Lee S
"My wife and I live in Georgia. I like Watches, Guns, Telescopes, Boats, Diecast Cars, Computers, and Swamp Critters."
While Rolex has a gaudy reputation, they are synonymous with quality.
One of my coolest new watches: A Structure Quartz watch from Sears. Affordable and cool!
Need to liberate France? Here's your military-style field watch from Timex.
Old school film camera - Canon AF35M II SureShot Autoboy 2
A Great .22 Lever Action Rifle from Henry!
My newest camera! A Polaroid 300...
Coming back to the boat ramp in St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge!
Alligator waitin' for the bus!
1970's vintage Timex Mercury
Next month - the Zombies are back!