What Should Men Pack for a Honeymoon ─ 16 Essential Items

The time has come. You managed to get someone to like you enough to agree to hang out with you until death legally. Honestly, we’re impressed. Now that the stress of the wedding planning is over and the rotating door of family members has finally stopped spinning, you can jet off to paradise.

We’ve got you covered if you’re a bit clueless about what to pack. Just a bit of free advice before we start: you probably want to bring your lovely new couple’s wedding bands and wear them. While that is an option, we recommend considering silicone wedding bands from Manly Bands instead. The last thing you want is for your shiny rings to get damaged, lost or stolen while on your trip.

From chargers to outfits, we share must-have items to pack for your honeymoon below.

Travel Essentials

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1. Documents

Even though we live in the internet age, paper documents still have their uses. Just on the off chance that something goes wrong and you don’t have access to your phone or computer, paper backups of your tickets and itineraries and all that good stuff are really useful.

If you’re traveling internationally, have a paper duplicate of your photo ID, passport or just anything official. You’ll likely never need it, but better safe than sorry.

2. Cash

Whether that cash is dollars, euros, pesos or whatever, keep a bit in your wallet. Maybe you can’t get cash for some reason at your destination. Maybe you forgot to let your bank know you’re traveling internationally. Letting your bank know you’re traveling abroad is one of those essential bits of travel prep (even for domestic travel) that can often get forgotten.

3. Chargers

Of course, you want your cords and your chargers and all that, but also consider portable chargers like a power bank. Make sure you’ve got one of those fully charged before you get on the plane. Long-haul flights will likely have power sources in the seatback, but it’s just a good backup to have.

4. Something to Pass the Time

You could bank on Delta’s in-flight movie selection at your own risk. Alternatively, you could go ahead and bring your own entertainment. Whether you want to download a movie, read a book, bring a crossword or whatever is all up to you.

If you feel like a stoic and want to meditate for the 12-hour flight to Italy, go for it. For the rest of us mere mortals, maybe bring something to entertain yourself if you’re on a long-haul flight.

Grooming and Toiletries

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5. All the Basics

Do we need to tell you this? Hopefully not. You’re a grown-ass man and a married one at that. At this stage in your life, you should be able to remember toothpaste without being told. However, for those of you still figuring it out, we will do so. Bring toothpaste, a toothbrush, all that good stuff. If you use it daily (and we assume you brush your teeth daily), bring it. Deodorant, cotton swabs, whatever you need.

The basics though are often a place where people over-pack. Yes, it’s better to have all your essentials with you. However, when packing for the “just in case,” make sure it’s something you might actually need. Do you really need Tums? If the answer is yes, cool. If the answer is probably not, and you can get it at your destination if necessary, leave it behind.

6. Any Medication You Need

Because nothing says romance like forgetting your EpiPen. Any medication you need and normally take at home, bring with you. Unlike what we said for the basics, this is usually an area where you should pack the “just in case.” Now, if that “just in case” is really unlikely and low-level (assuming you can also get it where you’re going), probably leave it behind.

7. Sunscreen and Low-Level First Aid

You probably aren’t bringing a splint on your honeymoon, though that’s your business. Make sure you’ve got all the low-level medical stuff covered. A few bandaids, maybe a bit of ibuprofen and some sunscreen is all most people will need. Adjust as necessary, but you probably don’t have to prepare for the worst on your Jamaican honeymoon.

8. Shaving Setup and All Things Adjacent

You want to look clean and put together, whether you’re clean-shaven or erring on the side of Forrest Gump after he ran across the country. Whatever you need, pack it to look your best. Make sure you know what can and can’t be put in a carry-on, though.


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9. Casual Clothes

Depending on where you’re going, this may be shorts or jeans. Probably T-shirts and a flannel or light jacket. Whatever you normally wear is likely fine (and you don’t need to pack your entire closet), so no need to panic or buy new things. Of course, we just assumed you know to pack socks and underwear, so we won’t spend much time on that.

10. At Least One Nice Outfit

Something that you’d wear to a nice dinner. You don’t have to be in a tuxedo (though you can if you like), but make sure it’s got buttons on it somewhere. Adjust as you see fit for the weather, but at least make an effort to look good.

11. Accessories

Glasses, watches, etc. Maybe your new gold wedding band, even if you didn’t opt to leave it behind.

Don’t forget a pair of classic Ray Ban Wayfarer that go with everything.

12. Shoes

As long as you have a pair of comfortable casual shoes and something a little nicer, you’re probably fine. Less is more.

13. Sleepwear

Don’t forget your pajamas. Or do if the weather is nice enough. Your call.


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14. Anything Destination-Specific

Sunhat for the Bahamas or a down coat for the Alps. We assume you know just to adjust for your destination, but in case you don’t.

15. Electric Outlet Converter

If you forget this, you can get one usually. It’s not a big deal, but it’s just good to have.

16. Stain Removers and Other Pocket-Sized Emergency Supplies

Those little Tide pens are really useful and take up no space. Accidents happen, and stain removers can just be thrown in your bag at the last minute, so why leave them behind?

Again, as long as you have all the absolute essentials, you’re fine. While you may obsess over your packing list, remember that you can get most of the things you need in most places. It’s really not a big deal.