Game of thrones Season 4 blooper reel
Hard-up hubby charts no-sex nights, wife’s ‘excuses’
Poster in my school looks a little Rapey
well excuse me for intruding
I present The most incredible Good Will purchase in the history of reddit
Found this at Walmart today read the 2nd feature
The definition of irony
17 crazy things you might not know about condoms
Im getting sick of your shit Derek
Took a picture of a squirrel and it looks like its holding a gun
I thought my fiance was asleep until she printed this out in the other room I was in
Louis CK and some of the best practical advice Ive heard
Too fabulous for you
How to Get Your First “Real Job” Out of College (Even if You’re Currently a Bartender with a Philosophy Degree) – A Case Study
Anatomy of a jumbo freezie
Im pretty sure my friends cats going to commit suicide
Society is doomed
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - Red Band Trailer
Every restaurant should do this
Benny the Bulls reaction to Donald Sterling
31 photos taken at the perfect moment
mom asked me to take some graduation pictures she didnt appreciate what I had in mind
My motherinlaw asked me to created a bee logo for their honey bee business
Friend just sent me this pic of a test he turned in
My PC went all therapist on me
The differences
My friend decided to pose with the mannequins at the mall
make everything shrek
Jaden Smith
Article - Jenny Johnson's Guide to Emoji Etiquette
She converses
Donald Sterling just announced the Clippers new Home jerseys for next year
Kids this is what porn looked like in the 1980s
Dermatologists hate him
American Horror Story Raccoon
Samuel L Jackson has his priorities straight
You know you live in a bad hood when
Ive had this guy growing in my yard for over 10 years I call him big nasty
Letter Spacing Can Make All The Difference
Proof that Beards can totally change your face.
After years of saving and hard work I finally saved enough money to buy this new hat with a giraffe on it
Quite the crime fighting duo we have here
Exercise Like an Avenger - Free Visual Workouts
Got a good laugh from this in my apartments laundry room
Article - The most influential geeks of 2014
Cher has the best twitter ever
Cardboard chastity belt
Oh Man.... Awesome
Sums up every UNO experience
He Gets OWNED!
This guys wife refused to take maternity photos, so he took some of himself.
When the truth comes out
Had a broken laptop drive Made the best of if
Brooklyn 99 is a great show
Forever my favorite Simpsons moment
27 Lessons Learned from watching every episode of the Office
best selfies ever
Girlfriend got me this after hearing my complaints of being exhausted after my first day at the gym
One of my favorite subtle jokes from Community
What else is there to say!
31 photos taken at the exact perfect time