Tools Every Guy Should Have In His Truck

Tools Every Guy Should Have In His Truck

There are plenty of opinions on what a man should have in his car or not, and how things can be boiled down to the essential. We strived as well to come up with this final list of only 10 items, and there have been plenty of heated debates on the matter among us bloggers on the DudePins team.

But even for the dude who doesn’t have a car, this list of awesome stuff can help you out in any situation, both at your man-cave or when gone camping. Therefore, we’d totally recommend them to any dude in almost any circumstance.

manly power tools

1. The Swiss Army Knife

The ultimate tool which every boy who leaves home – even for a day – should have with him.

Even if you don’t invest in an extra-complicated model, having a basic Swiss Army Knife with you when the situation calls for a can to be opened, a piece of rope or packaging to be cut, and so on, can really make you look awesome in the eyes of any wanna be swiss army knife owner (either dudes or dudettes).

Swiss Army Knife

2. An extra Phone Charger

You don’t want to remain without service (or without ways or getting in touch with civilization) just because you forgot your phone charger at home. It’s maybe not the manliest of manly tools you need to have, in an obvious macho way, but super-useful nonetheless.

3. A Flashlight

The flashlight can be not just useful, but also a source of infinite fun for a lot of camping activities. Think in-tent light show for you and a special lady friend, for example. Corny, but romantic enough for the dudette in question, trust us.

Tools Every Guy Should Have In His Truck

4. Jumper Cables

Also a source of infinite usefulness, for a whole variety of situations, beyond getting your car unexpectedly unresponsive.

5. Couple of Blankets

For whenever the chill catches you and whoever you’re with unprepared. A blanket may not sound very manly on a shopping list, but it gives you an instant ‘Prince Charming’ aura when you come warm someone up with it.

6. Flares

Look for something versatile, which can be used on the side of the road, but maybe a flair gun as well, if you ever get really lost or need to scare off a dangerous animal.

7. First Aid Kid

The name should be self-explanatory, but if it’s not, trust us when we say that you should have one with you. You should also take some first aid lessons so you can help out anyone in need get back on their feet.

First Aid Kit

8. Water Purifier

You can easily find special straws which purify up to several gallons of water, in case you get stuck in the wild for a while and need to drink something, but the local supply of water seems a bit questionable.

9. Life Hammer

You never know when you might need to get out of the sinking car as fast as you can! Keep it next to your seat.

10. Ice Scraper

Trust us, you don’t want to be that funny-looking dude who is scraping the frost off his car windows using his bank card or something equally lame. Just get the ice scraper your car needs and keep it in the trunk already. It’s time to get proper tools for your manly needs, instead of being caught unprepared forever.

Ice Scraper

We’ll continue our series of blog posts with other lists of tools & essentials for other places besides your car. All in all, our man caves are starting to get geared up pretty nicely since we started giving these lists some thought.

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