that works with multiple guns and is on a budget, this is a great option.

Despite its comfortable fit and full-grain leather, this harness is a bit different from the others on our list. However, it is still a very good choice, especially for its price. Because it is a universal-style holster, the retention is not super tight, but if you don’t plan on running or climbing, you should be fine.

You will not have to worry that it will get scratched when carrying it through the woods, and pulling even a long-barreled revolver will be relatively smooth and easy.

Key Features:

  • These models fit the Colt Detective Special, the S&W 36, 60, and 640, as well as the Walther PP, PPK, and PPK/S.
  • A dual spring closure ensures firearm stability and retention.
  • It is lined with leather.
  • Harness is fully adjustable and made of soft leather.
  • A 48″ chest harness is available.

21. Cardini Leather Serpiente Holster

Cardini Leather - Shoulder Holster Made with Premium Colombian Leather - for Glock 17, 22, 31, Sig Sauer P220, P226, P227, and Full Sized 1911's and Other Like Sized Handguns, for 9mm, .45, and More


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Despite being the most affordable leather option on our list, this shoulder holster from Cardini Leather isn’t the least expensive option. Colombian leather is not cheap because of its high quality control standards.

We always appreciate products that punch above their weight (and I think we appreciate that as well). The horizontal carry is also used by many shoulder holsters, which can be easily drawn from but restricts the size of handgun you can carry.

In such a setup, your cover is likely to be blown by full-size pistols. You can carry a more significant weapon with this holster since it’s vertical. The weak side of the shooter is provided with two magazine pouches.

Both left- and right-handed options are offered in brown and black. Holsters are formed to fit either a 1911 or Springfield Armory XD. The products from Cartini Leather are handmade, and you can be sure you’ll be satisfied.

Key Features:

  • Our premium Colombian leather is available in several colors.
  • With a new premium leather holster that lays softly against the body, Cadini Leathers Concealed Carry Shoulder Holster solves the comfort issue.
  • Individually crafted by hand.
  • An easy-to-draw pencil.
  • A limited lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

22. 1791 Universal Leather Gun Holster

1791 Universal Large Leather Gun Holster, OWB / IWB CCW Holster, Right and Left Handed - Fits HK VP9, SIG P226, P229, P220 Walther PPQ, PPK, SW MP40, Beretta 92FS, Springfield XDS, Ruger SR9c, SP101

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Holsters that can fit multiple barrel lengths are suitable for the Universal Inside the Waist (UIW MAX) holster. It is the most accommodating holster available today due to its ability to accommodate multiple accessories mounted on your firearm.

Does your weapon have a light or laser built into it? It can be supported by the UIW MAX. With the large size of this universal holster, you will be able to fit a large range of firearms.

Whether you conceal the UIW MAX inside the waistband or carry it open, this oversized UIW accommodating profile allows you more freedom of movement and allows you to change your choice of pistol. When you take a lot of firearms to the range, this is the perfect way to carry them all in one holster!

Key Features:

  • With an open-top, you can draw in a flash, no matter how you want to carry it.
  • A multi-fit design that accommodates a wide range of firearms.
  • A lifetime of enjoyment is guaranteed with reinforced stitching.
  • Each of our products comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • A height of 4 inches.
  • 6 inches long (inches).
  • The weight of this item is 0.315 pounds.

23. Elite Survival Systems Modular Holster

Elite Survival Systems Modular Holster Right Hand Elite Survival Systems 7690-B-RH Modular Holster Right Hand Black


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It is a durable, reliable way to carry your firearm with the Elite Survival Systems modular pistol holster. The bag is primarily made of durable 1000-denier nylon with an internal stiffener for shape retention.

The retention strap around your firearm and the Velcro over strap allow adjusting the holster once it has been holstered. Additionally, this holster comes with an adjustable pouch with a lid that can be used to carry a backup magazine.

Your firearm can be adjusted throughout the holster to fit with or without an attachment for a flashlight. This versatile holster is an excellent addition to your tactical equipment since it provides smooth draw and reliable retention.

Key Features:

  • The holster is stiffened internally to maintain its shape.
  • One thousand denier nylon is used.
  • Featuring an adjustable lid, this magazine pouch is exterior.
  • Secure the weapon with the thumb-break retention strap and Velcro over the strap.

24. Federal Vertical Shoulder Holster

Vertical Shoulder Holster for 4' Barrel Revolver in 38 & 357 fits S&W, Ruger,Taurus Most Others


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Federal has a shoulder holster for revolvers as well for those who prefer them. If someone needs to carry a large-caliber self-defense weapon in the backcountry or on the range, they do not need to prioritize concealment, they just need to keep it readily accessible.

The vertical orientation of the holster makes it ideal for firearms larger than those that can be carried using the traditional, horizontal underarm configuration. On the holster side of the harness, the large shoulder strap supports heavy handguns while the belt loop ensures smooth draw.

There are adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit and a comfortable carry. Made of durable nylon, this bag can be easily cleaned. Model IX is designed for use with medium- and large-frame revolvers up to four inches in barrel length, with six- or seven-shot cylinders, in .38 and .357 calibers.

Key Features:

  • Holster is designed to carry 6 and 7 shot, 4″ barrel revolvers for most makes and models of 38 and 357 revolvers without a scope.
  • The scopes are not compatible with revolvers that have large front sights, no lasers.
  • The standard frame fits 38 and 357 revolvers only.
  • Carry Right Hand – Stay Flat Shoulder Pad.
  • Retaining strap with thumb-release.
  • Strap for tying down the holster built into the holster.

25. YT HOBBY Handmade OWB Carry Thumb Break Gun Holster

YT HOBBY Real Leather Handmade OWB Carry Thumb Break Gun Holster (Black - Right Hand, for Glock 17/22/31/37)


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In our products, we use vegetable leather of first-class quality (Full Grain), which is the best leather for gun holsters. Since it is produced without the use of chemicals in the vegetal skin, it poses no health risk to humans. In addition to the leather, the materials used in the case are of good quality that is not harmful to human health.

We have been hand making gun holsters since 1999 by our masters. A perfect fit is ensured for all weapons by YT Hobby’s hand-molded cases. Your gun will not rust or sweat when you use YT Hobby holsters with quality leather.

It won’t scratch your gun, and once you begin using it, it fits perfectly with it. Despite the fact that the gun holster is made from stitching, the quality of the stitching remains the same. The stitching adds visual appeal. Because of its quality, leather, sewing and materials, it can be used for a long time.

Key Features:

  • With its structure, it can be drawn quickly.
  • A perfect fit thanks to hand molding. A wide mouth on the barrel.
  • Holding the gun securely in place is made easier by the retention strap.
  • The barrel and trigger are completely covered.
  • Top-quality snaps are used to construct this thumb break.
  • 1.8 inch (45 mm) wide and 0.2 inches (5 mm) thick belts can be accommodated in the belt slots.

Choose The Leather Holster Style That Works Best For You

There are several styles we offer, such as the Slide Guard, a gun holster made with full-grain leather that has a luxurious appearance. Slide guards are made specifically for each weapon. There is the Bare Asset for those who prefer utility over style.

Best Leather Holster Makers
CrossBreed Holsters

When clipped to a black belt, it blends right in as a holster designed to give you more speed when drawing. The Pocket Grabber is perfect for those who wish to carry concealed for safety reasons.

Carrying it for personal protection is excellent. In addition to keeping your gun handy at all times, the holster is made of a special material that makes sure your pocket won’t wear through it and also keeps your gun hidden from view.

Additionally, there is a safety feature in that this holster releases from the bottom, not the top, of your pocket. While holsters with bottom-release are safer, many do not offer this option. We offer a wide variety of designs to suit everyone’s needs.

Custom gun holsters of the highest quality are available. Holsters can be made for concealed carry, competitive shooting, and personal protection. Choose a high-quality holster from High Noon.

Why Choose Leather Holster?

Some concealment holsters can only be found in leather. What’s the reason? How are leather handgun holsters different than others? What is the purpose of holstering your gun? Holsters are designed to protect your firearm, to ensure you can carry it safely when you don’t need it, as well as to protect your body from the harsh and unpleasant feel of metal.

Best Leather Holster

Many might say leather is the best material for doing all of these jobs. The feel and the form of leather can never be fully matched by a synthetic material. We are talking about leather holsters. If you’ve ever held one in your hand or against your body, you know exactly what we mean.

Leather’s “breaking in” process can be problematic for some, but for gun owners, the opportunity to train a leather holster to conform to their weapon carrying needs makes it an ideal material for holsters.

Moreover, leather is a much longer lasting material than synthetics. Leather wallets, belts, and briefcases can last through decades without noticeably losing quality, and you will probably be able to use them for decades to come if you choose to. Leather actually improves with age, just like fine wine.

Furthermore, leather is quieter than synthetic holsters, another appealing feature. It is possible to draw a weapon almost silently from a leather holster, which could be a lifesaving advantage in certain situations.

There are advantages to synthetics, no doubt. It is important to treat the leather with more care than you would mold plastic. In addition to being extremely tough, synthetic holsters also look sleek. We have a great leather holster for you if you love leather products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Leather Holster Makers

Q: Are leather gun holsters good?

Ans: For this reason, leather holsters are a great choice for gun holsters. The combination of durability and comfort makes leather holsters a great choice. Leather is a durable material that protects your gun for decades, yet it is soft enough to wear it down your pants comfortably.

Q: Simply so, are leather holsters bad for guns?

Ans: A leather jacket will also be worse than exposure to open-air because it holds moisture in like a sponge. Both my Stainless Steel and HardChromed guns have exhibited rust, but they were both repaired promptly! If you have a firearm that is holstered in leather, do not leave it lying around.

Q: Moreover, who makes the best leather gun holsters?

Ans: 1791 GUNLEATHER offer the perfect handgun holster

Brand reputation does not come at an extra cost. The leather used to make our leather is 100% Certified American Heavy Native Steerhide leather that is handcrafted to mold to your body for maximum comfort and fit.

Q: Likewise, people ask, should you store a pistol in a leather holster?

Ans: In most cases, the leather will not last very long unless it is well cared for and regularly oiled. Keeping your weapon in a leather holster in such an environment will result in rust forming where the leather comes into contact with the weapon because dry leather absorbs moisture from the air.

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Ultimately, the list of holster manufacturers provided here is ideal for anyone in search of an item that is tailored to their firearm. Some of these companies have been around for decades and have established themselves as leaders in the industry. In addition, some even make unique products that allow you to customize your gear like never before.

Most of the companies on this list offer you the option of choosing the color and design of your holster as well as choosing from a wide variety of holster types. Owning such a product offers you the unique opportunity to own something that was made exclusively for you.

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