The 7 Best Urethane Bowling Balls Reviews of 2021

Urethane balls have been consistent in the bowling industry since they first appeared in the 1970s. They’re not only perfect for bowlers who frequently use dry lanes, but also for beginners who are learning how to throw a hook. This is all thanks to the urethane cover stocks which provide them with more predictability on the lanes and hook potential

This makes them the best choice over other covers like polyester or reactive-resin.  Are you looking for the best urethane bowling balls available in the market today? Take a look at these carefully selected balls that we have reviewed in this article.

List Reviews of Best Urethane Bowling Balls In 2021

Here best selling urethane bowling balls on the market today.

1. Motiv Combat Tank Urethane Bowling Ball

This Motiv Combat bowling ball is a rare kind in the urethane balls range, and that’s why it comes first in this list. If you’re looking for something strong and tough, then look no further. The Tanks have never disappointed. They’re available in size 15 and 16.

Heavy bowling balls are often the reason behind many wrist injuries. All urethane balls are heavy and it’s only a question of how heavy. Different bowlers can manage different weights of bowling balls depending on their overall weight. Therefore, only specific bowlers can use this range.

With this ball, you’ll find a unique hybrid Alchemy Cover stock and recon Core. Not all urethane covers are the same. Producers infuse their own technology to create unique balls which stand out among the rest.


  • Delivers well on old-wood lanes
  • Tough and strong
  • Features a unique design


  • Limited weights available

2. Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

As the name suggests, this ball signifies a new product in Storm’s range that will bring a positive vibe to your bowling sessions. It’s the perfect entry-level bowling ball and what’s even better is that it’s fairly priced.

The ball comes in a wide range of weights. This gets everyone covered, so all you have to do is find the correct size that’s suitable for you. The size you pick has to be manageable in order to avoid unnecessary injures that might slow you down.

It’s ideal for beginners. Controlling the ball is effortless which is what every learner needs. With this, one is bound to learn and improve their skills a little bit faster.

This is everything you need for a spare ball. So if you’re looking for a colorful spare bowling ball, then look no further. This mix has got your back. Like the rest of the Urethane balls, it’s best for striking. It has a smooth urethane cover, making it easier to deliver even on dry surfaces.


  • Comes in a number of sizes
  • Responds perfectly to dry surfaces
  • Best choice for a spare ball
  • Fairly priced


  • Not ideal for heavily-oiled bowling lanes

3. Storm Pitch Black Solid

Having the interests of bowlers at heart, storm tries to construct balls for every bowling surfaces. So these balls aren’t only limited to dry surfaces, you can use them even on icy and slippery surfaces as well.

Storm pitch is a solid ball that storm has created for their Thunder line. Its construction provides the right amount of control on light and short-oiled surfaces.

What’s more, it has a capacitor core. This boosts up your skills, giving you straight and strong deliveries.  It helps regulate flicker potential, letting you have the full control over the ball’s motion. This bowling ball is ideal for bowlers with slower speeds. It has a shape which makes it to roll effortlessly even on the driest lanes, thereby improving on predictability.


  • Durable
  • Consistent
  • Boosts rolling speed
  • Flexible across many surfaces.
  • Offers wide range of sizes


  • Slightly pricey

4. Hammer Purple Pearl

Hammer pearl is one of the classical Urethane bowling balls. The ball has Urethane pearl cover stock with a core design made of LED. This is a combination of elegance and productivity. The color makes it easily visible on the lanes. At the same time, it also offers the right amount of traction on the lanes with less oil. This makes it easy to control on such surfaces.

It’s available in 15-16 lbs. This leaves a number of people disadvantaged because this range is ideal for those weighing 100 pounds or more. So, if you’re weighing lesser than that, you might find them a little bit heavier at the start, causing fatigue. But with frequency, your hands and wrists might get used to the weights.


  • Suitable for dry lanes
  • Fairly priced
  • Available in a number of colors


  • Limited sizes available

5. Hammer Black Widow Urethane

Hammer products have been the leading in the bowling industry when it comes to Urethane bowling balls from 1980. Black widow urethane is one of the iconic products from this company. This reveals that it’s outstanding on the lanes.

It’s infused with carbon fiber in its inner core. This being one of the toughest materials therefore makes the Black widow the most durable in this line. So you shouldn’t have second thoughts if you plan on investing in this product.


  • Durable carbon fiber
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perfect hook potential


  • Not stylish design

6. Motiv Tank Rampage Ball

This is a sturdy urethane bowling ball, carefully designed for modern bowlers. This means that it combines both modern style and productivity, visible on how it delivers on the lanes. It delivers perfectly across different surfaces. This is because it features new core specifications and cover stock.

You don’t have to worry about the bowling surfaces because you can use this ball on dry, wet or even surfaces which have higher friction. This shows how powerful the ball’s construction is. The ball features an Alchemy urethane cover stock. This guarantees ultimate performance by delivering a perfect deal of general hook.


  • A durable alchemy cover stock
  • Can be customized with ease
  • True value for money
  • Suitable for different lanes


  • Slightly pricey

7. DV8 Tactic Control

Here’s the latest urethane bowling ball in the DV8 family, a one of a kind that features a light-bulb core. For those who love to be the leaders of the pack, this one’s for you. DV8 bowls always got bowlers standing out so don’t be afraid to take this ball to your next game

Its urethane cover is designed with two distinct colors. This makes it the premier urethane bowling ball that Brunswick has made with such combination of colors. This enhances its visibility for bowlers on the lanes

It’s available in sizes ranging from 12-16 pounds. Most bowlers use size 16. However, not everyone can accommodate this kind of weight. That’s why the producer has all eight ratios in mind, so you don’t have to keep up with a heavier or lighter ball.

This ball can also be polished. Bowlers have different speeds depending on the varying stages of prowess in this game. If you’re one of those with lower speeds, the ball may not feel right for you at the start. But once polished, you’ll have more length, allowing it to retain additional energy.


  • Perfect for dry lanes
  • Can be polished with ease
  • An attractive cover
  • Better visibility


  • Only limited to dry lanes

How to Choose best urethane bowling ball


Urethane balls come in different weights depending on the manufacturer. All bowling balls are considered heavy, however, they’re not all of the same weight. When choosing any bowling ball, not only urethane balls, always pick on weights that are in line with your body weight. Some sizes may be too light or too heavy, thereby hindering how well you perform.

Generally, it’s perceived that the weight of the ball of your choice should ideally be 10% of your weight. After knowing your weight, you can consult your trainer for recommendations on which sizes are ideal for you. Alternatively, you can try several weights to experience which particular one feels right on your hands.


In comparison to the rest of the cover stock materials for bowling balls, urethane tends to be relatively pricey. Affordability is always key for most bowlers. This means that a product’s price tag should be reflected on its quality. So, the ball should neither be cheap, nor expensive.

However, to some pros, their focus lies on the quality of the bowling ball. On the other hand, I still insist that you find a ball which not only feels right on your body, but on your pocket as well. This makes total sense when you’re an irregular bowler.


Many tend to believe that high end urethane balls are all durable. I tend to disagree. We have several durable products on the shelves which are equally fairly priced. However, this is still debatable. Durability got us spending some reasonable dollars on products because we know they’re totally worth it.

With a long lasting urethane ball, you don’t have to worry about shopping every now and then, especially if you’re just but a casual bowler. Getting a decent urethane ball is definitely an investment of a lifetime.


The products highlighted in the review above are selected from the globally recognized manufacturers. So basically, you now have an idea of what quality and affordability looks like.  We have many products at our disposal at various stores across the globe.

With top brands come guarantees for quality because of innovation when it comes to materials and ball construction at large. Such gives you products which you can easily customize to suit your needs. For example, some urethane balls can be made smoother or drilled depending on what one requires.

FAQs About Urethane Bowling Ball

  1. What’s the difference between urethane and a plastic bowling ball?

When it comes to cover stock materials used for the construction of bowling balls, the major differences are derived from performance and the reaction they have on the bowling lanes. Plastic and urethane are some of the materials used and here is the difference between the two:

Plastic bowling ballsskid too far because their hook potential is way lower. They’re therefore ideal for beginners looking for proper fit on the hand. The balls can also work best when used as spares when shooting. This is due to a highly predictable reaction.

Urethane balls on the other hand havecontrollable amount of hook compared to plastic balls. They’re also considered more durable. With these balls, there’s more friction between the cover stock and the bowling lanes. They are best for dry surfaces, therefore highly recommended a strike balls

  1. Is the urethane ball or polyester ball best for a spare?

To answer this question, first we have to know what defines a spare ball. Polyester balls are normally recommended for spare balls when shooting. Here’s why; for optimal performance, you need straight shots in order to pick up the spares and that’s where polyester comes in.

As we have seen, Urethane balls provide bowlers with more hook potential. Therefore, with that kind of traction, they don’t qualify to be the right bowling balls for this. They’re only suitable for beginners or straight bowlers who require hooks.


With the top urethane bowling balls at your disposal, we now believe that you won’t have hard times trying to figure out what choice to make. Our pick for the day is Storm Pitch Black Solid. Remember you can also buy two or more of these balls from different brands.

Just like bowling shoes, it’s equally okay to have a collection of bowling balls, however expensive they are. This is recommendable for regular bowlers because bowling balls are expensive, and casual bowlers won’t feel the need for making such investments. However, there are no rules here. If the ball feels right by you, just buy it irrespective of anyone else’s opinion. 

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