What Are The Best Hockey Elbow Pads – Top 8 Reviews

When it comes to elbow injuries, we’ve suffered our share due to lousy pads sliding up and providing proper protection when hitting the ice. These pads are an integral part of any players protection kit since we are likely to land elbows first when you fall on ice.

Not just for protection from impact, elbow pads are great for protecting against slashes to the lower biceps and forearms. However, the market is filled with a plethora of options, which makes decision making tricky.

This is where we come in with our list of the best hockey elbow pads. We’ve carefully handpicked some of the best pads out there offering snug fit without limiting mobility.

Best Hockey Elbow Pads of 2020 – Top 8 Product on the Market

#1. STX Ice Hockey Stallion HPR 1.2 Elbow Pad

The STX Ice Hockey Stallion HPR 1.2 Elbow Pad is designed for any player looking to protect their arms while playing this game. It’s available in a lot of sizes, which ensures every player finds a product that fits your arms.

These pads are designed to offer better mobility without compromising comfort and protection against injuries. This unit provides optimal flexibility allowing you to play at your highest potential either aggressively, defensively or making shots.

Also, the forearm section comes with a foam that moulds to your body, offering a snug and secure fit. The elbow pad’s design to protect you from an oncoming stick and other likely blows to your arms. With this product, you should feel more secure and play better being aware you are properly protected.

Although this elbow pad is a one-piece, it does feel like a two-piece design. It comes with a bit of foam over its injected plastic to dissipate that high impact energy to protect you out there on the rink.

The plastic hinged guard also offers much better mobility and better fit too. Speaking about snug fit, STX makes use of 360 straps, which is among the adaptable anchor straps offering extremely tight fit without any hassle locking it down.


  • Easy movements
  • Allows you to play defensively or aggressively
  • Forearm section features a foam
  • Offers custom fit


  • A bit small for large size

#2. JAMM 1001 Soft Elbow Pad

Next on our list is the best hockey elbow pad – JAMM 1001 Soft Elbow Pad. Besides coming with a reasonable price tag, they offer excellent mobility, comfort, and protection. This model features a deep elbow pocket to ensure this unit remains in place firmly.

These pads  in differing sizes to accommodate any player from small to large size. Also, they come with exceptionally lightweight, which means you get to move easily without trading-off its protective capability.

Even better, it features dual-density foam to ensure impressive performance, optimal comfort and breathability. JAMM 1001 Soft Elbow Pad features three adjustable Velcro straps to provide a secure fit. Also, its segmented design ensures a hassle-free movement.

For more protection, it comes with a soft foam padded plastic cap without compromising mobility. Further, it comes with plastic forearm splash pad and foam fitting on the exterior.


  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable straps for a snug fit
  • Comfort and durable
  • Elbow pocket


  • The size may not work for some youths.

#3. CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Elbow Pads

The CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Elbow Pads is another popular option on the market and come in a lot of sizes to fit players of any skill levels and all ages. This model features reinforced plastic throughout for maximum construction.

This two-piece pad comes with a hinged bicep guard to offer much better protection while still offering excellent flexibility and mobility to your elbows.

CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Elbow Pads feature forearm straps and quick-release bicep tabs for quick coverage and adjustments. Sweating and moisture won’t be an issue with these pads; thanks to the incorporated moisture-wicking system using soft yet durable nylon covering. Also, the thick foam makes these pads feel like a memory.

In short, CCM Jetspeed Ft350 Junior Elbow Pads provides the much-needed protection without coming with a salty price tag.


  • Lightweight design
  • Superior protection
  • Excellent impact absorption
  • Available in multiple sizes and colours


  • The price isn’t very reasonable

#4. WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads

The WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads offers additional protection to your elbow as you play hard on the water. This unit’s design to protect your pointy parts ultimately from threats. These pads feature ABS plastic armour shrugging off glides and blows without catching and a 3mm perforated foam padding to absorb any impacts.

The S-Turn Elbow Pads are designed to offer natural flexibility and will work well over drytop sleeves and bare arms. It’s available in two sizes which should fit just about any paddler. Further, it is equipped with mesh elastic sleeve, three hook-and-loop adjustable straps and silicone grip to ensure this model offer a snug and secure fit. According to the manufacturer, the WRSI S-Turn Elbow Pads is a good buy for paddlers looking to purchase an excellent weapon for battling against an immovable object.


  • ABS armour panels
  • 3mm neoprene foam padding
  • Grippy mesh sleeve
  • Three elastic adjustment straps


  • The inner Velcro sleeve may be uncomfortable for some paddlers

#5. Adams Trace Elbow Guard

Next on our list is Adams Trace Elbow Guard. These pads features a ⅜-inch high-density foam allow users to play hard on the water with incredible flexibility. They feature a keyhole design to increase flexibility.

Even better, this unit is equipped with built-in wings for ultimate elbow protection when playing hockey. Not just that, Adams Trace Elbow Guard comes with polyester/spandex fabric to ensure much better comfort and ease of movement.

Another thing about this elbow pad is its wide range of size options from X-small to large. Also, there are several colour options to suit your style.


  • ⅜-inch high-density foam
  • Keyhole design for more flexibility
  • optimum elbow protection
  • Ease of movement


  • Sizes are too small

#6. STX Stallion 300 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pad

Last on our list of the best hockey pads review is STX Stallion 300 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pad. This unit focuses on zones of protection and offers more coverage. Also, the EVA foams deliver excellent protection when needed the most.

This traditional two-piece design brings excellent value and performance to the pitch. The STX Stallion 300 Senior Ice Hockey Elbow Pad is a smart buy for beginners looking to have ultimate coverage in vital areas.

Even better, it features the 360 strap allowing users to customize the pad for a snug and secure fit to the foreman with maximum retention. Equally, both EVA and HD foam are combined to create a hydrophobic barrier. This unique combination helps avoid moisture building up in the pad while reducing the pad’s overall weight.


  • Lightweight design
  • Maximum retention
  • Adjustable STX 360 straps
  • Dri-lex moisture Wicking liner


  • Ideal for beginners

#7. Farrell Professional Elbow Pads Set

The Farrell Professional Elbow Pads Set provides a comfortable fit as well as superior protection. Despite coming with a lightweight design, it delivers reliable protection thanks to the hollow Compression Block cells construction.

The unique design offers optimal impact absorption by compressing and transferring the energy horizontally, which prevent the impact from getting into your body.

With this unit, you’ll be glad you are putting them on when the next slash happens. Further, the neoprene construction allows users to put it on without dealing with a slipping pad while playing hard on the ice.

That’s not all: these pads come with a breathable foam to help reduce weight and moisture while playing hard. Unlike most solid foam pads out there, these pads makes use of Compression Block cells to offer excellent ventilation.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Comfortable fit
  • Top-level protection


  • No warranty stated

#8. Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Elbow Pads

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Elbow Pads provides a comfortable fit as well as superior protection. Despite coming with a lightweight design, it delivers reliable protection thanks to the featured Curv Composite material. This protective material is built into the bicep and forearm section of the elbow pad.

With this unit, you’ll be glad you are putting them on when the next slash happens. Naturally, the composite material is stiff and rigid, but the manufacturer has done a great job in moulding it to ensure perfect arm shape for an utmost comfortable fit.

That’s not all: these pads come with a breathable foam to help reduce weight and moisture while playing hard. The manufacturer also includes a handy feature between the composite padded and foam areas called Active Motion Protection for much better flexibility.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Comfortable fit
  • Top-level protection

What to Look For When Purchasing an Elbow Pad for Your Hockey Games

Designs of Elbow pads

There are three unique types of design, and in this section, we’ll discuss what you should expect from each design.

  • One-piece (softshell)
  • Two-piece
  • Three-piece

Softshell design

The pad comes with a plastic interior and a well-padded exterior. The one-piece pad is a common choice for entry-level players. In terms of protection, these units don’t offer much compared to the high-end pads. However, they offer impressive mobility without sticking far off the arm

Two-piece design

Another common elbow pad design with the guard’s core consisting of a moulded piece of plastic for the forearm guards and elbow. Not just that, this design offers an extra upper piece – the bicep guard.

Three-piece design

I think it’s safe to call the three-piece design premium elbow pads, which offer an additional part in between the bottom and bicep portion of the pad. This means you get the same protection as the two-piece design and more to provide excellent mobility, especially when the arm straightened out.

Forearm Guard Construction

This is one of the most considered factors – forearm protection. You should be aware that different designs offer varying levels of protection. The one-piece is usually formed from single density foam, which might not wrap up all the way over the forearms.

But for a two-piece design, the plastic inserts offer a bit more protection. The same goes for the three-piece elbow pad design, which comes with additional plastic inserts and high-end foams to offer complete forearm wrap.

Bicep Guard Construction

So let’s consider the bicep guard in regards to the three design options. The softshell comes with a single density foam, but thin plastic inserts featured on the mid-range two-piece design is segmented to deliver adequate protection. Last, the three-piece option, which is often denser due to the combination of high-end foams and thicker plastics to deliver much better protection.


Obviously, there are a lot of pads on the market. As promised, we’ve reviewed the top 7 best hockey elbow pads in 2020. However, it’s up to you to choose one that would cater to your pointy parts without compromising flexibility and comfort. But, if you are still finding it hard to make a choice, then check our buying guide section to ensure you make an informed decision.

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