How Big is An Air Hockey Table – Air Hockey Table Dimensions

Many a time, the question “how big is an air hockey table” comes up among its fans. The game of air hockey remains one of the fast-paced and thrilling games which in order to win requires you to have special skill set and practice.  Undoubtedly, it attracts the attention of everyone at all ages and definitely uplifts one’s mood.

This question, however, pops up in different scenarios, sometimes when you want to purchase your own table. Occasionally, this question can also come up when answering an inquisitive child. However, as the core equipment required for the game, you need to know as much as you can about it.

The air hockey table, although similar to the pool table has a number of features which sets it apart. In fact, we can differentiate air hockey tables based on a number of criteria. Some of which include their design aspects or construction.

How Big Is An Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Unlike the general knowledge that purchasing an air hockey table is a daunting task, this guide will help simplify things. Unfortunately, this is possible only with the right knowledge of the different design criteria to consider.

Majorly, you will find air hockey tables in two broad classes: Large-puck models and the small-puck models. The large-puck models have full-sized pucks with a diameter of 3¼ inches or more. On the contrary, the small- puck models have lightweight pucks with a diameter of having 2½ inches or less.

As expected, the small-puck air hockey tables have a cheaper price than the large-puck tables carrying a hefty price tag. However, the higher the cost, the better the quality of the build materials.

Furthermore, small-puck hockey tables have weak airflow which means you need to use the lightweight and small-sized puck. We could go on to list a number of other features, but, the biggest advantage of a small puck table is its affordability. While its biggest downside is that the small-sized puck often flies off the table.

Air Hockey Table Dimensions (full size air hockey table dimensions or regulation size air hockey table)

For those looking to enjoy the game of air hockey, you need to pick any air hockey table with full-size air hockey table dimensions. Tables of this size are perfect for adults and professional gamers, which means, they are big enough and offer maximum durability to survive the most aggressive match. Full-size air hockey tables otherwise called standard air hockey table size remains the most common table type in bars for those looking for a high-quality game table.

The United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and the Air Hockey Player Association (AHPA) stand as regulatory bodies which made the standard air hockey table size 8-ft (in length). However, this is not the only size for a full-size air hockey table, but it is the only recommended size for tournament purposes. In subsequent sections of this post we will take a look at other sizes perfect for home or commercial game tables.

For instance, the full-size air hockey table for these categories vary from 5ft-8ft. Larger tables offer excellent playing experience but smaller tables fit for home uses are easy to fit into rooms.

Different sizes of Air hockey table (in length)

The most significant factor to consider before making your purchase decision is the length of the table. This feature allows you to know how much space you will need for setting up the table. In addition, it helps to know how difficult the installation will be and the table’s portability and storage.

The range of Air hockey tables you can have varies from 2 feet of length to as long as 8 feet. However, alongside your budget constraints, available space, and personal choice, make sure you select the best-suited model for your needs.

2 feet (24 inches)

Due to their compact size, this table type falls under the category of tabletop air hockey table variations perfect for newbies and children. Also, they are fairly priced, purchasing from the right brand will end up with a reliable, stable and sturdy table.

You will find this table type in most retail stores because it has a relatively smaller size. Furthermore, they are manufactured overseas and the build quality can usually be trusted. To find small format/high-quality tables, you may have to go to specialty stores.

However, these models remain the best for children and small spaces. Largely because you can fold them down easily and quickly to a petite frame. Lastly, you can easily store them away under a bed or in a closet.

4 to 6 feet (48 inches to 72 inches)

This single class represents the majority of the tables found in the market today. This means it is a broad category and you will easily find tables of these measurements. If you are looking to purchase a table perfect for home-based recreational games, you should opt for a table of this size.

Furthermore, they have the right size fit for indoor use. Suitable for all ages, with the right playing surface, you can never go wrong with a 4-6 ft. long table. Lastly, you can sue this table type during fun nights of family games or for tournaments with your buddies.

7 to 8 feet (84 inches to 96 inches)

This is the last class of air hockey table sizes and thus you should expect a few differences from the other classes mentioned. However, it stands as a professional-level or Arcade-style air hockey tables in the premium category. This means tables of this size offer amazing playing experience.

This type of tables offers the standard size range perfect for tournaments or leagues. Furthermore, you will find them in arcades or business premises. However, enthusiasts looking to have the best can invest in this table type to be placed in their recreational rooms and basements.

Due to its build quality and very durable design, it is very expensive. Lastly, you need to endure you have enough space for the table before buying it.


Before you hit the markets and purchase your own air hockey table, you need to answer the question for yourself. “How big is an air hockey table” goes beyond the physical appearance and looks of the table. For instance, you would not want to fall in love with a table, only to find out later that you did not have enough space for it in your home.

Therefore, it is important to know the table size and to measure the space available to install the table before you begin to shop around.

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