Best Mens Watches under $200

Best Mens Watches under $200

Since autumn is now here and fall clothes are again on our minds, so are watches. While we have nothing against wearing a nice watch in summer as well (especially if it happens to be waterproof), colder seasons are particularly well-suited to display a manly watch on your wrist. But while the options for exquisite pieces are limitless and you can find plenty of vanity options to invest in, sometimes we just want a nice change and some variety without spending our entire credit balance.

Our advice, therefore, is to simply invest in one, two or three luxury watches to have for more formal occasions and as a fallback for a classy choice, but to also feel free to indulge in the occasional extra treat. Less expensive watches are not particularly a timeless piece, but they can be more colorful or with a funky design, precisely because it’s ok for them to only be a good match for some outfits and not all of them. Variety is good, so feel free to experiment. This is our list for the best mens watches under $200, keep ‘em pinned and have your pick:

Jack Mason Ole Miss University Rebels Stripe

This model is just perfect as a match for any striped clothes, navy shirts or, even better, navy stripes. It can also bring a most welcome touch of red to any otherwise sober outfit. You can find it for $95 here.

Best Mens Watches under $200

Szanto Leather Strap Watch

This classy piece looks just as good as a more expensive watch, and we suggest matching it with a leather outfit, or with any tartan shirt you may own. You can find it here for under $200.

szanto leather strap watch

Skagen Holst with Multi-Function

This quartz watch isn’t something you should want for its stunning visual impact, but instead for its multi-function possibilities. The abilities of the watch are actually quite impressive for its low price. You can find it on Amazon for $155.

skagen holst with multi-function

Fossil Wakefield Chrono

This beautiful watch from Fossil will probably appeal more to those of you who prefer sportswear above all other fashion choices. You can find it on Amazon for $125 (in multiple color options).

fossil wakefield chrono

Kenneth Cole New York

A classy watch appropriate for any sleek, simple, black and white outfit, as well as for formal and tie outfits as well. The delicate writing looks like it was hand-made and the overall effect is very stylish. You can find it on Amazon for $75.

kenneth cole new york chrono watch

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