Beard Balm vs Oil: The Major Differences of the Products

Growing an epic beard is one thing, but keeping it is another. Not maintaining the proper care of a beard can lead to hard hairs, dirt getting inside the hair, the beard being itchy, and several other problems that will cause you to take it off. Which is why you need to understand the beard balm vs oil struggle.

Considering how long it can take beards to grow, having to remove a beard can be a heartbreaking affair for most men. Thankfully, much like conditioner, body washes, and other hygiene products, you have a few options when it comes to keeping your beard clean and neat, so you can wear it with pride rather than trying to get it off.

The two most common beard products are beard balm and beard oil, and while many people say that the beards of the world should pick a side in the beard balm vs oil debate, they can be used together.

Main Differences Between Beard Balm Vs Oil

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Let’s start with what each beard care product does for your face and beard. They both have ingredients that keep your beard healthy and soft over time, and the main difference is their texture. Beard oil is a simple oil, while the balm acts more like a conditioner.


Beard oil is designed to be rubbed into your beard and allows you to condition the hairs and keep them soft and loose. The oils inside the beard oil keep the itching of the beard down, ensure you don’t have flakes, and sometimes even contains essential oils to keep your beard smelling fresh. The scents wear off after a few hours, but if you enjoy smelling like wood, peppermint, or lavender for a period of time, then look for an essential oil that will carry that scent.Beard oil is the starter kit for people with beards. It should be used once you have a nice looking five o’clock shadow and will help cut down on itching, dandruff, and dry skin that will probably happen as you start to grow out your beard. You apply it, and then you go about your day.


Beard balm contains the same ingredients but also uses butters, like cocoa or shea butter. The butter helps keep your beard and skin nice and moisturized, acting to keep beard flakes at bay. The balms also contain beeswax to help you style your beard and help keep the beard nourished even in the hottest conditions.Beard balm is also much more effective at styling the beard since it is a cream. You can rub the balm into your beard and position the hairs so that they all go the same direction. Your beard will stay where you want it and do so for longer than with an oil.

When to Use Beard Balm Vs Oil

Beard Oil

Bear oil is something you need to use as you grow out your beard. It’ll not only provide some care to the growing beard but also will help prevent the hair from becoming brittle, stop itching, and allow your dry skin to become softer. Like any other oil, when you rub it into your beard, it goes into the skin and works from the inside out with the hair follicles.It keeps the hair follicles hydrated and smooths out the edges that can cause rough hairs. Those rough hairs can not only irritate the skin but also can make your beard rough and scratchy. This stimulation can also increase blood flow, further making your hair even healthier.Beard oil is great as you grow your beard, and if you want a medium length beard you don’t have to worry about, then you can keep using the oil.

Beard Balm

However, if you are the type of person who wants a long beard or a lot of facial hair, then you’ll need some beard balm to keep up with the growth. Using oil on a long beard can be done, but you end up wasting a lot of the product, and the oil has a harder time soaking into your skin. Your beard might not look the greatest. This is where beard balm comes in handy because it helps you manage all that hair.

Beard Balm vs Oil: The Benefits of Beard Balm

Beard balm is a cream that you can rub into your beard, allowing the mass of facial hair to actually look like something neat and orderly. If you’ve had trouble styling your beard to get it exactly where you want it to go, and need something to hold all those loose ends in place, then a beard balm is the right thing for you.The wax and butter inside the beard balm also helps give your beard shine and keeps it healthier overall. If you want to keep your beard smooth, avoid split ends, and make sure you keep every hair in its place, then you need to make sure you use a balm.

Can They Be Used Together?

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Depending on the needs of your beard, you can certainly use both of them together. There’s just a procedure you need to go through first.

Step One

First, make sure your beard is clean, and either wash your face with hot water or take a hot shower. Much like with hair, hot water causes the beard to absorb more of the oil or balm, so you get more benefits.

Step Two

Once you wash your hair, make sure to let it dry before you take the next step. When it’s dry, apply the oil first. Squeeze a few drops into your hand, lather it up, and rub your face and beard to make sure it gets where it needs to go. Run your fingers through the roots and make sure to coat your face evenly. You can also use a beard brush or comb to do the same thing.

Step Three

Once that is done, you’ll want to do the same thing with the beard balm. Scrape out a dime-sized piece with your finger, lather, and rub it all together inside your beard. Then you are good to go on beard control. You should have complete control over your beard and then you can hit the town. Just be sure to put the oil on first and give it some time to soak into your skin.

When to Use Both Products

If you are first starting out with growing a beard, then you should probably use beard oil at least a few times a day. If your skin starts to get dry or constantly itchy, then apply more. Once your skin gets used to the idea of being bearded, then you can apply the oil once a day or once every other day.Caring for your beard is a lot like washing your hair or body. You can do it every day, but you don’t need too. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, length of your beard hair, your daily activities, and other factors you might need to use products and clean your beard more or less often. You’ll soon find the rhythm that works best for you and keeps your skin clean, and your beard looking fresh.Once you have that routine, then stick to it and make sure to always clean your beard. Soon you’ll incorporate it into your daily schedule, and you’ll be all good.


When it comes to the battle of beard balm vs oil, there really isn’t much of a fight at all. Instead, there’s just a time to use one or the other and a time to use both. If you are only growing a small beard or letting your facial hair grow out to medium length, then you can use beard oil to reduce itchiness, stop dry skin, and to keep your beard loose and flowing.

If you want facial hair that is long, thick and causes the Greek Gods to grow green with envy, then you’ll need beard balm to manage it all. A long beard can be unruly, and you certainly don’t want your beard hair doing whatever it wants; plus the balm will help keep your thick beard hair shiny and soft, no matter what.

So, the battle over whether to use beard balm vs oil boils down to which stage of growth your beard is in and exactly what you want out of your beard. Then you just need to stick to the procedure of using the products at the right time and in the right order. After that, you can really let your beard grow out and look good.

You’ll look awesome, people will notice, and the ladies will love the way your beard feels in their hands. What male doesn’t want that? All it takes is a little care and you can have the beard of your dreams. So start caring for your beard and get closer to that dream.

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