Zach Marino
A beginner's guide to Woodworking..good tips for starting out!
Rambo ... Macgyver.... Chuck Norris
Great background for any electronic device. Ol' school baby!
Sunset in Florida..pretty dude-tacular!
Trust me..that looks as bad as it hurt! Real hand print after a good ol' slap on the back! Dude-tacular!
2012 Jeep Wrangler. Who can say "dude-tacular?"
From one dude to another...sunscreen is your friend!
Solar Eclipse from space May 20, 2012
Some more good steps for beginner carpenters. Check it! Pin up!
Sheldon Cooper..totally dude worthy!
Chivalry is not dead! Starting young!
Bullet shaped ice-cubes. Definitely dude-worthy. Pin up!