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Between your Iron Man training and your incredible Dubstep dance moves, you’ve got some pretty hard working feet. Give them a reprieve in the Rod Laver Summer Shoes from Adidas ($65.00).
Made in collaboration with NYC’s Partners & Spade, the VSTR Nomadic Pack ($395) is an adventure-ready carryall designed to withstand the rigors of extended travel.
Supercar manufacturer Ferrari has paired up with Swiss luxury watchmaker Movado to create a collection of timepieces ($2,000) under the Ferrari banner.
Introducing the Ray Ban Legends Collection 2012 ($160).
Designed by legendary British car designer Lee Noble, the Arrinera is made from lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar composites, and packs a 650 hp V8 engine that can go from 0 to 60 in just 3.2 seconds.
The six passenger coupe prototype’s doors opened via electronic buttons rather than primitive handles, and the dashboard included a compass and altimeter. https://headlinesandheroes.com/rides/1938-phantom-corsair/
Hector Serrano’s “Do Not Lose Me” ($TBA) was inspired by hotels’ standard “Do Not Disturb” signs, and hangs right on your doorknob, poised to collect your keys and keep them safe until you next depart.
The Nettleton 199 House in Cape Town South Africa has just the right blend of indoor/outdoor space to keep your tan going strong.
The AMG Viella V12 Turntable ($16,000) will spin your vintage tunes into this century with 25-millimeter thick aircraft grade aluminum, copper wiring, and 12 gram internal aluminum tubing to ensure perfect resonance control.
The Aquaclimb Sport is a structural work of art with an extreme sport twist. Towering 23 feet above the surface of the water, the aquatic climbing wall features color coded foot and handholds that indicate the difficulty of the ascent.
he $50 million dollar Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster on earth, reaching 150 mph, and dropping its passengers a stomach-tumbling 418 feet. And within those 418 feet, they’ll experience the feeling of weightlessness for up to 8 bodacious seconds.
Perched high above the Indian Ocean, the Bulgari Resort is comprised of 59 Italian-styled villas, designed by architectural studio Antonio Citterio and Partners, with hints of Indonesian charm, like carved Javanese mahogany window and door frames and hand-cut volcanic stone walls.
From Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale to Baconnaise and to everyone’s seasonal favorite, Bacon Candy Canes, bacon really does get around.
Forget about how far removed you are from Kevin Bacon–your main concern should be how far you are from a bottle of this. Bakon Vodka ($26.00) is exactly what it sounds like–smooth, high-quality vodka with a savory bacon flavor.
Designed by Spanish Architects A-Cero, the 1001 Nights Custom Home ($upon request) looks more like a compound or modern fortress than a house. Sitting on 1.73 acres in the outskirts of Madrid, the concrete structure spans 6,900 square feet of impressive awesomeness.
he classy 2,800 cubic inch Orvis Leather Cooler ($995) is covered in hand-sewn leather and fitted with a leather strap and brass buckle closure, which makes it perfect for tailgating at the Polo match or attaching to the back of your Garia Mansory Edition Carbon Fiber Luxury Golf Cart.
La Colombe Pure Black Coffee Brew ($6.00).