What Do Women Find Attractive in Men? # Top Qualities the Ladies Love

You are racking your brain trying to figure out exactly what do women find attractive in men; welcome to the club! It’s a question that’s been boggling the minds of men since time began. Here’s a hint: Attractiveness goes way beyond looks.

What Do Women Find Attractive in Men?

So, what do women find attractive about men? The simple answer is it’s a lot of things. Looks have very little to do with them. In fact, science has identified seven basic qualities that make a man attractive. They include selflessness, being approachable, having a great personality, being older, and having a dog.

As you can see, some of the answers to what do women find attractive in men are within your control and some are not. You can’t forget about the woman in this equation. No two women will agree on the most attractive qualities of a guy.

There is a silver lining here: You can take steps to upgrade your attractiveness and increase your chances of getting that date. We’ve got a dozen tips and tricks that will definitely get you noticed. Let’s start with the big seven.

1. Be Approachable

While women may notice Chris Hemsworthy good looks first, if you’re sitting there like a bump on a log, they’ll never notice you. Being approachable starts with body language. It means uncross those arms and smile.

Approachability also means knowing how to hold her attention with conversation once she approaches you. In case you haven’t noticed, women talk. They love it. They want someone they can talk to and who can keep the conversation going.

Conversation killers include talking about yourself non-stop and one-word answers like “dude.” If you are shy, ask her about herself.

It may seem like a huge ask to have conversations with someone that don’t involve the latest box score. But, if you really like her, it won’t seem like a drag and she will definitely think you’re hot, hot, hot!

As you talk, lean in and use positive language to describe people and events. The woman you’re talking to will think of you in those terms. It’s called trait transfer.

2. Be a Giver

Don’t be a doormat. Be selfless. Studies have shown that women prefer men who are considerate of other people’s needs rather than a selfish you-know-what.

Being selfless begins with getting out of your own world. Get out of your head and think about other people. This requires listening to people, empathizing with them, and offering to help. What do women find attractive in men? Someone who also cares about what they care about.

Guys, this a big factor in attracting women, and one you can get in the habit of doing. In every couple, there is a flower and a gardener. You have to learn to garden. That means tending to your flower — your partner — and not overdoing it. Too much watering will kill the plant as much as never watering it.

A good gardener checks the garden, assesses what it needs and then happily does what the flower needs to grow and bloom to its full potential.

3. Be a Silver Fox

What do women find attractive in men? Old age. Sadly, you can’t control this one. But, the good news is you’ll be incredibly attractive to women in about a decade or two.

This women going ga-ga for wrinkles and salt and pepper hair is actually called the ‘George Clooney’ effect. Darn him.

Let’s face it. Men in their 20s tend to couch-surf, live with the parental units or a foursome of bros. If they have money, it goes to their car, clothes, and going out on the town.

Older men have better jobs, have learned to manage their money and show it, without saying it that “I am a helluva a gardener!”

They also strike a fatherly note, something that women are hard-wired to find irresistible. If you are wishing for a time machine right about now, keep reading. We have plenty of other attractiveness boosters you can try.

4. Have a Personality

Go ahead and roll your eyes, but personality counts. This means smarts, wit, and kindness wins out over rugged, bad boy, and boring.

Positivity plays a huge role here, too. Complaining and a woe-is-me attitude is not attractive. Women don’t expect you to be Happy McHappyFace about everything, but appreciating the lesson or overcoming an obstacle can be appealing.

If you can laugh at the situation or laugh at yourself (without putting yourself down) then you already have an advantage. There’s nothing like humor to lift the mood and keep things light.

Having a good sense of humor means knowing when to keep the jokes quiet. Sometimes a joke will make the situation worse or hit a nerve. So, read the room and don’t be afraid to save the funnies for another day.

5. Get a Dog

Ok, dogs are man’s best friends for a reason; they help him get the girls. If you really want to go from a 6 to a 10 overnight, get a puppy. No woman can resist a puppy.

Not only are dogs an instant conversation starter, they subliminally say “I can take care of you.” Women want to be taken care of on some level. Some women only want your ear to hear about their day. While others want someone to cook, pamper, and anticipate their every need.

Having a dog also says “I will make a good father.” Whoa, whoa! You just want to get a few dates, right? But, when addressing what do women find attractive in men, we have to look to the long-term and the end game.

When a woman sees a man with his dog, she sees how he would interact with a child. Dogs and children need love, patience, play, and attention. Not all women want to have children, so that’s something for one of those conversations.

Make sure your dog is well-groomed and well-mannered. You wouldn’t want Fido to jump up on someone or smell like he rolled in the garbage, which he will probably do. When he seems uncomfortable around a woman, take his word for it.

6. Stand Tall

At least stand taller than your woman. When it comes to the answer to what do women find attractive in men, height matters. For those of you who do not hit the six-foot mark, there’s plenty of hope. Many of Hollywood’s hot guys are short.

The majority of women want a man who is taller than her. She could be 5 foot 2 inches, which looks great next to 5 foot 7 inches.

You taller men have your own troubles. It may seem like being a foot taller than your woman is the ideal situation, but it’s not. Dancing and other intimacies have a tendency to become problematic.

Stand tall and don’t slouch. It can give you an instant boost in height and confidence. That equals sexy in the eyes of a woman.

7. Be a Risk-taker

Don’t be reckless or stupid, but have some guts. Women are attracted to a man who is willing to go for the promotion, try something new, or get out of their comfort zone. Go out on a limb when it comes to romance. Take a chance, and you could reap the rewards.

Now that you know the scientific-backed answer to what do women find attractive in men, here are some superficial things you can do to up your game.

1. Wear Nice Socks

Socks? Really? Yes, nice socks say I know how to accessorize and details matter. There are thousands of socks you could buy. These some Calvin Klein socks next time you put on your duds to take out that girl you are trying to impress.

2. Hairy Is Sexy

If you know how to rock a hairy chest, some women love a bear of a man. Waxing can be super painful, who needs that? If you don’t have hair on your chest, don’t worry. It is not a deal-breaker.

3. Flaunt Your Freckles

If you were a freckled-faced freak on the playground, now that you’re grown, those dots are adorable. Freckles give you a touch of boyhood that women can’t seem to get enough of. They make you as approachable as all get out.

4. Geek Is Hot

Jocks can be jerks and not all women want an ex-football player. If you love superheroes and cosplay, embrace it. If you love sci-fi and comics, that’s great too. Wear your glasses, have intelligent conversations, and be proud to be a geek.

5. Learn to Cook

You can and you will. Knowing how to cook is an aphrodisiac. It says I can feed myself and take care of others. Opening a cup of noodles does not count!
You don’t have to go all Sur La Table either. The Betty Crocker Cookbook has all you need to know. Pasta, steak, fish, salad, chicken, soup, and a few desserts are all you need to know. Oh, you should have a breakfast recipe or two in your arsenal as well. Wink, wink.


So, there you go. Now you don’t have to wonder what do women find attractive in men. You can spend your time doing a few of these things to make sure you get noticed. Good luck!

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