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Chicken in Creamy Green Onion Sauce Welcome to Episode 25 of The Moustache & Blade Podcast! On today’s show we will be learning from Douglas how to ensure your soaps and other perishable shaving supplies arrive safe and intact…or not a melted mess. We will also be hearing from our good pal Robert Carey of Zen Shave. Rob will be dropping some serious brush restoration knowledge a great episode for all of you interested in restoring your own vintage brushes! Also, we will be hearing from a listener and more…so stay tuned and happy shaving! Read more:
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A very unique lamp that utilizes a pair of sleds as it’s stands. This elegant and romantic lamp can transform any room to a cabin at your favorite ski resort. Just don’t forget the hot chocolate!
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We bring to you another nostalgic road to your childhood with The Space Invader Wall Clock. In our world, the only way to properly kill time would be spaceships shooting down aliens.