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Clownfish anemonefish resting in sea anemone5184x3456 OC
Majestic Tiger in the Taiga 1920 x 1080
Gulf Fritillary 4608x3456OC
The spotted garden eel Heteroconger hassi at Long Beach Aquarium OC 1833 x 2755
Swans swimming in Llangorse Lake Brecon Wales OC 3849 x 2160
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Amphiprion ocellaris Common Clownfish 3216 x 2136OC
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Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta 2764 x 1843 OC
Mating Western Whiptails Aspidoscelis tigris2694x1796
Gulf Fritillary Agraulis vanillae on its host plant Passion Vine 4288x3216 OC
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Painted Bunting in Huntsville ON 960 x 639
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ooops ,, that didn't go well
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Rocky Mountain Elk Cervus canadensis nelsoni Yellowstone National Park OC 2755 x 1833
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Bison on Antelope Island by me 2272x1704
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Four cautious giraffes Etosha Namibia 5005x2530 OC Photo by Henrik Hellervik Nesne
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Greedy Bird wants some food oc1000x714
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Amur Siberian Tiger Panthera tigris altaica OC 2760 x 4912