Best Bowling Wrist Supports Review Consumer Report

Bowling Wrist supports aren’t new in the field of protective gear. They’re important when it comes to prevention and management of wrist injuries. This is normally applicable to those who bowl frequently. But like other bowling pieces of equipment, it’s never easy finding the perfect one for you.

We have quite a number of brands and products online and at the local stores. So, to find the best one, you have to know what different products offer versus what your personal needs are. In a bid to help you make the right choice, we have highlighted some of the best bowling wrist supports that you’ll find in the market today.

Reviews of the 7 Best Bowling Wrist Supports 2021

Below is a review of the top Bowling Wrist supports on the market today.

1. Mongoose Optimum Right-Hand Bowling Wrist Support

This one is available in small, medium and large fits. Mongoose Optimum has got you covered no matter the size of your hands and wrists. Even your young ones are covered. Get this glove and your gaming will never be the same. It has a design that gives you the optimal boost when lifting and equalizing. Some bowling wrist supports will only give you one role, either lifting or equalizing. But with this Mongoose supports brace, you’ll have an all-in-one.

This wrist support is made with a unique design to fit perfectly to the hand. It only needs a short break-in period. With the right fit, you’ll experience less wrist-related injuries. This means your bowling prowess will improve, especially if you’re a beginner.

With this band, you’ll experience consistent rolls and improved lifts. It aids this by facilitating a good release by the thumb. So, if you’re having hard times with consistent releases, the band will straighten you out and boost your bowling.


  • Works well for both lifting and equalizing
  • Requires a short break-in period
  • Available in sizes which are perfect for everyone.
  • Durable
  • Quite affordable.


  • Only suitable for right-handed bowlers

2. Kool Kontrol Wrist Support

Being the top seller in protective gear, has invested in a unique construction for this wrist positioner. The fabric used is breathable, therefore sweat accumulated when gaming will evaporate with ease. This in turn gives the user more comfort.

It features three Velcro straps. This provides wrist support from three different angles, guaranteeing a comfortable fit. You can also adjust these straps to a fit that’s ideal for you. The wrist support is made with a classic style. With this, it will keep your wrist in the desired position for the longest time.

With the right support it gives, you’ll definitely have unmatched results when gaming.  What’s more, it has metal supports placed on its front and back. This design takes comfort and support to another level. These supports are what maintain the proper positioning of both the hand and wrist, thereby establishing a perfect release.


  • Constructed with a breathable fabric
  • Comes in small, medium, large and even extra-large sizes.
  • Available for both left and right-handed bowlers
  • Quite breathable.
  • Very comfortable fit.


  • Not durable

3. Storm Xtra-Hook Bowling Wrist Support

Here is yet another bowling wrist support that will blow your mind. This bowling accessory from Storm has Velcro straps. They are easy to adjust for ultimate comfortability based on one’s needs. You’re bound to tighten or loosen the straps until it feels right for you.

The band supports the hand and wrist by establishing the correct positioning. With them securely positioned, you’re less likely to experience any injuries, especially if you’re not a bowling pro. It also helps you with lifting issues.

This product features an extended index finger. However optional, you can strap your index finger to increase axis rotation. It’s only available in medium and large sizes. However, if adjusted well, it can still be used with small and extra-large sized wrists. That’s where the Velcro straps also come in handy.


  • Available for both left and right-handed bowlers
  • Outstanding durability
  • Outstanding performance and comfortability
  • Enables one to adjust their fingers with ease.


  • The fabric feels uncomfortable after prolonged use.
  • Not available in small and extra-large sizes.

4. Mongoose Lifter Right Hand Bowling Wrist  Support

This is a product worth your consideration. With a design that ensures that the Little finger remains tucked-in, this will click for everyone. Due to how heavy bowling balls are, the pinkie finger is always susceptible to injuries. That’s why most bowling experts do advice that it should be always tucked in.

This wrist support comes in a wide range of sizes. They have small, extra-small, medium, large and extra-large fits. This ensures that everybody has their size covered, with limited adjustments required.

It’s constructed for a better lift and consistency in rolling. This is achieved by giving you the desired wrist support and effortless thumb release. After mastering these skills, you’ll see an improvement in your scores; all thanks to this bowling wrist support.

Mongoose brands are made with unique designs. Such designs speed up the conformity between your hand, wrist and the wrist support. With this, it will take a shorter break-in period before fully adjusting to the band. It’s never easy finding wrist supports for the kids. But with this item, your young ones can comfortably fit the small or extra small sizes, depending on their measurements.


  • Also available in extra small and extra-large fits
  • It gives suitable wrist support
  • Requires a short break-in period
  • Aids recovery in case of wrist and hand-related injuries


  • Not breathable

5. Brunswick Bionic Right-Hand Wrist Positioner

Here comes another great quality product made of aluminium. Unlike the rest which are made of different kinds of fabric, Brunswick has invested in an aluminium construction for this product. This means that it’s more durable than most brands on the shelves today.

However, with durable items like this, you’ll have to spend more dollars. But they’re always a true value for the money spent. It features an extended version. This gives the wrist more support, thereby enabling you to initiate ball rolls like a pro. This is not only necessary for beginners, but other regular bowlers as well.

The product is lightweight. Many might think that the aluminium used in its construction makes it heavy, but that’s not the case. Bowling balls are usually heavy in nature. Therefore, any additional protective gears should be super light. This is to lessen fatigue for optimum performance at the bowling alley, especially for those with weak wrists.

This wrist support is available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Brands with a variety of sizes gives you the liberty to find your perfect fit. There’s no need to go a size smaller or larger, just because you can’t find your exact measurements.


  • A durable construction
  • Offers a wide range of sizes
  • It’s lightweight
  • Padded with soft and flexible foam


  • Slightly costly

6. Storm C4 Wrist Positioner

This wrist positioner features a palm strap. This secures your whole hand giving you extra support. It’s quite a unique feature which other wrist supports lack. What’s more, it also has a forearm strap. Protective gears with additional straps allow you to take control in determining how loose or sturdy you prefer the fit. So, you can adjust the strap to the level that feels right for you.

It has removable pads. Wrist supports tend to wear out from inside due to the friction from the bowling ball. Hence, with a replaceable cushioning, you only need to fix another padding, rather than spending on an entire product. This automatically saves you money, considering how pricey the item is.

With just one switch, you can adjust the cup and wrist angles as may be fit for you. An adjustable band can be used by everyone because with such, comfort is all about customization. This means that this particular wrist support will fit perfectly.


  • Includes a palm strap
  • Has an adjustable wrist strap
  • A design that guarantees ultimate function and performance
  • Features a durable construction
  • Has replaceable padding


  • Slightly costly

7. Robby’s Revs II Right Hand Wrist Support

This product is also an awesome one. It’s constructed with durable fabric. Once you have invested in this piece, you’re guaranteed that it’ll serve you for a very long time. This signifies true value for money.  You will always cherish and be proud of the decision you made to buy this product.

It has a wrist support with adjustable features. This enables bowlers to make necessary adjustments based on how best they define perfect fit and comfort. How better could it get for a bowler if you can already be able to make your customized adjustments?

However, this product is not well ventilated. You might want to reconsider the number of sessions you play, without washing or cleaning this wrist support. This is because it can easily make you uncomfortable after prolonged sweating. On the other hand, you can also opt to use an extra clean wrist liner for every game, in order to keep your hands safe.


  • It’s lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s easy to adjust
  • It has a durable construction
  • Has adjustable features
  • Durability is top notch


  • Not breathable

What to Consider When Buying the Best Bowling Wrist Supports

In order to choose the best bowling wrist support, you have to know how each protective gear works in order to relate with how it can boost your bowling prowess. Here are some tips to help you choose the best bowling supports:


This should be a main concern for all bowlers, and not only those who sweat a lot. When bowling, there’s a lot of action involved, mostly on the hands and feet. So, whatever you choose to wear should be breathable to allow perspiration.

When the sweat accumulates, you might start feeling uncomfortable, thereby slowing you down. Wrist supports are meant to boost your performance, and not slow you down. Therefore, always look at the product’s construction, to know if it’s breathable or not.


Those who have experience with bowling know how heavy bowling balls are. This is why many bowlers experience wrist-related injuries at least once in their bowling life. The least you should expect is additional weight on your wrist or hands.

Therefore, insist on those which are super lightweight. This will not only save you from further injuries, but also make your hand flexible enough to coordinate different bowling actions.

Left or right-handed

Just like bowling shoes, bowling wrist supports are also designed for different needs. There’re those available only for right-handed bowlers, and those available in pairs to fit both left and right-handed people.

So, if you’re a left-handed bowler, you have to be very careful, especially when placing orders online. Always confirm the product description before making any clicks. This’s because most of the items online are normally for right-handers.

Bowling needs

Each wrist support is made for particular reasons. We have those that work perfectly for lifting, equalizing, and rev control. We also have others like the Mongoose Optimum Right-Hand Bowling Wrist Support which do two or more functions. It’s always best to buy brands that will help you improve in your areas of weakness, in order to boost your overall performance.

At the same time, we have gloves that speed up the healing process for wrist related injuries. Therefore, if you are prone to such injuries, or is still trying to heal, then you should go for wrist supports that will help you with your injuries.

Level of Adjustability

Most wrist supports come with Velcro, finger, palm or wrist straps. Either of these straps or a combination of the same are to always enable the bowler to customize the fit to their needs. A protective gear with a fixed construction may not be ideal for everyone.

Sometimes the manufacturer may even use measurements and materials that some bowlers may not find comfortable. Some also come in slightly larger or smaller sizes, therefore with adjustability, they can still deliver as expected.

FAQs About Wrist Support

  1.  Can children use wrist support?

Some wrist supports are available in sizes that can be used by children too. The only problem is giving them largely sized and heavy bands. Unlike adults, children’s wrists aren’t fully developed and, therefore, they’re more susceptible to injuries.

A thing to note is that, however fitting and comfortable the wrist support is, they shouldn’t have them on for extended periods of time. This is because this too could weaken their wrists.

  1. What type of bowling wrist supports should I buy?

The type of wrist support to buy depends entirely on what your bowling weaknesses are. For example, if you usually have hard times with lifting, go for a brand designed for that. It also depends on personal needs.

For example, when you have weaker wrists or have previously suffered wrist injuries, you should look out for those with additional wrist straps to help secure your wrists. This will prevent further injuries by keeping your wrist in the right position throughout the bowling session.


Choosing a wrist support for your bowling kit isn’t as hectic as it seems. All you have to master is your measurements, needs and the other factors to consider before making a purchase. If you’re out shopping, I would recommend the Storm C4 Wrist Positioner.

However, bowlers have different needs, so you’re bound to make a choice that fits you best. Now that you know some of the best bowling wrist supports, I hope you find something for yourself. And remember, all that matters is your comfort.

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