Best Air Hockey Pucks and Paddles – Top 6 Reviews [2021]

One of the fun tabletop game that has Ice hockey in its spirit is air hockey.  The game of air hockey involves an air powered table, a puck, and two paddles; one of which becomes controlled by a player making a total of two players. Although air hockey is a simple game on the surface, it requires the use of the best air hockey pucks and paddles.

The puck otherwise referred to as the scoring object plays a huge role in the game of air hockey. The size of the puck and the playing surface matter a lot.  However, in a bid to purchase the best puck and paddles in 2021, the most important factor is selecting a unit that works best with your particular air hockey table.

Reviews of Best Air Hockey Pucks and Puddles of 2021

Here are the top 6 air hockey pucks and puddles for on the market today

1. Qtimal Home Standard Air Hockey Accessories Sets of Paddles

Every unit seen on this review list has something to offer which means only you only have to look at its features and if it matches your needs, go for it! In order to proffer solution to the problems of smaller or larger pucks, this unit comes with 2 size pucks for gamers at an unbeatable price.

It comes with 4 small pucks which measure about 2.5 inches in diameter. Furthermore, it has 2 big pucks with a larger diameter at 2.95 inches. The paddles have the largest diameter measure 3.78-inches and have a total height of 2.5 inches. These measurements ensure that it fits almost all the standard air hockey tables.

These accessories were made out of high-quality ABS and they are hard, not brittle at all. Unlike the cheap accessories in the market that are thin and tear up easily, the striker green felt bottom has quite some thickness.

In addition, the striker felt bottom allows the puck glide very fast easy while also protecting the table top surface from potential scratches. The paddles, on the other hand, have an ergonomic design which provides a comfortable feel which consequently enhances the overall gaming experience.

Lastly, it comes with a bonus drawstring bag for storing the air hockey pucks.

2. Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher (2 Striker, 4 Puck Pack)

Next, on the review list we have the Super Z Outlet air hockey accessories. Unlike the previously reviewed units, it has 4 pucks & 2 sliders. These accessories come in handy and serve as perfect replacements for old worn out or lost air hockey equipment

The build material is a durable red plastic, which ensures these pucks and sliders can hold up throughout an endless amount of gameplay. Like the previous unit reviewed, the striker felt bottom provides a fast easy gliding action as it also protects the table top surface.

Furthermore, these accessories fit most standard air hockey tables. Instead of having 2 size pucks, it has just 2 red pusher paddles and 4 red pucks. The pucks have a very lightweight and measure about 2.5 inches in diameter, just like the previous units.

In addition, the paddles have an overall height of 2.5 inches and measure about 3.75 inches in diameter. In general, these ergonomically designed accessories will provide you with a comfortable feel and enhance your game experience.

3. Jollylife Black Air Hockey Accessories Set of 2 and 4 Red Pucks

Next, on the best air hockey pucks and paddles review lists, we have a unit from Jollylife. The brand offers quite a lot for a surprisingly low cost. In fact, it skimps on “unnecessary things” in a bid to reduce the cost to the lowest.

Furthermore, Jollylife Air Hockey refused to add any fancy packaging to this unit in a bid to save money. In this package, you will have 2 black air hockey pushers with diameters of 3.7 inches and an overall height of 2.4 inches. In addition, it comes with 4 red air hockey pucks with larger diameters than those previously reviewed at 2.85 inches.

These accessories were designed for use with home tables and might not function at its best when used on standard or regulation size tables. The pucks have a very lightweight and glide on almost all table surfaces with relative ease.

4. Hathaway Air Hockey Striker and Puck Set of 4 Strikers, Pro-Series Version

The best sir hockey pucks and paddles reviews continue with another unit from a rather well-known brand. The Hathaway Pro-series exists as one of the best accessories ever made by the market leading brand. Furthermore, it features a number of high-end qualities, seen only in this unit.

It has a build quality made from exclusive chip-resistant ABS material. Also, it has a higher number of pucks than in other models at 3 and also comes with 4 strikers. All of these accessories were ergonomically designed, most importantly, the strikers that offer for a comfortable feel and more control

In addition, it weighs more than the other models which means it offers better durability. Also, it has green felt bottom for fast gliding action on all table surfaces.

5. Vktech 4Pcs Air Hockey Table Accessories With 4 Pucks

The next model to be reviewed comes from Vktech and this unit offers some unique features too. Although all these models stand as answers to the question “what is the best air hockey pucks and paddles?”, it takes a conscious effort to identify the differences between them all.

For instance, this model features a set of four air hockey pushers and four air hockey pucks. With 100% Brand new and high-quality accessories you can easily replace lost one or replace old ones.

The four pushers come in red color with felt on the bottom for efficient gliding action on all table surfaces. Also, the pucks are round and reveal the glossy plastic look of the build design. The Pusher has a diameter of about 96mm and overall 70mm height.

Lastly, the Puck Size has a diameter size of 63mm and almost 5mm in height.

6. Brybelly Pucks & Paddles – Set of Two Air Hockey Pucks & Paddles

Here goes, the last model to make this review list, a unit from Brybell Sports stores. It comes with 2 pairs of replacement accessories that is air hockey pucks and paddles. All these accessories make the game playable again for two-players on any table surface including the standard air hockey tables!

The accessories alongside many others have the red-color with the pucks having varying diameter of 3.25 inches that serve as a fitting replacement for old and lost pucks. In addition, it has high-top, designed in sombrero-style pusher with a diameter of 3.75 inches. Like other units, it comes with green felt-lined bottom which enables fast gliding actions on all table surfaces.

Brybelly advertises this unit as best for all game rooms, in homes, gaming centres and even clubs and also Ideal for full-size air hockey games. Being made from highly durable plastic materials and green felt, these accessories will be able to last for hours of gameplay with long usage life.


Over the years “what is the best air hockey pucks and paddles?” stands as one question among air hockey fans that cannot be answered with a definite reply otherwise a definite model of the best air hockey pucks and paddles. This is because every gamer has different needs as regarding puck and paddle size among many other criteria.

Furthermore, we all have different playing surfaces which means everyone cannot make use of the same model. However, with this list of the best air hockey pucks and paddles, you should have a decent idea of which ones would work best for your table.

As a gamer, you should only look to purchase what works best for you otherwise, the decision will be regretted. If you have a smaller table top, playing with a larger puck might be difficult with how much space it would take up; as well as how well it glides on the surface.

The next thing to consider is the weight of the puck as we have done in this review. Small to medium Pucks are generally around 1.8 inches – 2.5 inches in diameter and weigh from about 9 grams to 30 grams. However, the best table sizes for these ranges between 4-ft. and 6-ft.

Pucks with almost 3.25 inches in diameter and more can weigh up to about 42 grams. These pucks are best used on full-size table surfaces ranging between 7-ft. to 8 ft.

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