Best Sportcraft Air Hockey Table of 2021 – Top 6 Reviews

Sportcraft is popular for being one of the biggest manufacturers of quality sport and game equipment. There is almost no sport or game they don’t deal in. They are trusted for their consistent high quality products that all come at incredibly inexpensive costs.

Of the many games they deal in is the explosively popular Air Hockey. Sportcraft are known to make the best air hockey table that can be found today and that has made them one of the major brands in the business of making and selling air hockey tables. Of course, all of their products are very good but in this article, we’ll just be highlighting the top Sportcraft air hockey tables reviews in the year 2021.

Reviews of Sportcraft Air Hockey Table

This is list of 6 of great sportcraft air hockey table you will find in the market today

1. Sportcraft 90-Inch Extreme Hockey Table

Even before you purchase it, this table will already have you falling in love with it because of its beautiful design and build. This table features two big arches that are attached to a beautifully carved apron with the tabletop sitting on sturdy legs. This alone already shows that this hockey table will accept any assault of high intensity gameplays thrown at it.

The Sportcraft 90-inch extreme hockey table may be built to be strong but that’s not all there is to the table. This table has interesting qualities that make it popular among players of the air hockey table. Right from the playing surface which is made with a high gloss acrylic that enhances fast paced games, to the state-of-the-art blower that guarantees the supply of even air pressure, this table proves its worth with every single detail.

In addition to the already attractive features mentioned above, this table has an electronic scoreboard and is equipped with LED lights on the table sides. To put it simply, beauty and sophistication come together in this table.

2. Sportcraft Silver Line Turbo Air Hockey Table Reviews

Not many hockey tables beat this table when it comes to the durability of this table. Its glossy body may lose its shine over time (as expected with most tables of its quality) but the ruggedness of the hockey table will keep it lasting for as long as possible. Although, the adjustable legs of the table make it fit in any room easily, the table is still quite big and there’s a limit to where the table can fit into.

Apart from the sleek aesthetics that naturally attracts people to it, the Spacecraft Turbo Air Hockey Table is equipped with efficient centrifugal blowers that keep puck floating on the tabletop. The electronic scoreboard that is mounted on the board helps to easily keep track of game scores.

3. Sportcraft 72-Inch Rebound Turbo Air Hockey Table

The Sportcraft 72-inch Rebound Turbo Air Hockey Table is another nice hockey table you want to check out if you’re looking to buy an air hockey table. Like many other hockey tables from Sportcraft, this table is made both to be maximally enjoyed at home and at the arcade. Its fascinating qualities and accessories make sure of that.

The table stands balanced and sturdily on 4 strong looking legs that ensure that the table doesn’t shift around during gameplays. Mounted on the sides of the table top are two LED scoreboards that help players keep track of game scores seamlessly. Also, the air hockey table has a smooth surface that is sure to keep up with any fast paced game without stress.

It doesn’t end there for this hockey table as the inside of the side rails are fitted with spinners that send the puck all about on the table at pretty high speeds. The air blowing system of this table are extremely efficient at maintaining an even air pressure for as long as a game is on. With this level of sophistication, it is already obvious why this table easily falls in our top 6 best Sportcraft air hockey tables in 2021

4. Sportcraft 7′ Air Hockey & Table Tennis Table

With the table’s sleek and modern look, this table is often the choice of those who want to get air hockey tables. As a matter of fact, it can be said that it is one of the best air hockey tables in the market, which is why it makes it into our list of the top 6 best tables in 2019. Sportcraft know that since this table will also double as a ping pong table, sturdiness and durability are two important features that it must possess, and they rightly did justice to it.

Apart from the mentioned physical strengths of the table, the Sportcraft 7′ Air Hockey Table has other interesting features that make it one of the best. The table has an electronic LED score panel that read game scores during gameplays. On the topside of this magnificent table is a very smooth surface that will not in any way slow down a fast paced game, while the blower underneath the table distribute air evenly during gameplays.

5. Sportcraft 48″ Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer

This air hockey table is perfectly suited for both adults and kids. Its sturdiness makes it able to withstand even the highest level of competitive and intense games. Every single detail of this air hockey table makes it perfect for both arcades and home games.

This hockey table is fitted with a sleek playing surface that easily keeps up with fast paced games. And as you might have guessed from its name, the Sportcraft 48″ Air Hockey Table comes with an electronic score panel that keeps track of game score. Also, keeping the puck easily afloat and seamlessly gliding across the table is  a blowing system that works efficiently and effectively.

6. Sportcraft 66″ Electronic Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

The Sportcraft 66 air hockey table easily makes it easy for both adults and kids to enjoy the game while still doubling as a ping pong table. The table’s sturdiness is a great advantage to it as it has rigid legs that stand firmly on the ground even during intense gameplays. In addition to this sturdiness, a mere look at the table will already give away its durability. The materials with which the tables are built are strong and will not fail easily. 

Talking about the other features that make this table one of our top 6 best Sportcraft air hockey table, the air blower that comes in built with this table does its job diligently and efficiently by ensuring an even distribution of air. The table’s smooth playing surface was designed to keep up with highly competitive and fast paced games with ease. One other cool feature of this air hockey table is its electronic LED scoreboard that displays game scores during gameplay.

Finally, this table is highly sought for by air hockey players everywhere because it is one of the free out in the market today that offer its high level of sophistication without being too expensive.


As mentioned earlier, all the products that Sportcraft make will always be among the best in the market. In fact, it is more like they are their own biggest competition. This is why we have taken a close look at all their air hockey tabled and we have compiled a list of the top Sportcraft air hockey tables revews that can be found in the market in 2021.

It should be noted that these air hockey tables have been tested by many professionals and reviewed by many other players out there, and they have been found to be among the best. This simply means that if you are looking to buy an air hockey table, those 6 should be the first you should check out.

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