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Dudepins is the site to discover, share & buy everything that’s Manly. It’s where you find the coolest pictures, videos & stuff for Guys.

Dudepins is an easy to use and visually stunning way, to discover, save, and share all the most interesting things on the internet. Dudepins features collections of pictures, videos and articles that are organized into various personal montages and interest categories.

With Dudepins, you can easily save and organize your interests into various montages, such as fancy rides, latest styles, good eats, dream destinations, newest hardware and so much more. But that's not all, you can also discover and explore the interests of your friends, favourite brands, online communities and other trending topics.


Dudepins is all about fast cars, tailored suits, scotches that are older than dirt and everything associated with being a Man.

Man up. Sign up. Pin up.

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Why did you create Dudepins?

We wanted to create a community of awesomeness. This is a website where people can share sweet male oriented content with friends.



How did you create Dudepins?

It was a flawless formula.  Dudepins = 2 dudes + 2 computers + 1 idea + infinite scotch – non-infinite income = Dudepins!



What is Dude stuff?

Something that injects enough testosterone to tickle your sub-cockles.



What is Dudepins workout plan like?


Monday – Climb a mountain and bicep curls
Tuesday – Chop down a large tree then bicep curl it
Wednesday – Isolate the biceps
Thursday – Wrestle a grizzly bear (dependant on availability)
Friday – Race Usain Bolt….Still undefeated
Saturday – to hungover to workout
Sunday – 2-3 hours of flexing in a crowded public area



What is Dudepins favourite meal?

Bacon with bacon flavored pancakes


How does Dudepins celebrate success?

It usually involves a few drinks and a cigar in a very public place.


Why I am still reading this FAQ?

Because it’s awesome


What should I read next?

Reading is overrated you should now - Man up. Sign up. Pin up.


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