Best 7 Outdoor Ping Pong Table Reviews Consumer Report of 2021

Table tennis is one of the most exciting games to participate in these days. This game helps you to strengthen your energy and at the same time allows you to enjoy a good time. We are sure you have done this search in order to purchase a new ping pong table to play with your friends outside your home.

There is a wide range of outdoor ping pong tables in the market today which is often challenging to get the best. An excellent outdoor ping pong table does not only enhance your game, but it also allows you to use different skills and methods freely.

Reviews of Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Here are list of the best outdoor ping pong table based on reviews by consumer report on the market today.

1. STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

On top of our list for the best seven outdoor ping pong table is STIGA XTR outdoor tennis table. This product is one of the best models produced by STIGA. It is a durable table that allows you to enjoy every bit of your game. It is an ideal one to be installed in a garage or patio.

Aside from its durability, this table comes with a design that is attractive and materials which are built to last. Its aluminium composite allows it to withstand any type of weather.

This material resists rust, sun damage and warping away from the table. It comes with a sturdy 1.25 square steel legs that enable it to stand firm on the ground.

It is also a portable product that can be easily moved from a patio to a garage or any other places. It features 3″ wheels with a lock that makes its transportation easy and convenient.


  • Portable
  • Easy mobility
  • Durable and attractive
  • Features 3″ wheels
  • Made with aluminium composite


  • Poor bouncing

2. JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Over the years now, JOOLA Nova is a brand that has been producing outdoor table tennis table that is designed with longevity and fun play in mind. This table from Nova has a durable 6mm thick aluminium plastic composite surface that is not only resistant to warping and chipping but also prevents the table from rust.

It is made with powder-coated undercarriage finish that enables it to maintain its look for an extended period without fading. It features 4-wheel trolley systems of which the two halves of the table sit on. These wheels allow you to move this table to anywhere you want to without much stress. 

Also, this table tennis table features a weather-resistant net set that comes with a classic screw design and net tensioning system. JOOLA Nova outdoor ping pong table is a compact and mobile unit. It can be easily folded and stored or taken to want anywhere


  • Features weather-resistant net set
  • Compact and mobile
  • Durable
  • Features 4-wheel trolley systems
  • Resistant to warping and chipping


  • Poor caster construction

3. Kettler Champ 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

When it comes to the production of durable and highly efficient table tennis table, Kettler is one of the best. Even though this brand has been in existence for over some years now, it still produces models with unique features and performances.

This model from Kettler is an outdoor ping pong table with an outdoor accessory bundle. Aside from the easily open halves of this unit that allows you to enjoy your play with your friends, this model also comes with solo-playback.

That is, you can single-handedly play this game without any opponent with the help of the patented safety-fold mechanism that comes with this table.


  • Comes with outdoor accessory bundle
  • Features solo-playback
  • Compact and convenient
  • Has dual lock safety
  • Foldable and durable


  • Part of the table is warped

4. Cornilleau – 500M Crossover Outdoor Table

If you are in search of an outdoor ping pong table that has an excellent bouncing surface, then, it is this product that you are looking for. This table is a waterproof and durable model from Cornilleau.

Unlike other outdoor ping pong tables, this unit features a larger double-wheels of about 8″ square which enhances the mobility of the table from one place to another.

Also, it is safe and comfortable to fold the product for storage and playback. With its adjustable legs, you can easily change the stand of the tennis table to anyone that suits your taste.

Another unique feature about this product from Cornilleau is that it is wheelchair friendly which allows able-bodied also to enjoy the game.


  • Has an excellent bouncing surface
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Features a larger double-wheels
  • Has adjustable legs
  • Wheelchair friendly


  • Delivered with a deep scratch across the table top

5. Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The butterfly is also another famous and reliable brand known for the production of ping pong table with unique features and performances. This product from butterfly comes in two different colours.

You can either choose to go for blue or green colour depending on the one that completes the look of the place of installation. This table is made with high-quality materials that work effectively in any weather.

Likewise, it contains a regulation size nine by five synthetic laminate top with a rustproof frame on with rotating wheels. Another attractive feature about this unit is that it comes with a 10-year warranty assuring you that the product you are purchasing will last you for years.


  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Multiple colours
  • Has rustproof frame
  • Durable


  • Poor wheels construction

6. Kettler Axos 2 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

If you are in search of an outdoor ping pong table with an attractive and sleek design, this is what you are looking for. Unlike other tables, this model comes at an affordable price rate. It features a patented safety-fold mechanism that allows you to enjoy solo-playback while playing on this table alone.

It features swivel wheel casters that allow you to move this table from one place to another without any stress. Alongside this table comes two halo outdoor racquets and six-packs of table tennis balls. This unit comes with a 2-year warranty and guaranty of refund when you are not satisfied with the table shipped for you.


  • Has an attractive and sleek design
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Features patented safety-fold mechanism
  • Has a 2-year warranty and guaranty
  • Features swivel wheel caster


  • Unreliable instruction manual

7. HEAD Oasis Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The list of the best outdoor ping pong table would be incomplete without this product. This product from HEAD Oasis is made a weatherproof aluminium composite that is resistant to warping. It is easily assembled with less stress and time. The instruction manual helps you to do this easily.

While double players can enjoy a lot of game and fun with this table, a single player can also play with it without being bored. Since it is foldable, a single-player only need to fold the table and enjoy the solo-playback game.

HEAD Oasis outdoor table tennis table has smooth lockable caster wheels that allow you to move this table to any place with ease and convenience.


  • Made with a weatherproof aluminium
  • Easily assembled
  • Easily folded and move
  • Has smooth lockable caster
  • Not expensive


  • Has bad net

How to Choose The Best Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Aside from the game, you tend to enjoy from an outdoor ping pong table; there are other great fun with it. This table allows you to drink, eat, and laugh with friends and family.

The primary reason many tennis lovers opt-in for this product is as a result of the limited space in the home or the garage.

With over hundreds of thousands of outdoor ping pons in the market today, it is usually tricky to differentiate the best from the other products. However, there are some features should you look for and some factors you should put into consideration before purchasing an outdoor ping pong table.

Some of these factors are:

Indoor Vs Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The most crucial factor to put into account before buying a ping pong table is the place of installation. For instance, if you are installing this product in your garage, then the best product to buy is indoor table tennis.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing a ping pong table to play with your family and friends outside the home, then the best model is outdoor table tennis.

However, it is essential to know that table tennis is an indoor game which often serves as the place of the game for both the amateur and professional level. The choice of an indoor ping pong table is as a result of the weather. The tennis ball is exceptionally light, and any kind of wind often controls them which enables a payer to have full control over the game.

For instance, if there are any form of liquid material on a ping pong table most notably, a rain, the ball won’t bounce very well and therefore making it very hard to play. In the world today, the choice of an outdoor ping pong table is now popularly known in places like parks, schools, train stations, shopping areas, and others.


While an indoor ping pong table is often made with solid wood, outdoor tables are a mixture of metal and wood and finished with a coating to prevent the tables from sun, rain, and wind.

Even though both tables are of the same length and height, the significant difference comes from the material of which they are made.

Therefore, whenever you are planning to purchase an outdoor ping pong table, you are to have the two materials in mind and be prepared to pick one of the two or go for the two at a more expensive rate.

If you are purchasing wooden outdoor table tennis, you will spend less compared to buying a metal table. It is vital to know that a wood surface can badly deteriorate if it gets wet or exposed to too much sunlight.


The cost of outdoor table tennis varies from the category of product you are purchasing. To get a durable and reliable outdoor ping pong table which would last you for years, you should be ready to pay a considerable amount.

However, there also other outdoor table tennis that you would get at a price that does not break your bank. These tables are less durable and would require you to buy a replacement at an early stage.

Therefore, you should have the decision of purchasing a ping pong tennis as a lifetime investment, and this would help you get a durable and reliable model.


Another vital factor to consider is the brand of the product you are purchasing. Although many companies produce table tennis, there are some with fame and also known for efficiency and reliable products.

For instance, Kettle and Cornilleau have an excellent range of outdoor tables produced so far.

These two companies have won not only the heart of many table tennis lovers but also enjoy several ratings from them.

Other brands which have also produced unique ping pong tables include Butterfly, Stiga, and Joola. Even though they provide models with high-quality materials, these brands tables are more expensive and would require a lot of cash to purchase.


Here are the seven best outdoor ping pong table which you can enjoy playing table tennis with your friends and family. These products are produced by different brands such as Kettler, Butterfly, Cornilleau, STIGA, HEAD Oasis, and others. All these brands are known for the production of highly efficient ping pong table in the market today.

You can choose any model from them depending on how the unit fills the vacuum of what you are searching for. The price of the products also vary from expensive to cheap, and you should never use the price of a product to determine its efficiency and durability.

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