Best Hockey Gloves of 2021 – Top 7 Reviews & Guide

For hockey players looking to protect their hands while they play hard on the ice rinks, purchasing the best hockey gloves on the market is a smart choice.

When it comes to the ice hockey sport, the hands play a crucial role. Therefore, it’s only right to offer them the best protection you can get. Playing without gloves exposes your hands, and moreover, gripping on your stick could be better with these gloves.

But, finding the right glove for you could be somewhat tricky than envisaged. There are a lot of factors to be considered before making a choice, which will discuss in the section below. However, we’ve carefully handpicked the best gloves to narrow down your options for a smarter decision.

Best Hockey Gloves on the market today

#1. Hg 1500 Senior Hockey Gloves By Franklin Sports

Coming top of our list is Franklin Sports Hg 1500 Senior Hockey Gloves. This product is made of reinforced synthetic leather palm with vents to ensure proper ventilation and minimize odor. Also, it features heavy-duty padding to ensure the glove is lightweight and flexible.

Franklin Sports Hg 1500 Senior Hockey Gloves sports an EasyFlex thumb to ensure players can perform certain moves on the ice rinks. Further, this pair comes with breathable knit gussets and short contoured rolled cuffs.

More so, this unit combines the best of both worlds from tapered and anatomical design. That’s not the best part. The Franklin Sports Hg 1500 Senior Hockey Gloves is accompanied by a 90-day limited warranty, which shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has in this model.


  • Available in 12 and 13 inches
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • Offer excellent ventilation
  • Flexible thumb lock


  • Not very durable

#2. Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves

The Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves is an ideal choice for street hockey players looking to play with protective, yet lightweight gloves. While these gloves are meant for playing hard on the ice rinks, they do take cross-checks and hits without damaging your hands.

These gloves feature an anatomical design to ensure players are comfortable playing with them as well as impressive flexibility. Also, it is well padded with high-density Shok-Sorb padding to offer additional protective coverage. The synthetic leather designed soft palm ensures you can grip your stick firmly.

Even better, the finger gussets feature breathable knit for better ventilation and, as such, help attenuate any odor. Unlike most brands, the glove comes with a more flexible thumb as opposed to stiffer ones on other models, which makes it suitable for bike polo.

Coming with a reasonable price tag, Franklin Sports Hockey Gloves brings some protection to your casual hockey gameplay on the street. Because they come with impressive flexibility, you should be able to perform several moves without constrictions.


  • Lightweight design
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible yet protective
  • Breathable kit gusset for odorless experience


  • Not an ideal choice for tournaments or serious games

#3. Mylec MK3 Player Glove – Small/Black

The Mylec MK5 makes it to our list because of its snug fit while offering the much-needed protection – thanks to its adjustable wrist roll and streamlined design. The product is virtually appealing and enhanced with the bold brand’s logo on the inner wrist and thumb, as well as the back of the hand.

This lightweight and snug fit gloves come in a classical style with proper protective padding while supporting quick and special movements. Also, the thumb lock feature still offers a reliable grip and flexible handling of your hockey stick.

What’s more? To increase the level of comfort experience, this set of gloves is built with breathable materials to reduce moisture accumulation and odor. In addition, the exterior covering is made of rugged nash palm to ensure this equipment serves you for many seasons to come.

Therefore, if you are in the market for classic hockey gloves offering amazing options, then Mylec MK3 Player Glove is maybe just what you are looking for. They are great for other uses aside from playing ice hockey, such as LARP and SCA combat.


  • Lightweight design
  • Breathable construction
  • Good grip
  • Affordable option


  • Might not fit player wearing 14-15 hockey glove even the largest option

#4. Acacia Titan Broomball Gloves

Another great set of gloves to match your competition level matches. The Acacia Titan Broomball Gloves features ova suede leather palm construction, which offers excellent hockey stick grip.

With a wide range of size options include x-small, small, and X-large, every player will find these gloves snug fitting for seamless gameplay experience. Further, for maximum protection, it comes with neoprene padded foam, which ensures your wrist and back of the hand remain safe while you enjoy your game on the rink.

Also, Acacia Titan Broomball Gloves ensures a general visual appealing look, and, as such, comes in two color combinations – black/orange and white/black.


  • Excellent grip
  • Wide range of glove size
  • Protect your wrist and back of your hand
  • Great entry-level equipment


  • The Velcro straps might not offer a satisfying snug fit

#5. Mylec Men’s Gloves

Another spot, another set of gloves from Mylec. This model comes in a number of different sizes to ensure every player gets the right fit to help improve their games. The Mylec Men’s Gloves is a common choice due to its high-resistance nature to friction, comfort, and ruggedness.

This product is made of lightweight synthetic materials such as Lycra composites, which ensures you play hard without any hindrance. The Lycra material features a streamlined design to ensure extra durability and breathability.

Mylec Men’s Gloves is also suitable for fast-paced street, and Dek Hockey plays. With the brand’s logo featured on the equipment, this model appears to appeal aesthetically. Equally, the model comes with a streamlined design to offer smooth seams and excellent aerodynamics, making this pair of gloves extremely efficient.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Available in all sizes
  • Ideal for street hockey and Dekhockey
  • Made from breathable materials such as Lycra


  • Poor quality velcro straps

#6. STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves

As the name already suggests, this is one of the best equipment for ice hockey. This product is designed to deliver superior grip as it easily becomes part of your hand instead of being a stiff hand gear.

In addition, the STX Surgeon 300 Senior Ice Hockey Gloves comes with M2 knuckles, which improves your motion range and lessen the tension within your hands. The knuckle breaks feature open stitching to offer better flexibility throughout your fingers.

More importantly, it’s constructed using Dri-Lex material to offer exceptional breathability to prevent sweet from pooling. Plus, the CableFlex Thumbs provide the best protection and control possible. It’s designed to avoid hyperextension of your thumb without compromising freedom.


  • CableFlex Thumbs for protection and control
  • Increased range of motion and connectivity
  • Combines tapered and anatomical profile


  • The snug fit might not be so comfortable

#7. WARRIOR Junior Alpha Qx3 Gloves

The WARRIOR Junior Alpha Qx3 Gloves is an ideal choice for avid hockey players looking to enjoy a lot of features. While these gloves come in a traditional look, you still get most of the innovative features for butter-soft comfort and safety.

To begin with: it comes with HybridFlex cuff to improve the player’s ability to move in any direction while protecting your wrist. Also, the Lycra gusset, stretch backhand, and flex thumb to deliver maximum flexibility. For topnotch protection, these gloves feature a unique combination of phantom foam and a couple of inserts.

Further, its liner is designed to prevent sweating from pooling, which ensures a dry feeling and reduced odor.


  • Flexible cuff
  • Flex thumb
  • Improved performance
  • Better grip


  • Traditional look

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hockey Gloves For You

There are a couple of things to put into consideration when trying to pin down the right hockey glove, such as padding, thumb locks, material, and how they fit snugly.

As with most sports gears, there is no one-size-fits-all gloves, and you have to choose based on your personal preference.


For hockey gloves, the most common types of materials are synthetic leather and nylon. Synthetic leather is preferred to natural leather since they are water repellent and more pliable.

But nylon gloves usually come in a lightweight and breathable design, which makes holding your stick with it easier. Sadly, in terms of durability, synthetic leather gloves win in this category since they do not tear easily.

However, it’s recommended that you aim for a product made of both materials to offer the best of both worlds.

Thumb Locks

Most hockey gloves on the market today feature thumb lock systems. That means they come with a bend plastic insert to ensure that your thumb remains in its natural position and doesn’t bend in the opposite direction.

Without this feature, you might be leaving your thumb exposed to high risk since it can extend backward, causing you to leave the game because you can no longer hold the stick well. The essence of a thumb lock feature can not be overemphasized.


These products feature some sort of padding, with most hockey gloves offering up to four horizontal pads to flex on the player’s top of the hand. Also, there is a two-piece padding design on each finger, which offers both flexibility and optimal protection.

However, these paddings are available in many different shapes. But it all comes down to personal preference, as they offer varying types of movement and flexibility.

Fit Type

When it comes to hockey gloves, there are three main fit types: anatomical fit, traditional fit, and tapered fit. Just as padding, the type of fit to go for totally boils down to what you prefer. However, let’s take a quick look at this type of fit to help you make the right choice.

When it comes to a snug fit and form-fitting feel, the anatomical gloves are your best bet without wiggling. Next, the tapered fits come with extra rooms in the hand and wrist, which means they don’t offer a much better snug fit.

Last is the classic fit with the loosest fit, and it’s recommended for people who prefer to roomy gloves.


We’ve reviewed the best hockey gloves on the market and included a buying guide to ensure you make the right decision. However, the choice is up to you to choose the right equipment based on personal preferences and needs.

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