TUMI Briefcase Review: The Sophisticated Professional’s Choice for Carrying

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Any site that offers tips on going about your business in style would be incomplete without a comprehensive TUMI briefcase review. Even the name TUMI resonates with sophistication and the power of the Peruvian ceremonial knife for which this upscale brand was named. Before we jump into our TUMI briefcase review of the Unisex Alpha 3 Organizer Brief, we want to give you a brief look at the company that makes it.

About the TUMI Company

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Founded in 1975, the TUMI company has gone through a few handoffs since its beginnings, eventually landing in Samsonite’s lap by way of a cash payoff of a whopping 1.8 billion dollars. Our TUMI briefcase review can’t determine the exact number of TUMI briefcases it would take to transfer all those bills but we can attest to their ability to carry them.

Known for their sleek and sturdy black-on-black ballistic nylon products, this New Jersey-based company has made their famous line of luggage, briefcases, and accessories accessible in department stores, over 120 TUMI stores, and 200-plus specialty shops around the globe.

TUMI Technology

To exemplify the company’s forward-thinking design approach, as early as 2006 TUMI integrated solar technology into one of their backpacks, making it possible to naturally charge phones and other devices from within their product. Staying ahead of the curve, they also make electronic equipment of their own as well as belts, pens, and other accessories. Our TUMI briefcase review will highlight the overall quality and innovation you can depend on when considering any of TUMI’s impressive catalog of products.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

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TUMI has several designs, so you should be aware that although our TUMI briefcase review is going deep into the functionality of the Unisex Alpha 3 Organizer Brief Briefcase, TUMI makes briefcases to fit every need. The Unisex Alpha 3 Organizer may be the most universally used, but there are designs to accommodate a myriad of work needs and styles fashioned for people of varying tastes. Whether you prefer to stash your laptop in a backpack or want something to hold a group of small documents over your shoulder, there’s a TUMI design with your name on it.

TUMI Keeps Tabs on Your Bag

Each TUMI manufactured has its own 20-digit ID, so it is almost as if your name is on it. You can register your TUMI bag online and the company will always be able to track it to you.

The TUMI Guarantee

TUMI guarantees its products with a limited warranty of between one and five years. With limited exceptions, for the first twelve months of ownership, TUMI will repair a bag’s damage caused by any reason and ship it to you at no cost. If they determine it is damaged beyond repair, they will replace it. For year two to five, coverage is in place for manufacturer defects and normal wear and tear.

Alpha 3 Organizer Laptop Brief Briefcase

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Features and Benefits

The Alpha 3 Organizer is Tumi’s answer to keeping projects in order and work supplies all in one place. Its size and structure is what makes the Alpha 3 Organizer Laptop Brief Briefcase such a versatile and popular choice for those in several professions. Besides looking great, we know how important functionality is, so our TUMI briefcase review team took a thorough inventory of what makes this bag such a standout in the world of briefcases.

1. Choice of Materials and Colors

TUMI builds its bags to last, but also likes to turn heads with sleek designs and attractive yet durable materials. The Alpha 3 comes in black leather, TUMI’s signature black ballistic nylon and a rich heather grey fabric that has a great blue color lining you’ll love to see every time you open it.

2. Protection of Your Precious Property

TUMI’s Alpha 3 Organizer features start with room for your laptop: not just room, but a removable “sleeve” that protects and makes it easy to carry on its own. It also contains a padded compartment for any tablet. Not that you will drop it, but TUMI is designed with accidents in mind. It can accommodate a laptop with dimensions up to 10” x 4.5” x 2.

3. A Place for Everything

A front u-zip pocket opens completely to give easy access to inner pockets and compartments meant to hold small supplies, pens, and media devices. A magnetic pocket, front and center, is built in just for your phone, and an additional zip pocket provides even more up-front convenience.

In addition to a separate compartment for the laptop, there is a spacious central area for files or other essentials. There is also an expandable version of this bag with a zipper to add even more space when needed. Did we mention the additional back pocket just in case your case needs more space? Can’t find your keys? With a built-in key leash, that will not ever be an issue.

4. A Handle on Carrying Options

With the Alpha 3, you have the option to carry it by its short leather topped handles or detachable padded shoulder strap. There’s no hole in TUMI’s design strategy; they added a hole in the bag for slipping a luggage handle through so the briefcase can ride comfortably on top when traveling.

Miles of Styles

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In addition to the features in the Alpha 3 Organizer, TUMI offers a variety of briefcases in different sizes and designs. For light workload days, you can add an Alpha 3 T-Pass Medium Screen Laptop Slim Brief briefcase to your caseload or the Harrison Seneca Slim Brief Briefcase Computer Backpack if that’s more your style. Whatever briefcase you prefer, TUMI has thought of all the features you need to make it your most effective assistant.

What Others Are Saying About TUMI

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When referring to TUMI, most will tell their story of upgrading from some other briefcase to a TUMI. Because the brand is universally consideredto be a luxury item built to satisfy and last for years, it usually is the case that one of their cases is purchased as an upgrade—a step up to a best-in-class product.

A Name Carried By the Biggest Names

Considered a status item, TUMI is also a sign of taste and symbol of importance. From The Rock to Barack, the TUMI gets carried by people in all industries, from celebrities to presidents. Need we say more?

A Brief Consideration of Alternatives

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In researching other brands for our TUMI Briefcase Review we looked at comparable options similar in size, shape and configuration. 

Polare Men’s Sturdy Genuine Leather 16” Laptop Bag Briefcase Shoulder Bag

Features and Benefits

Thick cowhide is the center point of this rugged briefcase that comes in a deep brown, light brown and more formal soft grain black leather.

This 16” laptop briefcase comes with an attached hand carry strap as well as an adjustable detachable strap for your carrying convenience over the shoulder or cross body style. Although it has one dual-zippered compartment, there is a separation for placement of your laptop with an interior snap strap to hold it in place. The padded compartment holds up to a 15” laptop, while the larger compartment can accommodate a computer up to 16” in size.

Just inside, there is a compartmentalized pocket, sewn in various sizes to fit a phone, pens, and other small items. Heavy duty stitching and sturdy zippers make this bag a good value in its category.

Polare Real Soft Nappa Leather 17″ Laptop Case

Features and Benefits

Dark Coffee, Dark Brown, or Black, this laptop case is a more sophisticated and finished looking bag than the Sturdy 16” laptop version by Polare.

Meant for larger laptops and longer stays, this bag has a belt built in the back to attach to a suitcase for stackable transporting. With an outer pocket for supplies and phone, the interior is 6.5” wide to hold multiple files or even personal overnight necessities for the lightest in work travel options.

Silver bronze hardware on the detachable strap is a standout design feature. The bag can be carried over the shoulder or by the short attached handle.

Polare Real Leather 17” Laptop Carry On Overnight Bag Business Briefcase

Features and Benefits

Coming in Dark Coffee, Dark Brown, or Black, this case means business—overnight business. With more compartments than Polare’s other briefcases, there are more places to put items for maximizing organization.

The Overnight Bag Business Briefcase is made with the same Polare genuine leather as other styles but with more interior details. Its design accommodates up to a 15” laptop and an extra business shirt easily. With both an attached handle and detachable adjustable strap, shoulder and cross body carrying are all options. It also features a belt for stacking with luggage if needed. However, this bag is made with carry-on capability in mind.

Additional Points About Polare

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The hallmark of these leather briefcases and Polare’s complementary products is the smell of leather that tells you its genuine and is a key selling point for those who love a rugged skin bag. There are reports of the die rubbing off on clothing in some instances, so be aware of this possibility when considering your purchase.

There have been upgrades made to the interior cloth, the zippers, and security strap that holds the laptop in place, so construction should not be an issue. Still, all Polare products carry a one-year quality warranty to give you added peace of mind.

In Conclusion—TUMI Briefcase Review

There is a reason, in fact several reasons, that TUMI is a classic briefcase owned by such a wide variety of people. The company has proven itself not only as a leader in design, but also in quality.

Although companies like Polare make a good product, they have limitations that TUMI does not. Where other brands have some positive features and nice designs, TUMI products seem to have it all, with styles and features to fill every need and individual taste, along with a warranty that exudes confidence in their quality. The extended five year TUMI guarantee instills peace of mind and security that Tumi stands behind its products—and its customers.

In closing, the business of completing our TUMI briefcase review was a pleasure; the same pleasure we are sure you will experience from owning one, ora few of their high-quality products. We give the TUMI five out of five stars.

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