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Because in the end you wont remember Jack Kerouac 1024x768 OC
The sun shone having no alternative on the nothing new Samuel Beckett 500x1130 OC
and your government when it deserves it Mark Twain 795 x 337
The true horrors of human history George R R Martin 1257x578
Not HOW the world is is the mystery but THAT it is Ludwig Wittgenstein 1638x1638OSOC
What gets us into trouble is not what we dont know Mark Twain 12801024
The man who is a pessimist before 48 knows too much Mark Twain 700x350
We become who we believe we are Kay Barnes 704x704
Its not perfect but its all yours Anonymous 1047 X 769
Dont you know there aint no devil Tom Waits 850x400
I intend to live forever Steven Wright 1600x1074OC
To read without a pen unknown 1635x1238 OC
I dont think you should just do what makes you happy Do what makes you great Charlie Day 4752x3168 OC
Your inner wealth Dalai Lama 720x507
Ive hit rock bottom Bo Burnham 1920x1080 xpost from rwallpapers
Love is a temporary madness Louis de Bernires 1000x700
We need to learn to love ourselves first in all our glory and our imperfections John Lennon 1200x632
A Good traveler Lao Tzu 1280x855
We shall not cease from exploration TS Elliot OC 1588x877
Naturally the common people dont want war Hermann Goering 628x374