Hockey Outfits to Try On — What to Wear to a Hockey Game

If you’ve ever been to a hockey game before, then you know it could get cold in there because of the ice hockey rink. But sometimes, it gets extra warm because of the cheering crowd that you’re a part of. And the warmth increases with distance from the rink.

And all these phenomena might pose confusion about what to wear to a hockey game. But don’t worry. There are a few options you have in regards to what you can wear to such a game.

What to wear to a hockey game

Wearing your favorite ice hockey jersey is always a great idea. You could also wear your favorite player’s jersey or team jersey with a hockey hat that goes with it. 

Just make sure to stay comfortable by wearing clothing that perfectly insulates your body against the cold temperature. Wearing a pair of thick socks with nice, warm winter boots, and gloves will work to your advantage as far as body insulation goes. 

You can wear a pair of regular but loose-fitting jeans pants since you will be in the crowd and won’t feel much cold. Besides, loose pants hold heat better than skinny ones. And for fans looking to go to indoor ice hockey, wearing layers of clothes can be a great idea.

You can start by wearing a T-shirt then wear a loose, long-sleeved shirt over it. Wearing your ice hockey jersey on top of the shirt will then be ideal. If you still feel a slight cold, consider bringing your lightweight hoodie or jacket and wear it over the jersey.

You can also forgo the jersey and jacket or hoodie and rock a vintage-style ice hockey sweater to give you comfortable warmth for a snazzy game time style. Outdoor ice hockey fans can wear a jersey with some winter coat. 

They will need to wear wool socks with warm winter boots to keep their feet warm and comfortable. Also, they will need a pair of gloves. And just like indoor hockey fans, they will have to wear loose-fitting jeans. 

How long do hockey games last?

Ice hockey games last approximately 1 hour, which is broken down into three 20-minute periods. Hockey games also have two intermissions, one after the first period and the other after the second period, each lasting 18 minutes.

The competing teams can go to overtime in case they tie the scores by the end of the last period. Overtimes usually last 5 minutes. If the teams still tie the score after the overtime has elapsed, they go to 3-player shootouts which can last longer than expected since one team has to score to break the tie.

A good example of a long shootout that lasted 15 rounds was between the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers in 2005. But on average, professional hockey games last 2.5 hours though high school hockey is a bit shorter since it has 15-minute intermissions. 

How many periods are in a hockey game?

As you have already seen, a regular hockey game has three periods, each lasting 20 minutes. And there is an intermission after the first and second periods, meaning there are only two intermissions. For professional-level ice hockey, the intermissions last 18 minutes each and 15 minutes each for high school games. 


When you’re heading out to attend a hockey game, you should have proper clothing to shield you from the cold. You roughly have an idea of what to wear to a hockey game. Comfort is your number one priority during such times.

The cold will affect you depending on the row you’re seated. For the first 4 or 5 rows, expect the temperatures to be cooler. And as a result, your hands and feet will take a hit more than any other part of the body.

To combat the cold, wear two pairs of socks with nice, thick warm footwear and gloves. If you’re sitting in the middle rows, you can wear just a pair of wool-made socks with warm shoes. For fans at the back row, normal indoor clothing will work just fine for you.

Since you now know how to dress before heading to a hockey game, you should enjoy watching your team crush the opponent with cold being the least of your worries!

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