Keyser Soze
Makanyane Safari Lodge in South Africa ($700+) takes things to whole new level.
Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener
If you come to a gun or knife're set.
Turtle Shell Rugged Wireless Boombox ($150) will provide the soundtrack. The portable Bluetooth-enabled speaker is waterproof, dustproof, and shock proof.
The Dremel makes for a Halloween masterpiece...who knew?
Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion ($100) and you can control pretty much anything in your home that has an on/off switch.
We’ve got just the Plan B for you: the Taurus 605 Revolver ($492). This dependable .357 magnum quick-draw revolver features fixed sites, a single-double action trigger and transfer bar for added safety.
The Perfect Jazz Collection ($41.00) is something you can never get enough of, especially in the company of the ladies. This 25 CD box set collection has the original recordings of every jazz master to ever grace a smoky stage, from Louis Armstrong to Billie Holiday, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, the Thelonius Monk Quartet, Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock and Charlie Parker, plus many, many more.
2013 Harley Davidson CVO Breakout
The Veritas RS3 Roadster Hybrid is the world’s fastest plug-in hybrid with 600hp from the V10 engine and 105 kilowatt electric motor. It can go from 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds and reach a staggering speed of 205 mph.
2015 Bugatti Galibier. It will hit a top speed of 235 mph and be “faster than anything currently on the market.” Your move, Lambo.
Now you can get Fight Club Soap ($15.00) to commemorate the raw rage and unbridled testosterone of your youth. It does included electrolytes, caffeine and “punching” though. And if that weren’t enough movie magic for you in one bar of soap, it’s also scented with Anchorman’s Sex Panther cologne, which, as everyone knows, works 60 percent of the time… every time.