Tips for How to Wash a Hockey Jersey

If you’re an ice hockey fan, there’s a better chance you already have your NHL jersey. The number of jerseys in your gaming arsenal depends on your love for the game and maybe financial expenditure capability.

But sometimes, you might not know how to keep them (jerseys) looking pristine, which begs the question: how should you wash your hockey jersey?

How to wash a hockey jersey

To answer the question, use the tips below to wash your jersey so they can continue looking their best:

  • Wash your jersey separately. Throwing your jersey into a washing machine with a bunch of other clothes can yield a result that you didn’t expect at all— your jersey might absorb colors from other fabrics and ruin its exquisite natural color. 

You never know which laundry fade their color during a wash. Therefore, don’t experiment with your high-price NHL jersey. And if you have more than one jersey of different industrial colors, you should consider washing them separately unless they’re of the same color.

  • Wash the NHL jerseys after turning them inside-out. This technique works to reduce the snagging or rubbing action of the washing machine against the fabric of your jersey. And in the long run, your jerseys will maintain their excellent look despite washing them in a washing machine.

Also, turning them inside-out protect them from direct contact with detergents hence prolonging their lifespan. As such, you should always make sure to turn all the jerseys inside-out before shoving them inside a clothes washer. 

  • Carefully select your laundry detergents. Some detergents contain more bleach in them and will discolor your jerseys. To be on the safer side, select a color-safe detergent that has little or no bleach at all. Such a detergent will not discolor your jerseys, meaning you will have the same natural jersey color all year round. 
  • Set the washing machine to a gentle cycle and wash with cold. Your hockey jersey has a tough fabric but that doesn’t mean you should set your clothes washer to high-speed cycles. You want to make sure your jerseys look their best and maintain their high fabric quality for years to come so you can continue attending all future games. 

Set your washer to a delicate cycle to give your jerseys a gentle wash. Also, be sure to use cold water because hot water ruins fabrics faster overtime. 

  • Shun using fabric softeners during laundry cleaning. Fabric softeners usually contain chemicals that can eat and weaken the fabrics of your jerseys hence destroying their textures. As such, elude using such chemicals when washing your hockey jerseys. 
  • Let the jerseys air-dry on a clothesline. Let your jerseys air-dry naturally by hanging them on a clothesline. Don’t use a dryer for this purpose because you might melt your jerseys at worse. The dryer can also peel the crest on your jersey if you’re lucky.

In case you want to use a dryer for some reason, be sure to set it on the lowest heat to avoid ruining the fabric and counting the losses at the end of the wash.  

How to tape a hockey stick

Once you have acquired a brand new hockey stick, taping its blade and butt becomes the next crucial step before hitting the ice. Taping the blade is beneficial since it protects the blade from wear and tear as it improves the grip on the puck. 

On the other hand, taping the butt will improve your grip of the stick for heightened and optimal performance. So you have every reason to tape the hockey stick. But the question is: how do you tape your hockey stick in those areas?

When it comes to the blade, start by placing a stripe of the tape so it runs from one side of the blade to another over the toe. Then tamp down the hockey tape around the same blade. Start wrapping the tape from either the toe or the bend of the blade, making sure to overlap the tape for a perfect result.

Do the wrapping very carefully and make sure there aren’t any wrinkles or bunching up of the tape. The idea is to get a smooth warp that will not affect performance in the rink. Apply the hockey stick wax once you’re done warping the blade.

If you’re wrapping the butt, you might want a little knob at the end. You can use a strip of a napkin as the base of the knob. You will then wrap the tape over the strip to create a perfect knob. Once you have your preferred knob, start winding the tape on the shaft, making sure to overlap the winds. Also, make sure they’re smooth and have no crease. It’s that simple. 


Washing your jerseys doesn’t have to be such a chore. You can use the simple tips above to maintain their excellent look and pristine for years to come. You have already spent a few bucks to acquire brand new jerseys. The best you can do is to take care of them by washing them regularly once you notice dirt on them.

Also, adding additional grip to your hockey stick is simpler than you might imagine. With just a hockey tape, you solve the problem and make your stick durable for heightened performance. Simply use the tips above to warp the blade and butt of the stick!

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