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Gardening is the most therapeutic Ron Finley 432x278
Grownups dont look like grownups on the inside either Outside theyre Neil Gaiman 600x600
We live in an culture where Unknown 599x599
Horizon of people Albert Einstein 400x275
And the boy loved the tree Shel Silverstein 630x660
Be as simple as you can be Paramahansa Yogananda 600x450
The universe is under no obligation to you Neil deGrasse Tyson 600x897
No tree it is said can grow to heaven Carl Jung 960x960
Beauty is Goodness Leo Tolstoy 696x720
Im not going to commit suicide uironudder 1024X768
Men dream But dreams hold no value here Edward Kenway 736x588
What is the point Arnold Schwarzenegger 1000x647
The Purpose of Life The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 600x400
I realized when Mitch Albom 550x363
When you dance with deathAnonymous 510x511
It is better to fail Herman Melville 600x600
To die is nothing Victor Hugo 500x500
I would prefer Blaise Pascal 1024x768
Now I am become death J Robert Oppenheimer 1920x1215
The Four Horsemen of the Infocalypse Cory Doctorow 1920x1080