Best Hockey Sticks of 2021 – Top 7 Reviews

To play your “A” game, using one of the best hockey sticks can be you play better. Sticks are essential and can determine how well you will play on the rink. So also, using the wrong hockey stick can result in you losing the game due to poor performance.

But, here is the million-dollar question – how do I pin down the best hockey stick? Well, it’s not that simple and depends on players and their positions. Players, including professionals, prefer to play with a specific type of stick, which makes your choice of hockey equipment based on personal preference, and they feel in your hand.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of sticks on the market, which makes choosing the right equipment a bit tricky, especially if you are shopping online. Here’s where we come in with our expertly hand-picked list of the best hockey sticks on the market.

Reviews of Best hockey Sticks – Top 7 Picks of the Year

1. Best youth hockey stick: Youth Street Hockey Set by Franklin Sports

Our top choice is an ideal pick for starters. This hockey set includes a 1-65mm low-density street hockey ball and vibrant, detailed 2-34 inch junior hockey sticks. Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Set is a perfect choice for kids above six years.

The most striking thing about this stick is its straight blade design, which makes it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed players. Also, it’s perfect for players looking to practice their basic skills or get introduced to street hockey.

Coming with a stylish design, Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Stick has a vinyl graphic wrap, which brings a load of bright colors to excite your street hockey game. That’s not all: this model features the official NHL logos on both balls and sticks to make your charming little ones feel like a pro.

In addition, the blade and the shaft are made of flexible ABS Plastic to ensure decent performance.


  • Straight blade design
  • Includes a low-density street hockey ball
  • Ideal for kids
  • Work with both left- or right-handed


  • Not ideal for competitive league

2. NHL Team Mini Hockey 2 Piece Stick Set

Another hockey stick set from Franklin Sports made with kids in mind. This two-piece hockey stick is design to make your charming little ones feel like pros. This two stick set includes two mini hockey sticks – one left-handed stick, and one right-handed stick.

Also, it allows you and your kids have fun at the same time. Also, it includes two soft EVA foam hockey balls, which is ideal for younger players to have an exciting and safe indoor game. This model is designed for players above three years.

Besides, it’s an excellent way for your kids to show love for their favorite hockey teams since this stick set is available in several NHL teams. Even better, the mini hockey sticks are built with durable high-impact plastic, and a pre-curved Shot Zone textured blades.


  • Soft foam balls for safe play
  • Two mini sticks to engage your kids
  • Ideal for younger plays
  • Available in a wide range of NHL team style


  • Misleading description

3. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Next on our list is Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick with a 53-inch solid wood shaft. This hockey stick is available in two different size options – 43 and 48 inches. The product comes in the two-piece design and ensures a secure fit.

More so, the unit comes with a replaceable Jet Flo blade to unlimited excitement. Also, it features two screws to ensure a proper and secure fit. This is a good buy for the driveway. Keep in mind that this stick is right-handed oriented.


  • Decent quality for the price
  • Good choice for beginners
  • Good puck control
  • Thick plastic and real wood construction
  • Two size options


  • Ideal for street hockey games alone

4. Cramer Cosom Junior Hockey Sticks for Floor Hockey and Street Hockey for Kids, Youth Hockey Training Equipment, Shaft

Next on our list is Cosom By Cramer 42 Inch Senior Hockey Stick. This equipment is a multi-use hockey stick ideal for high school coaches looking to teach and train hockey beginners. This stick is an excellent choice for those looking to play competitive games but has to learn the elementary.

For both students and recreational athletes, this unit will come in handy for the basic training. Cosom By Cramer 42 Inch Senior Hockey Stick includes 16 hockey accessories features, two hockey balls, two pucks, and 12 colored sticks. With all these in the set, outdoor and indoor playtime should be fun pack.


  • Versatile option including floor, roller, and street hockey
  • High-quality sticks for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Ideal for elementary school training
  • Set of six yellow-shaft and six blue-shaft sticks


  • Not an ideal choice for individual player

5. Champion Sports Ultra Shaft Hockey Set

The Champion Sports Ultra Shaft Hockey Set includes two extra blades, two no-bounce balls, two pucks, and 12 sticks featuring six orange and six black. Further, these sticks are available in different sizes – 42 inches, 47 inches, and 52 inches.

This set of hockey sticks is an ideal choice for coaches looking to train aspiring players. These high-density blades come with fiberglass reinforcement to ensure they are stable and strong. For extra strength, these sticks feature a center fiberglass dowel.

Even better, it comes with a superior polyethylene shaft to make it tough and durable, and a dual I-beams running its entire length.


  • An ideal choice for a team
  • Tough and thick sticks
  • Durable design
  • Two-piece hockey sticks


  • Ideal for youth below 16 years

6. Hockey Goal and 2 Stick Set – NHL

Another hockey stick set to teach your nephews, nieces, and kids the basics of hockey. The Franklin Sports Hockey Goal and 2 Stick Set is an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor games.

This set includes a hockey ball, one player stick, and one goalie stick, which means you can have a perfect shootout competition with your family and friends in your basement. Also, the goal is designed not only to be durable but also capable of remaining upright regardless of the surface from gravel to carpet.


  • Includes a goalie stick, hockey ball, and player stick
  • Ideal for both outdoors and indoors games
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable option
  • No assembly required


  • Poor customer support

7. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

The Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick comes with a multi-ply shaft construction, which is a unique combination of poplar and birch wood. Plus, it offers a slick style, thanks to its metallic graphics.

Even better, there’s a replaceable high-impact polymer blade, which allows players to customize their product. Besides, it’s available in a wide range of size options – 40-inch and 52-inch.


  • Replaceable blade
  • Vented blade design
  • Several size options
  • Multi-ply birch/poplar shaft


  • The size chart is misleading

Things to Consider When Shopping For a Hockey Stick

When it comes to hockey sticks, they are created differently. Some models are designed for experienced players to help enhance their games, while others are built for intermediate or first-time hockey players looking to get better at the game.

To ensure you pick the right stick you need to understand the construction and part of the stick. Keep in mind that and equipment being expensive or highly rated does not mean it’s a perfect choice for you.

Wood sticks versus composite sticks

When it comes to the standard option for experienced players and professionals alike, then the composite sticks are the go-to. Most NHL players or highly skilled experts play with composite sticks on the ice.

On the other hand, Street hockey players play with wood sticks on the Pond. However, if you are more concerned about your performance, you should purchase a composite stick.

One-piece sticks versus two-piece sticks

Basically, these are the two construction types of hockey sticks.

The one-piece hockey stick is built using a single mold, which makes this type just one part. However, the two-piece stick, just as the name implies it features the blade and the shaft. These two parts are molded separately and fitted together. Some experienced players prefer to change the faces of that blade to the suits.

Choosing Your Shaft Flex

The flex of your shaft determines how well your stick will bend while shooting.

The greater your stick flex, the better the spring offered when taking a shot. Keep in mind that increasing your shaft flex will lower the power output. For instance, high-rated flex hockey sticks often tend to deliver snappy wrist shots but weak slapshots.

On the other hand, a low-rated flex will offer harder shots, but reduced effectiveness due to the stick’s stiffness. Also, you should choose your flex rating based on your style of playing.

Hockey Stick Length

The length of a hockey stick is another critical factor to consider to ensure effectiveness during gameplay. Therefore, before purchasing a stick, you want to ensure the length works well for you.

Blade Patterns

The pattern of your hockey blade affects passing, shot angles, and stickhandling skills. As such, you should tailor these patterns to your abilities.

Curve Direction

This basically comes in two directions – left- or right-handed stick. If you are a right-handed player, then you should opt for a left-curved blade. The same goes for a left-handed player.

Cure Type

This has to do with where the blade curve begins – at the toe, middle, or heel of the blade.

Curve Depth

The depth of the curve talks about how much the blade curves. For great lift, when you shoot, you need to consider a blade with a deeper curve. However, to get better stickhandling, you should opt for a shallow curve.

Face Angle

There are two types of face angle patterns – the closed and open face. The former cups over the puck, and the latter offers a better lift.

Blade Length

The length of a blade can range from short to long.


Just like any hockey equipment, sticks come with various price tags. A cheaper model often tradeoff performance for affordability. However, pricey composite sticks can be a worthy investment for an experienced player.

Also, you should consider the stick’s components and style before splurging on a model.


We’ve carefully reviewed the best hockey sticks on the market. However, it’s up to make a choice based on you and your kids’ preferences.

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