5 Cool Flip Flops for Men

Spring is in the air and Summer is fast approaching.. Summer means heat and heat means beaches, shorts and yes, flip flops. Here we take some time to list off 5 cool pairs of flip flops for Men. From colourful to ultra colourful, we have found some pretty neat flipflops that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Browse more men’s style here – Dudepins Shop

Let the list begin!

5. Web stripe’s Men’s flipflops – $78 – Buy now

These bad boys are 100% Made in the USA, features a fully waterproof footbed and cotton webbing for ultra comfort. You can sport these flipflops with shorts or jeans, they will look good either way. The waterproof feature means you can feel good about wearing them to the beach, or you know, that occasional foam party that may happened.


4. Follow me bring beer flip flops – $26 – Buy now

These flip flops leave a convenient trail of imprints for all those wonderful people who possess to much beer and desire nothing more than to give it to you. Now you too can attract all of the right kinds of people! Or at least score some free beer. Constructed from 4 layers of comfortable EVA foam, each unique pair is customized to order in the USA. Think.. what’s more Manly than a pair of Beer Flipflops…?

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.20.20 AM

3. Kusa grass flip flops – $50 – Buy now

Grass on flip flops… yup, these ones do. These flipflops let you enjoy that lasting feeling of walking on grass, where ever you go! With a quiet nod to the “down under” culture that brought the first flip flops to the world, KUSA takes the everyday flip flop and adds a thick layer of synthetic-turf that conforms to and is naturally shaped by the individual contours of your feet. In a short time, these flip flops form into a perfect fit for YOUR feet. Don’t wait, snag these stylish flipflops for men today.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.32.24 AM

2. Brown Men’s Jesus flip flop – $8 – Buy now

Let’s face it, these things are just pure ‘cool’.. not only are they an incredible bargain at $8, but they also look great, can be worn with almost any outfit and most importantly, are a great conversation starter. Plus these men’s flipflops are the most popular sandals in Hawaii. The Hawaiian Jesus Sandals are perfect for men and women. Featuring weave pattern straps and air pocket foot bed. Designed in Hawaii with comfort and flexibility in mind.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.39.26 AM

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1. Paxhill suede Men’s sandal by Ralph Lauren – $195 – Buy now

For the Man seeking a flipflop that is a more luxurious and style oriented, i.e. can be word to a nice restaurant, etc, these Suede Men’s sandals for Ralph Lauren are a great option. The Paxhill Suede Men’s Sandal is crafted from luxurious suede and designed with a smooth vachetta leather insole and a sturdy rubber outsole that provides superior traction.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.40.45 AM

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