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Racing Gear

Stilo ST4 GT W Composite This is a slightly heavier version of the ST4 GT W Carbon helmet. It is made from a Kevlar Multi-Sandwich Fiber composite formed in an autoclave. It carries the same Snell 2010 certification as the Carbon helmet, but the different material adds the weight. This different material yields a slightly heavier helmet, but at a reduced cost. The Snell 2010 rating satisfies almost all racing sanctioning bodies’ requirements for helmet certifications.
Stilo ST4F Visors High quality, anti-fog visors for the ST4F helmets.
Stilo ST4F Composite The ST4 Formula Composite Helmet is exactly the same as the ST4 Formula Carbon, but has a slightly heavier Kevlar/Multi-Sandwich Fiber shell.
OMP Basic Balaclava This fire-retardant OMP head sock is a very comfortable double layer soft knit blend of Nomex® and aramid fibers. One large eye opening allows unrestricted vision.