The Best Spare Bowling Ball of 2021 – Top 5 Reviews

I know you have come across the term ‘Spare Ball’ severally, even in our previous articles. In bowling, we have two main types of balls. We have the strike ball, which is the number one ball used for the premier throwing. After the first throw, you can have a successful strike or not. When the latter happens, you’re allowed to bring-in an extra ball, commonly referred to as the spare ball. This is to ensure that you get all the remaining standing pins.  

Most spare and strike balls can never be used interchangeably, because they’re are fitted with different types of cover stock materials.

So, to help you know what balls to consider when looking for a spare ball, we have reviewed the 5 best spare balls that you’ll find on the shelves in 2021.

Reviews for the Best Spare Bowling Balls in 2021

Here are reviews of the top spare bowling balls on the market today.

1. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

When it comes to consistency in the production of different bowling brands, Brunswick takes the lead.  It has a powerful construction comprising of a polyester cover stock, bullet core and a royal shine for the finish. This is a combination of everything you should look for in a spare ball.

So with Brunswick, you’re good to go. It also releases a glow when it gets in contact with backlight. This makes it stylish, with improved visibility on the lanes. Its use is not restricted to a spare ball. This ball can also be used by learners and straight bowlers. So, if you want a ball that you can use in different ways, this is the perfect ball for you.

It comes in a number of sizes. Something unique about this product is that it has sizes that go as far as 6 pounds on the lower side and 16 pounds on the higher end. Most bowling balls have weights averagely ranging from 12-16 pounds. With this, every bowler has got their wrists covered from handling heavier weights attributed by failure to find the perfect fit.

However, this ball doesn’t come with holes at the time of purchase. It’s usually recommended that you visit a professional to have the holes drilled for you. This is highly effective because the pro will have your fingers measured, to ensure that the holes drilled are the right sizes. The only downside is that it will have you coughing out roughly extra $25 dollars for this task.


  • It’s ideal for dry lanes
  • An eye-catching design
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes
  • Available in a number of colours
  • Fairly priced


  • It’s fragile

2. Hammer Black Widow

Hammerheads normally strive to see it that their products deliver, depending on the needs of the customer-base at hand. The Hammer Black Widow has gas-mask core. This is the main reason why this spare ball literally hammers those stubborn spares and tames rough conditions that makes other balls to hook a lot.

It features a polyester cover stock. This facilitates straight reactions when on the lanes. It also signifies durability, meaning that it’s one of the long lasting spare balls worth every dime.

It comes in a wide range of sizes. They’re available in a range of 12-16lbs. This means that hammer has your comfort at heart by providing sizes for everyone. With this, you can easily find a weight which matches that of your striking ball and the rest of your body.


  • Comes in a number of sizes
  • It’s affordable
  • Establishes even-rolls on the lane
  • Suitable for light-oil surfaces
  • Comes in attractive designs and colour shades


  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled

3. DV8 Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball

We couldn’t just miss this product from DV8. The weight ranges from 10-16 pounds. This broadens options, having in mind that we have bowlers of different ages and weights. With this, no one will feel disadvantaged.

Many consider this as one of the coolest spare balls. The zombie look is quite unique, revealing a lot of creativity from DV8 family. With the artwork, you won’t easily notice dirt and scuff which may make the ball look untidy. However, this kind or art may not feel right to a certain percentage of bowlers.

This Zombie has unmatched motion on the bowling lanes, all you have to do is give it a perfect throw and let it knock down the pins that never cooperated with the first strike. It rolls effortlessly so you have to modify your grip, hole-pattern or motion.


  • It’s easier to control
  • Comes in a number of sizes
  • It rolls straight and right
  • Can be used by everyone


  • The Zombie look isn’t friendly to all

4. Roto-Grip Own  Clear Polyester Bowling Ball

Roto-grip brands are known for their fury and power when it comes to delivering on the bowling lanes. This is why they have been in the market for quite some time now. Roto-Grip features a classical 3 piece core and a cover stock comprising a clear and durable polyester. Apart from durability, these features work harmoniously to give you the perfect score.

The weights range from 12-16 pounds. This range provides you with options to identify that which compliments your strike ball. This creates a harmony with your motions and throw, with no need for adjustments. It’s, therefore, a guarantee that all the pins will corporate once you release the ball.  

Its use isn’t only limited to spares. Beginners and straight bowlers can comfortably use it as they try to figure out the best motions. It’s easier to control, thereby making learning effortless. However, the major drawback for this is with the colours. It presents a beautiful shade of red, but this may not be every bowler’s choice. On the other hand, it’s still a great option for those who overlook the design and focus on performance.


  • Stands out on the lanes
  • It’s pocket friendly
  • Guarantees durability
  • Quite great looking


  • Has limited colour options

5. Storm Clear Spare Bowling Ball

To the Storm lovers out there, this is a must-have spare ball. This brand comes in 12-16 pounds. Bowling balls are defined as heavy depending on one’s body weight. This is why Storm provides balls with different weights in order to accommodate all bowlers. When you pick a spare ball which is either too light or heavy, you might just miss the spares for the second time. 

It has a 3 piece pancake core and a clear polyester cover stock. This core enhances predictability, making it ideal for beginners. The polyester on the cover has a role in boosting the general durability. This means that the ball offers true value for the money that you will have invested in it.


  • Suitable for any bowling lanes
  • Features a simple design
  • It’s affordable
  • Can easily be polished


  • It doesn’t come pre-drilled

Factors to consider when buying spare bowling balls


The spare ball that you find should have a weight that compliments that of the spare ball and your whole body. Weight is the number one distraction when bowling. With the spare ball, you need all the concentration in the world. Having the right ball by your side is just a bonus.  

When the spare ball has a different weight to that of the strike ball, your body will definitely need some time to adjust to the new weight. Such distractions make you lose control over the ball, and you might end up missing the spares for the second time.


Spare balls are meant to correct the errors made during the initial strike. Therefore, the ball you pick for this job has to deliver perfectly. This is where polyester and plastic bowling balls come in handy.

The two areinternationally recognized as the ideal cover stock materials for spare balls. This is because they’re less aggressive on different lane conditions. It’s all thanks to their shinny surfaces which boost skid potential

FAQs About spare bowling ball

  1. What material is best for spare bowling ball?

This is one of the numerous questions about spare balls that I feel the need to address. The materials used in the construction of a cover stock is what determines the efficiency of the ball for certain roles. 

We have several bowling balls to choose from, but those with polyester and plastic cover stocks are the perfect choice as we have seen on the highlights.  They’re also easier to customize to everything you need for the second throw.

Most of them don’t come pre-drilled, so you can easily have them drilled by a pro according to your finger measurements. You can have them polished too to suit the bowling surface that you use. 

  1. What is the ideal weight of a spare bowling ball?

If a bowling is quite heavy then the better it is for you. Most bowling balls are expected to be around 16 pounds in weight. When purchasing the spare bowling ball however, always make sure that you check the weight of the ball against your own weight.

  1. Why is it that many bowlers use plastic bowling balls for spares?

While many people may think that there is such very complex answer to this question, the answer is indeed quite simple. Most bowlers prefer plastic bowling balls because they normally have cover stock made of a polyester material which is known to facilitate straight shots.

Another good reason is that plastic bowling balls tend to be quite cheap and that is why most people love using them.


These are just the greatest options that you can choose from to help you improve on your scores. If you’re looking for efficiency and versatility, I recommend that you go for the Storm Clear Spare Bowling Ball. It delivers perfectly on different surfaces and is pocket friendly too. However, you still have other options from the best spare bowling balls that we have highlighted for you.

It is also important to note that spare balls aren’t meant for the uncooperative bowling pins only. That’s why we still recommend them for beginners and other bowlers who are still figuring out the arts involved when bowling straight. All you have to do is find the right ball for you and let it do the rest.

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