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Finally managed to make a roadtrip to Colorado happen this summer Heres a photo I took at The Great Sand Dunes National Park Quietest place Ive ever been OC 2887 x 1920
2300 x 1533 Wallpaper Start where you are Use what you have Do What you can
Life isnt black and white Charlie Brooker 625x352 OC
Colorado Dreamin Nymph Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park OC1100x734
I wish there was a way to know youre in the good old days before youve actually left them Andy Bernard The Office 736x460
Empty streets
I wore black because I liked it I still do and wearing it still means something to me Johnny Cash 2048x1079
What can be asserted without evidence Christopher Hitchens 693 x 693
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Super sexy look
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Zhengzhou China OC 4272 x 2848
#Tapas: #Skillet #Chickpeas
Top 10 Yoga Poses for Men
Natural spring in Little Cottonwood Canyon Utah OC 5184x3456
How to Install or Replace an Exterior Door
Read the original book proposal for Game of Thrones, it's epic.
FOOD & DRINK - How to Grill Octopus
BMW Z4 GT3 Gumball 3000 Edition 1200x600
I know no cute stuff, but this Dude is incredible
thanks are the highest form of thought GK Chesterton 1080x1080 OC
The most awesome theatres around the World.
10 Manly Essentials
Maligne Lake Alberta OC8314x3389
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3 great vinaigrettes
The sun came out in North Wales last weekend Molwyn Bach Snowdonia National Park 5374x1857 OC
Art is an argument Brett Whiteley 2704x2181 OC
Fear nothing Eric Berry 960x640
Bye Bye, Chicken Legs: The Squat-Free Way to Build a Strong and Lean Lower Body
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10+ Photos of Bikes, Cars & Women… Because why not? #25
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You have to own your stories in order to Brene Brown 1080 x 1080
Article - How to mind the beard line
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Dawn Indian Arm North Vancouver BC oc os 1620x1080
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Roasted in Santa Monica: Fuck, That's Delicious
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