RIP guy who died waiting for his girl to finish shopping
Can you imagine having to trim those?
My sister asked for Beats for her birthday
My mom dresses like Ozzy for no particular reason
You can see her accent
Sad, but true.
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best friend ever :)
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The differences
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Betty White everyone
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Oh thank God
Build your own 12 pack What a time to be alive
"Bad Motherfucker" wallet saves me again
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You called mastrbwfbfhafjbdq
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multi-tasking master
Haha same here, fuck School!
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Touch Dominos
Not my idea of getting hammered
for the 69th anniversary of Hitlers suicide the pic that brought me to reddit
Really makes you think wait
And this is why Hulu sucks
Well this is awkward
They should rethink that design
Sorry bro Im late
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Glue Flip Flops
Just got my 99 mousepad
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Nice looking suit
lol. Archer is cool
one day kid
Star Wars Executives...
This guys wife refused to take maternity photos, so he took some of himself.
Dog the bounty hunter
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Too fabulous for you
Came back to College one of these has a flash drive with my thesis on it Thanks guys
31 photos taken at the perfect moment
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You did it Andy
My cat every morning after I already feed her
The truth comes out