Top 7 Best Bowling Shoes Reviews & Buyer’s Guide of 2021

Bowling, just like any other indoor game, demands that you invest in the right pair of shoes. When it comes to sportswear, we encounter new trends every single year. With these trends also comes the dilemma of knowing which particular brand works best for you.

Here are the reviews of 7 of the best bowling shoes that we have on the market today. If you’re looking for one or two pairs of bowling shoes, just keep it here. This amazing collection will narrow down your choices, making your shopping experience less hectic.

Reviews of Best Bowling Shoes for 2021

Here are reviews of the top bowling shoes on the market today.

1. STRIKEFORCE Flyer Men’s Bowling Shoes

This selection from Strikeforce has a sturdy and durable man-made upper sole hence giving you maximum support. This helps in keeping your feet and joints in place when coordinating different moments.  It is fitted with non-marking rubber outer sole. This makes the shoe brand to be friendlier on the bowling floor hence leaving no marks. It also aids in sliding and body balance as expected.

The shoes are properly cushioned. This brand has soft inner padding which is the main reason why it gives a lasting super comfort. It features Komfort-fit construction. This will give you prolonged comfort and just the perfect fit. These shoes are designed to help the feet provide an even and sturdy release.

This shoe brand is super light. It, therefore, reduces the chances of fatigue and any injuries that may rise from the same. With this you can comfortably bowl for extended periods of time. What’s more, it comes in slightly larger sizes. Ensure that you run your feet measurement by the shoe-size chart provided by the manufacturer to find your exact size. You can alternatively opt for a smaller size, especially when buying online where you cannot try a number of pairs.


  • Has a classic design suitable for different types of bowlers
  • Lasting extreme comfort
  • Relatively Affordable
  • Easier to break-in
  • Wider width


  • Largely sized

2. Dexter Turbo II Men’s Bowling Shoes

This shoe brand has a thicker elevated heel. This design may not give you the same feeling if you’re used to flat soles. It can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially when having extended bowling sessions. Therefore, make sure you train properly before opting for this brand of shoes.

They have non-marking outer soles made of classic rubber. Bowling lanes are usually well polished, and therefore you wouldn’t want your soles to leave scratches and marks. Non-marking soles also help you slide with ease.

The upper is not only man-made, but soft and durable as well. Some synthetic materials may be so rough and tough. This is what usually causes blisters that come from the friction between the upper part of the shoes and the toes. However, that is not the case with this product.

They have a wider width, providing additional space for your feet. This can only be good news to our friends with wider feet. If you have narrow feet, the shoes will be slightly uncomfortable hence slowing your performance.

It has extra thick cushioning which reduces unnecessary abrasion. Most beginners often have fears of abrasion. But with the padding that these shoes have, your feet will never feel the same.   


  • Wider width.
  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Lightweight and children friendly.
  • Made with durable materials.
  • Raised heel suitable for short people.


  • The chunky heel may cause discomfort        

3. Brunswick Edge Bowling Shoes for Men

This shoe brand has non-marking rubber soles. At the mention of rubber soles, what crosses one’s mind is sturdiness. However for this shoe brand, the sole design offers traction but doesn’t hinder how effectively you will slide.

What’s more, this brand of shoes has extra-light soles. There are no added materials to the middle and outer shoes. This means that the soles are very flexible and light, leading to minimal strains experienced on the feet and joints.

Brunswick has invested in heavy padding for this particular shoe brand. Unlike the other shoes listed here, this one has inner cushioning, even on the sides. This gives the feet a heavenly feel and extra comfort.

Fabric is the main material used in making these shoes. This is friendly to the toes and the feet at large. The fabric is soft and stretchy, meaning that you will not experience unnecessary rubbings that contribute to injuries. Such is common when the shoes are still new.

The shoe brand appears wider; hence it might feel looser than your regular shoe size. If you have medium or narrower feet, you should consider going for a smaller size than the usual fit. However, if you are blessed with wider width, just buy an exact size and it will just fit perfectly.


  • More affordable even when renting.
  • Recommended even for left-handers.
  • Flexible and super lightweight.
  • Minimal heel-to-toe drop.
  • Simple but sharp design.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Wider width.


  • They are oversized.

4. Pyramid Ram Men’s Bowling Shoes

The product comes in a classic and stylish design. Every bowler’s dream is to be outstanding at all times in the midst of other boys in the club. So, if you have a thing for classic designs that will make your mates envious, invest in a pair of this pyramid brand.

It is made with an easy to break-in sole. This is aided by the inner cushioning which guarantees proper steadiness and support. It also accelerates an effortless slide. This brand has felt soles, minimizing the chances of you slipping. Bowling involves more of sliding, which puts you at greater risks of slipping or even falling. However, irrespective of how slippery the floor at the bowling alley is, these shoes will keep you steady the whole time.

The shoe brand comes with microfiber soles for consistent sliding. Similar to the rest, the producer has put into place just the right outer soles to make bowling memorable for al bowlers. It has an upper design that you can easily adjust based on the needs of your feet. This gives you a chance to manipulate how comfortable you want the shoes to be. You’ll find this to be helpful in case it doesn’t fit properly. 

The shoe brand also has raised rubber heels. This comes in handy when you still haven’t mastered the art of controlled braking and balance on the slippery bowling floor.


  • Suitable for both right and left-handed people.
  • Durable felt soles.
  • Adjustable upper design.
  • Heavily stitched, signifying quality and durability.
  • Guaranteed comfort.  


  • Classic design that some bowlers find unappealing.

5. STRIKEFORCE Titan Men’s Bowling Shoe

This product has a strong and flexible man-made upper. If you have wider feet and can’t seem to find bowling shoes with extra width, look no further. This will equally work for you. Its upper doesn’t hinder the feet from stretching, thereby creating the needed additional space with minimal injuries.

The shoe brand is available in a standard size which works best for individuals with narrower feet. However, as we all know, this leaves quite a number of men disadvantaged. For those whose feet are able to squeeze and fit, the break-in period may tend to be longer.

This is a major drawback for this brand because it doesn’t accommodate a majority of bowlers. A pair of shoes has to fit perfectly, both length and width-wise in order to be considered comfortable.

Fully lined with textile, the shoe’s interior has padded collar and tongue. Being smaller in width, the manufacturer reciprocates this with thicker collar. This helps in giving comfort as the feet adjusts when breaking in, thereby reducing abrasion.


  • Long lasting Comfort.
  • A stylish design that can be used by anyone.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Advanced low profile design.


  • Provides minimal width.

6. Dexter Jenna Women’s  Bowling Shoes

With Dexter footwear brands, you get to experience a whole different level of cosiness and performance. Its upper is made of carefully knitted textile to achieve breathability. This is a rare feature that you won’t find in most bowling footwear.

Breathability helps keep your feet comfortable especially when bowling for long hours on those days when the temperature is off the hook. The soles are fitted with s8 microfibers. Bowling is all about how well and easy your feet can slide. These microfibers accelerate every slide, making you even more comfortable.

On the heel, there is an additional rubber attached to the sole.  This design makes it possible for you to simultaneously brake and slide comfortably. This brand has an even shoe drop. This low profile offers better stability, texture and grip. You are less likely to experience knee injuries when you invest in this item.


  • The upper features a breathable material.
  • Perfect sizing and fit.
  • Made of durable textile.
  • A unique modern elegance.  
  • Super lightweight from materials used.


  • Can only be used by right handed bowlers.

7. Dexter Men’s T.H.E 9 Bowling Shoes

This shoe brand is made of quality solid leather. With this, the product will last for a very long time. However, the durability also implies that the shoe brand is quite costly. This should not scare you because it is worth the extra dollars.

The shoe brand only weighs 1.12 pounds. The weight implies that it’s relatively lightweight compared to regular sneakers. This makes it easy for you to coordinate movements on the bowling alley. However, it could be heavier than the other reviewed items because of the leather used to make it.

It comes with slide and traction pads, both removable. The advanced slide pads warrant you proper stability no matter your level of expertise. However, when they don’t feel comfortable on the feet, you can just remove and replace them with an inner sole that you desire.

These bowling shoes offer exceptional comfort and performance. When you have comfortable shoes, bowling gets much easier. This is key, especially if you are a beginner and is still trying to master the art of this sport.

What’s more, it is designed with a convertible toe-hold technology. This revolutionary technology ensures that your feet stay comfortable and protected, whether you are left or right-handed.


  • The leather construction makes it durable.
  • Stylish up-to-date design.
  • Idea for both right and left handed players.
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Ideal for both right and left handed people.
  • Offers the best stability needed by bowlers.


  • Quite costly.

What to Consider When Buying The Best Bowling Shoes


Most bowling shoes are a bit costly. Ensure that the shoe brand you are investing in will be worth every single dime. How long your shoes will last depends on the material used and how properly it is stitched. It also depends on how well you store, maintain and clean your shoes.

If you bowl frequently, you can buy a number of pairs to avoid going to the store every now and then. This is because your shoes will not last as long as that being used by someone who bowls for let’s say, twice a year.

Design of the shoes

Look out for a shoe design that will properly accommodate the needs of your feet and the whole body. As we have seen, some bowling shoes can only be used by right-handed bowlers, while there are pairs which are suitable for everyone.

At the same time, some designs come with a wider width, which may only be ideal for some types of feet. You must, therefore, read the product information carefully, especially when buying shoes online. It is also possible to have shoes customized with the design that works best for you, when you can’t find it at the store.

Shoe size

How comfortable bowling shoes are depend on how perfectly they fit. A perfectly fitting shoe should neither be too tight nor too loose. There should be some room for your toes to move freely, in order to avoid blisters caused by unnecessary rubbings.

Similarly, loose fitting bowling shoes may hinder your movements. The most important thing to know is your feet size. Different manufacturers use varied shoe-size charts for their brands. So, always run your measurements by the charts given, for you to know the exact size that will fit. 

Shoe sole

Every footwear have shoe soles with designs inspired by the nature of the activity that they are meant for. This is the reason why you can’t just pick any shoe from your collection to use when bowling.

Bowling shoes have soles with less traction to help you slide with ease and maintain your balance. Many people tend to overlook inner cushioning, but that is where the comfort lies. Look for inner soles which will support your arch properly, during the multi-directional bowling footwork.

Weight of the shoes

The weight of the shoe under your feet will dictate how fast and easy you integrate movements. Ideal bowling shoes are made with materials that make them lightweight while remaining as comfortable as possible.

When planning to have extended bowling sessions, get yourself a super light and flexible shoe brand. This will minimize the chances of fatigue, which may eventually cause injuries.

Brand of the shoes

When it comes to sportswear in general, recommendations alone aren’t enough. Most manufacturers use different designs for their bowling shoes for them to stand out in the market.

Therefore, you have to stick by the brand which works best for you. You can consider renting first, before embracing other collections. It will help you decide if that new brand suits your desires or not.

FAQs About Bowling Shoes

  • Should I rent Bowling Shoes?

Most of the best bowling shoes are quite costly. Therefore, you can consider renting bowling shoes if you are not a frequent bowler. This may tend to be cheaper from your end. Renting is also ideal for beginners.

This comes in handy when you are trying to find out which particular bowling shoe will fit you perfectly. Thereafter, you can go ahead and buy your own pair. However, I highly recommend that you invest in your own pair of shoes. The money you spend when renting two or three times can get you a decent set of bowling shoes.

  • Why Can’t I Simply Use My Sneakers?

Each sportswear is made for a particular use. This normally helps in reducing injuries that you may experience when sporting or training. Bowling requires shoes with sliding soles.Most sneakers, unlike bowing shoes have sturdy and marking outer soles. This will definitely hinder your motion because with the fitted traction, it is not easy to slide on the bowling alley.

Such soles also leave dirt and unpleasant marks on the well-polished wood in bowling areas. Therefore, you should consider investing in a good pair of bowling shoes, like the ones we have just reviewed. You can also opt for rented shoes, if you are not a regular bowler.


With the right shoes, you can rest assured that your bowling experience will be made easier. Whether you choose to buy or even rent bowling shoes, comfort and performance is all that matters. All these best bowling shoes in 2020 have their pros and cons as seen, but this is only meant to guide you in making a proper choice. I recommend the Dexter Men’s T.H.E 9 Bowling Shoes for men. This is because it’s comfortable for all bowlers, whether beginners or experts, right or left-handed.  For women, there’s only one amazing brand, and that is the Dexter Jenna Women’s Bowling Shoes.  

At the end of it all, you know what best works for you. However, after choosing the best shoe brand, ensure that you take good care of your collection. This will make them last longer, hence getting the value of the money spent.

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